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2015 NPC Clash at the Capstone Results & Winners

2015 NPC Clash at the Capstone

June 27            
Santa Clara Convention Center,
5001 Great America Pkwy, Santa Clara, CA 95110 United States
Organizer: Steve O'Brien & George Jackson
Phone: 408-384-9039
Event: NPC

Congratulations to all participants of the 2015 NPC San Jose Championships held in Santa Clara, California. The championships were hosted by Muscle Sport Productions and included events such as bodybuilding, physique, bikini, and figure. This national qualifier show hosted many great looking competitors from many places., leading manufacturer of natural HGH and bodybuilding supplements, is proud to present the winners from each event. 

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Congratulations to all participants of the 2015 NPC Clash at the Capstone. The Clash at the Capstone bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and physique competitions were held the weekend of July 11, 2015 ​at he the historic Bama Theatre, 600 Greensboro Avenue Tuscaloosa, AL 35401., leading manufacturer of natural HGH and bodybuilding supplements, is proud to present the winners from each event.

Overall Winner
Kevin Rainey

Super Heavyweight
1. John VanBruggen
2. Cheslyn Story Wilson
3. Torrie Kervin
4. Lyndon Johnson

1. Kevin Rainey
2. Edward Bester

Kevin Rainey   Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st) Overall (1st) - 2015 NPC Clash at the Capstone

          Brandon Mims Lightweight Bodybuilding (1st) - 2015 NPC Clash at the Capstone

Kevin Rainey
  Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st) Overall (1st)
Brandon Mims
Lightweight Bodybuilding (1st)

Light Heavyweight
1. Brandon Mims
2. Kyle Hawkins
3. Ridge Wilcutt
4. Geoff Bell
5. Carl Hill
6. MIchael Graves

1. David Flippo

1. Dustin Moore
2. Tyler Harris

1. Colton Godwin

True Novice Heavyweight
1. Ridge Wilcutt

True Novice Lightweight
1. Nick Kilgore

True Novice Middleweight
1. Josh Burk

Masters Over 40
1. Carl Hill
2. Torrie Kervin
3. Lyndon Johnson

Masters Over 60
1. Edward Bester


Overall Winner
Robin Edwards

Class A
1. Candace Medlock

Robin Edwards Figure Class B (1st) & Overall (1st) - 2015 NPC Clash at the Capstone

            Alana Fox Figure Class C Winner (1st) - 2015 NPC Clash at the Capstone

Robin Edwards
Figure Class B (1st) & Overall (1st)
Alana Fox
Figure Class C Winner (1st)

Class B
1. Robin Edwards
2. Scout McIntyre

Class C
1. Alana Fox
2. Amanda Arnold
3. Elizabeth Smith
4. Brandy Fokken

Class D
1. Jordan Jansen
2. Jilly Hawkins
3. Wendy Kinard
4. Melissa Prince

1. Candace Medlock

1. Jilly Hawkins
2. Stephanie Horton

1. Elizabeth Smith

Masters Over 35
1. Amanda Arnold
2. Brandy Fokken

Masters Over 40
1. Wendy Kinard
2. Melissa Prince


Overall Winner

Natesha Speight

Class A
1. Stephanie Morring
2. Kimberly Predmore
3. Lana Jones
4. Amanda Blevins
5. Denise Milton-Runnels
6. Kendal Barnes

Class B
1. Natesha Speight
2. Jessica Duncan
3. Tara Spencer
4. Deanna Goff
5. Dana Wilkerson

Natesha Speight Bikini Class B (1st) Overall (1st) - 2015 NPC Clash at the Capstone

           Stephanie Morring Bikini Class A