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"Information in this blog and blog articles consist of materials from 3rd party sources. The entirety of this blog is meant for informational purposes only and may contain statements that and Purity Select does not necessarily agree with because they may not be completely accurate or opinions that are scientifically based or reliable." Becomes Online Sponsorship for the 2015 NPC Ohio State Championship

2015 NPC Ohio State Bodybuilding, Bikini, Figure, Fitness and Physique and Championship Gains New Online Sponsor:

2015 NPC Ohio State Championships and National Qualifier Will Be Held September 26 in Columbus, OH

 BOONTON, N.J., Sept. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --, a leading manufacturer and retailer of natural human growth hormone (HGH) and bodybuilding supplements, has signed on as an online sponsor of the 2015 NPC Ohio State Bodybuilding, Bikini, Fitness, Figure and Physique Championships. Officially sanctioned by the National Physique Committee (NPC) as a national qualifying event, the 2015 NPC Ohio State Championships will take place Saturday, September 26, at the Aladdin Shrine Center in Columbus.

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Among the contests featured in the NPC Ohio State Championships are women's fitness, figure, novice figure, masters figure, bikini, novice bikini, masters bikini and physique, as well as men's physique, masters physique, bodybuilding, novice bodybuilding and masters bodybuilding. Many notable International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB) pros are past winners of the state championships, including IFBB fitness pros Julie Palmer (first-ever Ohio fitness champion), Ashley Sebera and Amanda Hatfield; IFBB figure pros Natalie Calland, Brenda Smith and Briana Tindall; IFBB bodybuilding pros John Meadows and Steve Burke; and IFBB bikini pros Lexi Kaufman and Nina Cash.


The 2015 NPC Ohio State Championships are sponsored and organized by Mike and Julie Davies of The Fitness Factory, and Bob Lorimer of Classic Productions. "This is the 13th consecutive year the NPC Ohio State Championships have been held in our hometown of Columbus, and we look forward to once again hosting the state's best athletes for this national qualifier," said Julie Davies, CFO of The Fitness Factory, American Fitness Institute (AFI) certified trainer and co-organizer of the event, as well as an award-winning IFBB fitness pro who competes as Julie Palmer. "In previous years, many of the competitors who have placed at the state level have gone on to earn their pro cards. Based on the roster of accomplished athletes who have registered for the 2015 championships, we're confident this is going to be an exciting series of contests for competitors and fans alike."

" is proud to be an online sponsor of the 2015 NPC Ohio State Championships, which draw a very high caliber of competitors," said Dan Smith of "The bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts competing in Columbus demonstrate a commitment to excellence, and they work diligently to maintain peak physical condition. These are the same values shared by and our Purity Select natural bodybuilding and HGH supplements. Our high-quality, scientifically formulated products are designed to enhance the effects of rigorous training and a healthy diet, to help athletes attain a competition-ready physique."

Entries are currently being accepted from NPC-registered athletes; all classes are open except for bodybuilding, which requires Ohio residency to compete. Entry fees are $100 for a single classification, with modest add-on fees for crossover/additional classifications. A late fee of $10 is applicable to any entries received after September 20. Prejudging for the competitions will begin at 10 a.m., with the evening finals scheduled for 6 p.m. Fans can purchase tickets in advance or at the door; admission to the prejudging events is $15, while finals are $25 to $35 per ticket.

For complete details on the 2015 NPC Ohio State Championships, visit For more information on and its Purity Select natural HGH and bodybuilding supplements, visit

2015 NPC Ohio State Championship Flyer

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Media Inquiries: Dan Smith


2015 NPC Colorado State Championships Results & Winners

2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

2015 NPC Tokyo Joes Colorado State Championships
When: Saturday July 11, 2015
Where: Buell Theater, Denver Performing Arts Complex, 1101 13th Street, Denver, CO 80204

Congratulations to all participants of the 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships. The 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and physique competitions were held the weekend of July 11, 2015 ​at he theBuell Theater, Denver Performing Arts Complex., leading manufacturer of natural HGH and bodybuilding supplements, is proud to present the winners from each event.

Colorado Overall
Sylvester Cain

Overall Winner
Sylvester Cain

Super Heavyweight
1. Scott Butz
2. Joseph Waterhouse
3. Jason Brant

Sylvester Cain   Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st) Overall (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

          Scott Butz Super Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

Sylvester Cain
  Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st) Overall (1st)
Scott Butz
Super Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st)

Colorado Heavyweight
1. Joel Davis
2. Joshua Yushka
3. David Lindberg

Colorado Light Heavyweight
1. Sylvester Cain
2. Adam Young
3. Corey Frint
4. Anthony (Tony) Polidoro
5. Tyler Cutsinger
6. Mike Meachum

Colorado Middleweight
1. Sylvester Cain
2. Brad Helm
3. Todd Bohnert
4. Greg Choate
5. Jeremy Sipes
6. Brad Fleming
7. Isaac Rodriguez

Colorado Super Heavyweight
1. Joseph Waterhouse
2. Matthew Whittington
3. Jason Brant

1. Colton Johnson
2. Joshua Yushka
3. Michael Simunaci
4. David Lindberg

Light Heavyweight
1. Sylvester Cain
2. Adam Young
3. Corey Frint
4. Anthony (Tony) Polidoro
5. Donnie Bivens
6. Tyler Cutsinger
7. Mike Meachum

1. Justin Freeman
2. Brad Helm
3. Todd Bohnert
4. Jake Parrish
5. Ricky Villarreal
6. Brad Fleming
7. Derrick Jiron
8. Isaac Rodriguez

1. Jeremy Goldstein
2. Greg Choate

1. Michael Pauly

Novice Heavyweight
1. Joseph Waterhouse
2. Joel Davis
3. Matthew Whittington
4. Earl Worth

Novice Lightweight
1. Michael Pauly

Novice Middleweight
1. Andrew Salvi

1. Gregory Damian

Masters Over 40
1. Brad Helm
2. Donnie Bivens
3. Todd Bohnert
4. Matthew Whittington
5. Jason Brant

Masters Over 45
1. Earl Worth

Masters Over 50
1. Gregg Russo
2. Mike Meachum
3. Brad Fleming
4. Bill Marshall

Masters Over 60
1. Rick Jiron
2. Rich Gutman
Class A
1. Christine Cecilione
2. Chelsey Cortese
3. Bethania Chavarria
4. DeNece Crowe
5. Morgan Mead
6. Monica Martinez

Class B
1. Karen Spivey
2. Stacie Gladwell
3. Lynn Tonozzi
4. Syndi Dunham
5. Victoria Coonts
6. Lucha Michelle Suarez
7. Kimberly Rumfola
8. Mellisa Smith
9. Jeanette Bustamante
10. Rachel Scutt
11. Sarah Love
12. Lauren Kennedy

Christine Cecilione Figure Class A Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

            Sarah Kornhauser Figure Class C Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

Christine Cecilione
Figure Class A Winner (1st)
Sarah Kornhauser
Figure Class C Winner (1st)

Class C
1. Sarah Kornhauser
2. Tamika Irvin
3. Megan Cronin
4. Amanda Smith
5. Kathryn Kagler
6. Kristin Radosta
7. Rebecca Wallace
8. Kelly OGara
9. Samantha Catlin
10. Ashley Balais
11. Alyssa Stemley

Class D
1. Marcia Regula
2. Beth Chumbley
3. Lydia Whitehead
4. Carrie Keyes
5. Jenna Serino
6. Lisa Duncan
7. Jessica Stemley

Novice Class A
1. Stacie Gladwell
2. Sydni Dunham
3. Lucha Michelle Suarez
4. Victoria Coonts
5. DeNece Crowe
6. Bethania Chavarria
7. Jeanette Bustamante
8. Morgan Mead
9. Lauren Kennedy
10. Sarah Love

Novice Class B
1. Megan Cronin
2. Kristin Radosta
3. Kelly OGara
4. Beth Chumbley
5. Samantha Catlin
6. Michelle Kramer
7. Ashley Balais
8. Alyssa Stemley

Novice Class C
1. Carrie Keyes
2. Lisa Duncan
3. Lydia Whitehead
4. Jenna Serino
5. Jessica Stemley
6. Lori Lazorishak

True Novice
1. Megan Cronin
2. Lucha Michelle Suarez
3. Lydia Whitehead
4. Bethania Chavarria
5. Samantha Catlin
6. Ashley Balais
7. Sarah Love

Masters Over 35
1. Sarah Kornhauser
2. Megan Cronin
3. Mellisa Smith
4. Rebecca Wallace

Masters Over 40
1. Karen Spivey
2. Stacie Gladwell
3. Lisa Duncan
4. Kathryn Kagler
5. Kelly OGara
6. Monica Martinez

Masters Over 45
1. Debbie Raday
2. Kimberly Rumfola
3. DeNece Crowe
4. Lori Lazorishak

Masters Over 50
1. Lynn Tonozzi
2. Christin Cleaver
Class A
1. Aleece Arias
2. Allie Arias
3. Mandy Huber
4. Rose Cain
5. Krystalynn Troyer
6. Angelique Cedillo
7. Alexis Reeves

Class B
1. Alicia Knight
2. Alyssa Russo
3. Casey Pape
4. Catelyn Holstlaw
5. Lou Young
6. Stephanie Harrison
7. Ellyn Ebner
8. Erica Lobato
9. Monica Quinn
10. Shona Herbert

Class C
1. Alexis Camerlo
2. Kiley Draper
3. Megan Prach
4. Lauren Knight
5. Livie Lusby
6. Elsa Mancia
7. Brooke Womack
8. Victoria Thierens
9. Jessica Sheldon
10. Amanda Bevington

Alexis Camerlo Bikini Class C Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

           Sommer Ray Bikini Class D Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

Alexis Camerlo
Bikini Class C Winner (1st)
Sommer Ray
Bikini Class D Winner (1st)

Class D
1. Sommer Ray
2. Amy Kapustensky
3. Kristin Coggins
4. Amanda Lohmann
5. Marie Bluitt
6. Andrea Smith
7. Sofia Wigmore
8. Jenny Adams
9. Marybelle Barragan
10. Chelsea Gray
11. Michelle Elkins
12. Sahara Harding
13. Briana Phillips
14. Christienne Mathews

Class E
1. Julia Sandoval
2. Sierra Alexander
3. Lauren Dannermiller
4. Tory Wright
5. Heather Jeppson
6. Melissa Lorenzo
7. Nicole Stanley
8. Beth Schwartz
9. McKenzie West
10. Sj Krieg
11. Khrystian Veals
12. Michelle Foster
13. Kristin Henry
14. Shayln Knight
15. Brittany Sand
15. Katy Tussey
15. Larissa Fortune
15. Leah Rosendale
15. Sierra Degrasse

Class F
1. Sami Davis
2. Cierra Wilde
3. Sara Hartman
4. Shelby Loflin
5. Sasha Overbaugh
6. Cassidy Bybee
7. Elaine Tai
8. Havilande Green
9. Alexandrea Smith
10. Annamarie DiNero
11. Alicia Knight

Novice Class A
1. Mandy Huber
2. Rose Cain
3. Shona Herbert
4. Ellyn Ebner
5. Angelique Cedillo
6. LaQurrie MCGee
7. Alexis Reeves
8. Natalia Garpestad

Novice Class B
1. Alyssa Russo
2. Alicia Dean
3. Lauren Knight
4. Livie Lusby
5. Victoria Thierens
6. Erica Lobato
7. Brooke Womak
8. Amanda Bevington
9. Jessica Sheldon
10. Monica Quinn
11. Monique Santiago
12. Dona Davis

Novice Class C
1. Amy Kapustensky
2. Kristin Coggins
3. Marie Bluitt
4. Amanda Lohmann
5. McKenzie West
6. Andrea Smith
7. Sofia Wigmore
8. Jenny Adams
9. Nicole Stanley
10. Marybelle Barragan
11. Sahara Harding
12. Chelsea Gray
13. Beth Schwartz
14. Michelle Elkins
15. Briana Phillips
15. Jami Alleman
15. Khrystian Veals
15. Kristin Henry
15. Leah Rosendale

Novice Class D
1. Sami Davis
2. Shelby Loflin
3. Sara Hartman
4. Michelle Foster
5. Cierra Wilde
6. Havilande Green
7. Cassidy Bybee
8. Sj Krieg
9. Steele Moore
10. Elaine Tai
11. Shayln Knight
12. Brittany Sand
13. Katy Tussey
14. Tanisha Burrell
15. Alexandrea Smith

True Novice Class A
1. Amy Kapustensky
2. Alicia Dean
3. Kristin Coggins
4. Marybelle Barragan
5. McKenzie West
6. Jenny Adams
7. Rose Cain
8. Sahara Harding
9. Elaine Tai
10. Khrystian Veals
11. Michelle Foster
12. Brooke Womack
13. Shona Herbert
14. Amanda Bevington
15. Jami Alleman
15. Nicole Stanley

True Novice Class B
1. Casey Pape
2. Andrea Smith
3. Shelby Loflin
4. Mandy Huber
5. Lauren Knight
6. Sj Kreig
7. Beth Schwartz
8. Steele Moore
9. Jessica Sheldon
10. Briana Phillips
11. Monica Quinn
12. Leah Rosendale
13. Kayla Pierson
14. Dona Davis

Masters Over 35
1. Jenny Adams
2. Mellisa Lorenzo
3. Kristin Henry
4. Larissa Fortune

Masters Over 40
1. Stephanie Harrison
2. Sasha Overbaugh
3. Natasha Kizmet
4. Donnetta Peterson
5. Amelia Sanchez

Masters Over 50
1. Evonne McCormick
2. Christienne Mathews
3. Dona Davis

Overall Winner
Jason Antoine

Class A
1. Jeremy Sipes
2. Antonio Pena
3. Murad Moriasy
4. Andrew Armand
5. Leo Lopez
6. Lucas Woods
7. Matt Hessen
8. Phillip Metz
9. Ryan Seely
10. Steve Larios
11. Michael DeMarco
12. Scott Rizzotto
13. Deshawn Anderson
14. Dan Hoover
15. Logan Broz

Class B
1. Miles Dyer
2. Mersudin Durmisevic
3. Mike Brown
4. Justin Gohn
5. Joe Alba
6. Gerad Wunderlich
7. Brandon Dillie
8. Chris Calicchia
9. Gregg Russo
10. Malachi Ceballos
11. Jeremy Dittmer
12. Brian Furer
13. Forrest Browne
14. Tanner Lee
15. Chris Pentecost
15. Joel Brim

Jason Antoine Physique Class C (1st) Overall Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

           Rayner Whitchombe Physique Class D Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

Jason Antoine
Physique Class C (1st) Overall Winner (1st)
Rayner Whitchombe
Physique Class D Winner (1st)

Class C
1. Jason Antoine
2. Charlie Kornhauser
3. Terry Foste
4. Justin Lawrence
5. Thomas Niewohner
6. Lucas LeBonde
7. Peter Stur
8. Adam Felkey
9. Matt McDonald
10. Justin Harman
11. Terin DeVoto Noonan
12. Chris Gindro

Class D
1. Rayner Whitchombe
2. Phillip Murphy
3. Saman Manzouri
4. David Raday II
5. Cameron Saheb
6. Reece Stanley
7. Joel David
8. Dustin Massey
9. Geremey Gibson
10. Alejandro Mora
11. Timothy Horsch
12. Derek Munson
13. Daniel Dockendorf

Novice Class A
1. Philip Metz
2. Murad Moriasy
3. Michael DeMarco
4. Ryan Seely
5. Deshawn Anderson

Novice Class B
1. Phillip Metz
2. Murad Moriasy
3. Michael DeMarco
4. Ryan Seely
5. Deshawn Anderson
6. Chad Yetka
7. Logan Broz
8. Benigno Puente
9. Christ Pentecost

Novice Class C
1. Saman Manzouri
2. Joel Davis
3. Geremey Gibson
4. Thomas Newohner
5. Dustin Massey
6. Justin Harman
7. Timothy Horsch
8. Ronald Brown
9. Ryan Riedeisper
10. Daniel Dockendorf
11. Phillip Guerrero

True Novice
1. Mike Brown
2. Chris Calicchia
3. Phillip Metz
4. Thomas Niewohner
5. Dustin Massey
6. Geremey Gibson
7. Aaron Mach
8. Timothy Horsch
9. Tanner Lee
10. Lou Hampers
11. Chad Yetka
12. Justin Harman
13. Christ Pentecost
14. Tj Cole

Masters Over 35
1. Mike Brown
2. Justin Lawrence
3. Matt McDonald
4. Brian Furer
5. Joel Brim

Masters Over 42
1. Scott Rizzotto
2. Chris Calicchia
3. Andrew Armand
4. Thomas Niewohner
5. Lou Hampers
6. Ronald Brown
7. Ed Nortier
8. Chris Pentecost

Masters Over 50
1. Gregg Russo
2. Chad Yetka
3. Tj Cole


1. Heather Berry

To see all results and photos 2015 NPC Tokyo Joes Colorado State Championships visit - <>

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Glute Workouts Videos and Tips

Glute Workout Routines to Sculpt a Better Butt

Do you ever wish you had buns of steel or at least a pleasantly plump derriere? Whether you're an aspiring IFBB bikini amateur or you long to look perfect in your yoga pants, you're probably seeking out glute workouts to tone your tush. We've turned to IFBB Bikini and Fitness Pros so you can see how they tone and shape their glutes as they prepare for competition. How do they get those rad rumps? Take a look at these three glute workout videos to discover some great techniques and get inspired. Don't forget to check out the Glute Workouts Pinterest board as well.

Glute Training with a IFBB Fitness Pro Lindsey Waters

IFBB Fitness Pro, Lindsey Waters, demonstrates a few glute exercises to get your butt ready for the stage, the beach or anywhere life takes you. Check out how she trains at the East Coast Mecca: Bev Francis Powerhouse Gym. Lindsey also shares some insight as to why she finds some of the glute exercises she selects so beneficial. She also shares some of her favorite "Butt Sculpting" training techniques. Plus, you'll even find out what she does to bar boredom at the gym.

Training Glutes with IFBB Pro Sarah LeBlanc

Last year with only six weeks to go until the 2014 Olympia competition, IFBB Pro Sarah LeBlanc shared some of her rigorous glute/hamstring training. In this video she gives a glimpse at the type of glute muscle targeting exercises she does for round, full glutes that all bikini girls want to have.

IFBB Bikini Pro Glutes and Legs Workout

Tone your butt/glutes and legs like IFBB Bikini Pro Yarishna Ayala. In this video, you can see some of the exercises Yarishna does to tone her glutes and legs. She definitely mixes up her glutes and legs workout routines with a variety of different methods. Sometimes she uses nautilus equipment, for other exercises she uses free weights, on occasion dumbbells are in the mix, and there are also times when she just uses her body-weight for glutes and legs exercises. We're pretty sure we even saw some leg weights as well as a step and medicine ball in there. Take a look for yourself. Which of these exercises will you add to your glute workout routines?

Get More Glute Workouts on's Pinterest Board

We've put together an array of even more bootylicious exercises and other glute-related photos and videos on our Glutes Workout Pinterest board.

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2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Australia Winners

2015 Arnold Classic Australia Results

Arnold Classic Australia
March 13 - 15    
Unnamed Venue,
Memphis, 38138
ORGANIZER: Tony Doherty
PHONE: 613-9388-0866
Event - IFBB

Following are the top winners for each of the events:

1. Dexter Jackson - USA
2. Branch Warren - USA
3. Justin Compton - USA
4. Evan Centopani - USA
5. Brandon Curry - USA
6. Roelly Winklaar - Curacao
7. Ben Pakulski - Canada


Dexter Jackson - USA
Pro Men's Bodybuilding (1st)
Branch Warren - USA
Pro Men's Bodybuilding (2nd)


1. Janet Layug - USA
2. Ashley Kaltwasser - USA
3. India Paulino - USA
4. Stephanie Mahoe - USA
5. Narmin Assria - USA
6. Summer Bernard - Australia
7. Pollianna Moss - USA
8. Sheena Anderton - New Zealand
9. Barbie Heng - Australia
10. Jade Mackinnon - New Zealand


Janet Layug - USA
Pro Bikini (1st)
Ashley Kaltwasser - USA
Pro Bikini (2nd)


1. Camala Rodriquez McClure - USA
2. Candice Keene - USA
3. Candice Lewis - USA
4. Gennifer Strobo - USA
5. Latorya Watts - USA
6. Dana Ambrose - USA
7. Heather Dees - USA
8. Myra Rogers - New Zealand
9. Amanda Doherty - Australia
10. Larissa Reis - USA


Camala Rodriquez McClure - USA
Pro Figure (1st)
Candice Keene - USA
Pro Figure (2nd)


Congratulations to all of the competitors who participated in the 2015 IFBB Arnold Classic Australia. Official Final Results Scorecard - To see all results and photos visit -

Be sure to visit the blog regularly for the results of other upcoming bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

NPC Jon Lindsay's Fitness Challenge: Winners in Bodybuilding, Physique and Bikini Contests

2015 NPC Jon Lindsay's Fitness Challenge Results

NPC Jon Lindsay's Fitness Challenge
Bodybuilding, Figure, Physique,
and Bikini Championships
February 21, 2015
San Diego, California

Following are the top winners for each of the events:

Novice Mens Bodybuilding

1. Christian Correa
2. William Garcia
3. William Yates

Unlimited Bodybuilding Lightweight up to 165.25
1. Ryan Freger
2. Christian Correa
3. Brayden Keawe

Unlimited Bodybuilding Heavyweight up to 187.25
1. Hasani Gomez

Unlimited Bodybuilding Overall
1. Hasani Gomez
2. Ryan Freger


Hasani Gomez
Unlimited Bodybuilding Overall (1st)
Christian Correa
Novice Mens Bodybuilding (1st)

Masters Bikini 40+ A up to 5'4"

1. Martha Moreno
2. Kristine Majewski

Masters Bikini 40+ B over 5'4"
1. Jennifer Whelan
2. Zaira Young
3. Monica Botello
4. Jennifer Capitano
5. Antoinette Bejarano

Masters Bikini 40+ Overall
1. Jennifer Whelan
2. Martha Moreno

Masters Bikini 35+ A up to 5'4"
1. Shari Shaffer
2. Monika Kalenski
3. Rebecca Barlow
4. Katrina Julia

Masters Bikini 35+ B over 5'4" to 5'6"
1. Zaira Young

Masters Bikini 35+ C Over 5'6"
1. Jamessa Jones
2. Erin Zong
3. Courtney Pease

Masters Bikini 35+ Overall
1. Shari Shaffer
2. Zaira Young
3. Jamessa Jones

Novice Bikini A up to 5'4"
1. Steffy Kieu
2. Perla Galomo
3. Tamar Atamian
4. Arlette Kelley
5. Chau Nguyens

Novice Bikini B over 5'4" to 5'6"
1. Edith Jennison
2. Ashley Stamatis
3. Nancy Castro
4. Sam Magdaleno
5. Danielle Van Horn

Novice Bikini C over 5'6"
1. Natalie Moultrie
2. Jamessa Jones
3. Erin Zong
4. Jennifer Capitano
5. Chelsea Uyeno

Novice Bikini Overall
1. Steffy Kieu
2. Natalie Moultrie
3. Edith Jennison


Steffy Kieu
Novice Bikini Overall (1st)
Natalie Moultrie
Novice Bikini Overall (2nd)


Open Bikini A up to 5'1"
1. Shari Shaffer
2. Anastasia Prophete
3. Jessica Rios
4. Sarah Drake
5. Michelle Perez

Open Bikini B over 5'1" to 5'2.5"
1. Shannon Johnson
2. Christina Torres

Open Bikini C over 5'2.5" to 5'4"
1. Steffy Kieu
2. Irina Goryacheva
3. Makenna Kepple
4. Tamar Atamian
5. Arlette Kelley

Open Bikini D over 5'4" to 5'5.5"
1. Sonja Lark
2. Falan Marks
3. Holly Talcott
4. Edith Jennison
5. Ashley Stamatis

Open Bikini E over 5'5.5" to 5'7"
1. Sarah Maduck
2. Kristin Radlinski
3. Jennifer Whelan
4. Courtney Day

Open Bikini F over 5'7"
1. Natalie Moultrie
2. Kaylaa Smith
3. Jamessa Jones
4. Erin Zong
5. Chelsea Uyeno

Unlimited Bikini Overall
1. Sonja Lark
2. Sarah Maduck
3. Steffy Kieu
4. Natalie Moultrie
5. Shari Shaffer
6. Shannon Johnson


Sonja Lark
Unlimited Bikini Overall (1st)
Sarah Maduck
Unlimited Bikini Overall (2nd)

Masters Figure 40+
1. Azi Farsoudi
2. Victoria Bartelt

Women's Bikini Masters Over 45 Class B
1. Kimberlee Greenough
2. Roya Tehranchi

Masters Figure 35+ B over 5'4"
1. Jessica Smith
2. Victoria Bartelt

Unlimited Figure A up to 5'2"
1. Layla Vossoughi
2. Michelle Floresca

Figure B over 5'2" to 5'4"
1. Sherry Darrell
2. Jackie Lanway
3. Sanoe Aina

Unlimited Figure C over 5'4" to 5'6"
1. Jessica Jamous
2. Kelly Grossman

Unlimited Figure D over 5'6"
1. Jessica Smith
2. Sherry Tang
3. Annette Garcia
4. Kate Hayes
5. Brooke Jordan

Unlimited Figure Overall
1. Layla Vossoughi
2. Jessica Jemous
3. Sherry Darell
4. Jessica Smith


Layla Vossoughi
Unlimited Figure Overall (1st)
Jessica Jemous
Unlimited Figure Overall (2nd)

Womans Physique A up to 5'6"
1. Irma Pritchard

Masters Mens Physique 40
1. Jamey Cohen

Masters Mens Physique 35+ B over 5'8
1. Chezz Bruce
2. Virgil Apar
3. Jamey Cohen

Novice Mens Physique A up to 5'7"
1. Justin Garza
2. Khunthoeun Lay
3. Jey Ron
4. Harry Chu
5. Ararat Mirzakhani

Novice Mens Physique B over 5'7" to 5'10"
1. Dominique Butts
2. Charles Giron
3. Jonathan De Leos
4. Jimmy Lopez
5. Jamil Sabbagh

Novice Mens Physique C over 5'10"
1. Montrel Miller
2. Benyamin Jahromi
3. Mark Black
4. Alexander Brown
5. Brian Moultrie

Novice Mens Physique Overall
1. Montrel Miller
2. Dominique Butts
3. Justin Garza

Unlimited Mens Physique Overall
1. Darkel Johnson
2. Anthony Tassin
3. Desmol Gabriel
4. Montrel Miller
5. Mark Black
6. Adrian Rios

Congratulations to all of the competitors who participated in the 2015 NPC Jon Lindsay's Fitness Challenge. For the complete list of results, visit To view photos visit

Be sure to visit the blog regularly for the results of other upcoming bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

Bodyweight Training Videos & Tips

Building a Buff Body with Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight training is oftentimes overlooked and underrated. What's amazing is the body transforming results that bodyweight exercises can help you achieve. It's not like your body can distinguish between a barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell or your own bodyweight. All it really knows is how hard it needs to work to move the resistance. For example, if you're bench pressing, you use your pectorals, deltoids and triceps, but don't really work any other muscle groups, unless you make a conscious effort to do so. By performing bodyweight exercises, like one-arm push-ups, you're not only working your pecs, delts and triceps, but you're also incidentally working your lats, abs, glutes, quads and hamstrings. Another great thing about bodyweight training is that you can workout anytime wherever you are. You don't need any extra equipment and you don't even have to go to the gym.

We found a few videos that show numerous bodyweight exercises, including five of Coach Kozak's favorites, 44 of the best bodyweight exercises from Tee Major Fitness and a 30-minute bodyweight boot camp. Plus, we've added a special Pinterest board filled with bodyweight training tips, exercises and workouts.

Bodyweight Training with Coach Kozak

As a constant fixture in the health and fitness world for more than 15 years, Coach Kozak shares his innovative scientific method to training and nutrition. From professional athletes to soccer moms and even a Heisman trophy winner, Coach Kozak has brought extraordinary results to thousands of clients.

In this video, Coach Kozak with HASfit provides step-by-step video instruction for a full-body workout using bodyweight exercises alone. Take a glimpse at the training regimen he has in store for you:

  • Pistol Squat
  • Downward Dog to Chaturanga Push-up to a High Plank
  • Negative Manual Glute-Ham Raise
  • Sit up to a Russian Twist
  • Negative Negative Pull ups

Try the Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever

When it comes to using bodyweight training to build strength and muscle, there are three fundamental movements: push-ups, pull ups and squats. We've discovered that there are numerous variations of these essentials, as well as a variety of other bodyweight exercises you can incorporate into your workout schedule. Tee Major Fitness presents the 44 Best Bodyweight Exercises Ever:

1. Mountain Climbers
2. Dragon Walks
3. Jumping Lunges
4. Pike Roll out
5. Burpees
6. Hanging Knee to Elbow
7. Frozen V-Sit
8. Spiderman Push-up
9. Single Leg Burpee
10. Hindu Push-ups
11. Diamond Push-ups
12. Lawnmower Extension
13. Archer Push-up
14. Fingertip Push-up
15. Hanging Leg Raise
16. Clapping Push-up
17. Single Leg Box Jump
18. Chest Tap Push-up
19. Archer Pull-up
20. Clapping Pull-ups
21. Crucifix Push-ups
22. Hanging Wipers
23. Hanging Leg Raise over Lever
24. One-Arm Hanging Leg Lifts
25. Pistol Squat
26. L Seat
27. Muay Thai Push-ups
28. Dragon Flags
29. Ab Crunch Shredder Dips
30. Triple Clap Push-ups
31. Lalanne Push-ups
32. Muscle Ups
33. Standing Ab Wheel Roll outs
34. Bodyweight Tricep Extension
35. One-Arm Push-ups
36. One-Arm, One-Leg Push-ups
37. Thigh Slap Push-ups
38. Aztec Push-ups
39. Superman Push-ups
40. Hannibal for King Leg Flutters for Men
41. One-Handed Clap Push-ups
42. Back Flip Burpees
43. 360 Push-ups

Boot Camp-Style Bodyweight Workout

If you’re ready to intensify your bodyweight training, then you’ll love this 30-Minute Bodyweight Boot Camp Workout You Can Do Anywhere video. Adam Rosante, a celebrity trainer based out of New York City, leads the way in this half-hour of muscle pumping, sweat dripping full-body workout. He makes a wonderful point with this no excuses workout, “You’re going to use the body you have to create the body you want.”

This video includes a warm up, full workout and cool down, as well as lots of motivation from Adam along the way. Another nice thing about this workout is that if you don’t have enough time, the warm up nicely gets your blood flowing and is better than not working out at all.

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New Year’s Fitness and Workout Resolutions: 10 Tips for Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Get on Track to a Healthy New You in 2015 With’s Top 10 Tips for New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

While many regard December as a period of indulgence, year-end also marks the starting point for New Year’s resolutions. It’s a time to take stock of your personal goals, assess your progress and analyze prior pitfalls as you plan for the year ahead. If you’ve fulfilled your 2014 resolutions, how can you take them to the next level in 2015? If you’ve fallen short, what caused you to falter, and how can you achieve success in the coming year?

To help you get your New Year’s fitness resolutions off to promising start, we’ve solicited ideas from the team and our sponsored athletes. Following are the top 10 tips from our resident fitness experts and IFBB pros:

1. Set SMART goals. In the business world, “SMART” stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. But SMART objectives apply equally well to fitness goals. Rather than making vague resolutions like “lose weight,” “bulk up” or “get fit,” take the time to identify and define exactly what you’re hoping to achieve. Then write down those objectives to hold yourself accountable, and set a series of incremental milestones throughout the year.

2. Do a reality check. When making New Year’s resolutions, it’s important to ensure your goals are realistic. People who set unreasonably high expectations for themselves – such as severe caloric restrictions or prolonged, intense daily workouts – may be more likely to give up if they backslide. By lowering the bar a bit at the outset and aiming for progressively higher goals over time, you can position yourself for success. Check out the video below and click here to watch a female personal trainer talking more about weight/endurance goals.

3. Choose your workout wisely. It’s not enough to make “get to the gym” your New Year’s resolution; you need to have a plan of action once you get there. A bodybuilder looking to increase upper body strength will follow a very different exercise program than a runner seeking to improve endurance or an overweight person aiming to reduce belly fat. If you’re a new gym member, request an equipment demonstration so you’ll know which exercises to incorporate into your routine. If you’re a gym regular interested in taking your workout to the next level, schedule a session or two with a personal trainer for professional advice on how to achieve your fitness goals.

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4. Tap into tips from bodybuilding and fitness pros. While personal trainers are a great resource for gym-goers, individuals who prefer a do-it-yourself approach will find a wealth of information just a click away. Many trainers and pro bodybuilders share their expert advice via blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts and other social media channels. Look up athletes whose physique you admire, and see what they share online. For example, IFBB pro Tricky Jackson airs a weekly Pro Muscle Radio broadcast that’s popular among bodybuilders. And be sure to check the blog regularly for curated posts featuring videos, tips and advice from some of the country’s top bodybuilders, athletes and trainers. Check out the Tricky Jackson video below.

5. Change the scene. While some people perform best by following a regular routine, others get bored quickly and are more apt to give up their resolutions when they lose interest. If daily visits to the same gym seem like a tedious prospect, try varying your routine. Alternate gym days with home workouts or team sports; or visit a local park with fitness stations in lieu of exercising indoors.

6. Raise your nutrition IQ. Many people equate the word “diet” with counting calories or restricting carb or fat intake; but the reality is that proper diet and nutrition are as much about consuming the right foods, vitamins and minerals as avoiding the wrong ones. Consider making an appointment with a nutritionist or checking out a few books to learn how specific foods and dietary supplements can help you achieve your fitness goals, from building muscle or burning fat to increasing stamina or minimizing recovery time. And explore the blog to discover the functions, benefits and evidence behind some of the key ingredients in popular health and bodybuilding supplements.

7. Track your progress. Hopping on the scale each morning or measuring your biceps every evening can create disappointment, as you’ll rarely see immediate results. It’s better to track your progress over time, with a weigh-in or measurement every week or on alternating weeks. Since fitness and bodybuilding goals tend to involve a gradual progression, you’re not likely to notice changes in yourself from day to day. But if you take weekly or semi-weekly photos of yourself, the results will be clearly visible as you work toward your goals.

8. Find your motivation. Whether it’s a mantra or a mentor, find what (or who) inspires you and keep that front and center as you focus on fitness resolutions. Motivating messages and visual cues can have a powerful impact. Follow Twitter or Facebook pages that post inspirational quotes and practical advice, or create a Pinterest board with aspirational images that propel you to strive harder. To see what inspires us, click over to the Pinterest boards.

Tips and Motivation From the Pros.

9. Register for an event. Even if you’re a long way from achieving your fitness goals, committing to a specific event will give you something tangible to work toward. If your objective is to run the Boston Marathon, sign up for a local half marathon a few months out. If you dream of competing in pro bodybuilding championships, register for some regional novice-level contests as you work your way toward a pro card.

10. Never give up! When all is said and done, succeeding at your New Year’s fitness resolutions doesn’t mean having a perfect track record every single day of the entire year. It’s only human to have an occasional lapse or to get sidetracked when work or personal obligations take precedence; the key is to look at these events as momentary hurdles rather than insurmountable obstacles. Remember that success is an ongoing journey, and you’re in it for the long haul!

Bodybuilding and Fitness Inspiration.

By following these 10 tips, you’ll be on your way to successfully achieving your New Year’s fitness resolutions. For information and inspiration to keep you going throughout 2015 (and beyond), visit the blog and our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Do you have any advice or success stories of your own to share? We’d love to hear from you! Post your comments below or connect with other bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts in our online community.


December 2014 Tips from IFBB Pros Presented by Presents IFBB Pros & Tips: December 2014 Edition

Ready to workout like the IFBB Pros? In this month’s edition of’s Tips from IFBB Pros, we’ve got quite the video lineup ready for you and we’ve added more to the dedicated Pinterest board. We start out with an extreme chest workout with Kai Greene, move onto an incredible feature-length video with a full-body workout from Dennis James and round it out with top-notch training with our friend, Ben White.

Powerful Chest Workout with IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Kai Greene

Workout your chest like the pros. IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Kai Greene pumps iron with IFBB Pro Men's Physique competitors, Jeff Seid and Alon Gabbay. Not only do you get an incredible half-hour chest workout with these pros, but they also share some significant insight along the way. Watch their technique and form as they do these exercises

  • Dumbbell Pullovers
  • Incline Barbell Press
  • Bench Press
  • Incline Dumbbell Flyes

Intense Two-Hour Workout with IFBB Pro Dennis James

Prior to entering the Mr. Olympia contest in 2003, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Dennis James filmed this total body workout. This is the first feature-length, two-hour movie in the Titans bodybuilding series. Go through this vein-popping, muscle-rippling workout with Dennis that includes shoulders, triceps, chest, biceps, legs and back, along with posing.

Training with IFBB Professional Bodybuilder Ben White

What makes Ben White one of the world's strongest IFBB Pro Bodybuilders? From eating the right foods to doing different types of muscle-building exercises to taking the right supplements, Ben puts his everything into preparing for competition. In this video, Ben shows us what it takes for an incredible workout. As you’ll see in the video below, Ben insists on using heavy weights even when he has to pause mid-range for pictures to be taken.

We're proud to say that Ben is also one of's sponsors. After taking supplements, Ben stated, "While taking products, I have been consumed with complements on the way my physique has changed in the past few months." Get to know Ben better:

Check out this tweet from regarding Ben White:

Additional IFBB Pros & Tips on Pinterest

We’ve added even more tips and tricks from the IFBB Pros on Pinterest. From inspiration to perspiration to nutrition-related pins, this Pinterest board has it all from IFBB pros. Make sure to follow us on Pinterest as we'll continue to update this board and we'll be creating other bodybuilding-related boards just for you as well.

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Holiday Workouts and Tips

Holiday Workouts and Tips

“Holiday workout” may seem like an oxymoron during this time of year when Halloween treats are still lurking around your house, you’re ready to gobble up some Thanksgiving turkey, and holiday parties and celebrations are right around the corner. If you don’t want to have a jiggly belly like jolly ol’ St. Nick, then we’ve got some holiday workout routines and tips to get you through. We’ve gathered together some rockin’ exercises and helpful hints for keeping your fitness goals on track throughout the holiday season. Plus, we’ve created a Pinterest board focusing on today's topic: Holiday Workouts and Tips.

The Secret to Sticking to Your Diet During the Holidays

How can you keep working toward your fitness goals throughout the holidays? Daniel and Kelly from Fitness Blender answer this question in a way that may surprise you. One of the major keys is to enjoy yourself, and stay away from the worry and guilt. The reality is that if you stick to your usual routine except for the few holidays, you should be fine to indulge on those days. It’s okay to splurge a little here and there, if you keep working out and eating clean the rest of the time. The real secret is to stay away from all of the treats coming into the workplace. If you do have some indulgences, don’t skip meals to try to counteract it. This won’t help at all in the long run. There’s a fun blooper section at the end of this video as well.

Helpful Holiday Hints and a Workout Too

Holiday parties and celebrations can wreak havoc on your healthful eating and workout habits. All of the sweet treats and indulgences that come with these events can be difficult to turn down, and being short on time can sabotage your workouts. Health and fitness consultant, Alycia Kluegl, provides some helpful holiday party tips and also shares a great workout. A few of her top tips are.

Don't got the party hungry. Limit alcoholic drinks. Socialize away from the food and bar.

Plus, the Power Three full-body workout she recommends, includes:

Jump Squats Push ups with Hip Extension Half Sit Ups

Pump up Your Holiday Workout

Vertical from Barstarzz leads us in a high intensity workout that's ideal for burning fat and building muscle. You can ban the bulge with this fast-paced workout that features:

High Knees Mountain Climbers Hardcore Burpees Pull ups Dips Push ups

The More the Merrier

We've put together a vast selection of exercises and tips to help you enjoy the holidays, while maintaining your fitness routine. Check out's Holiday Workouts and Tips Pinterest board to stay motivated throughout the holiday season.

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Bodybuilder vs. Weightlifter vs. Powerlifter

Bodybuilder vs. Weightlifter vs. Powerlifter

When thinking about the different type of lifters and training – bodybuilders, weightlifters and powerlifters – we think it's much like a battle of the buffest. Each type of lifting program improves strength and size in its own way.

Which one is right for you? That's something you'll need to decide. Who knows, you may like to do some training from each of these areas to get the results you desire. Check out these videos to get a better idea of some of the different techniques and build each of these athletes have. We've also created a Bodybuilder vs. Weightlifter vs. Powerlifter Pinterest board

Which Type of Lifter Squats Longest?

As we mention above, there are differences between bodybuilders, weightlifters and powerlifters. Berlin Strength in Germany thought it would be fun to find out which type of lifter would last the longest in a squat session. Keep in mind, they are speaking German, but the subtitles are in English, when you press the Closed Captioning (CC) button. Let’s see who the winner is in this friendly squat session competition: one of the two powerlifters, the weight lifter or the bodybuilder. Who do you think it will be.

When Bodybuilders Meet Powerlifters

Join us with the crew from Berlin Strength Gym in Germany as bodybuilders train with powerlifters. The Bodybuilder Meets Powerlifter video below shows bodybuilders Harry Irorutola and Felix Valentino do a basic power lifting workout with powerlifters Thomas Faber and Romano Rengal. As bodybuilders, Harry and Felix workout to make their bodies look awesome, while powerlifting is more about extreme strength and power. In this video, they focus on powerlifting basics, including squats, deadlifts and benchpresses. Thomas and Romano also share several tips on proper powerlifting technique. Much like the video above, this one is spoken in German, but the subtitles are in English when you click on the CC button.

Deadlift Battle with a Bodybuilder, a Strongman and a Powerlifter

See how the deadlift is done with this friendly backyard battle between a bodybuilder, a powerlifter and a strongman. You'll see slightly different techniques as each competitor basically does the deadlift as they do in their training. Who will come out as the deadlift champion?

Bodybuilder vs. Weightlifter vs. Powerlifter Pinterest Board

Take a look at the collection of bodybuilder, weightlifter and powerlifter pins on's Pinterest board.

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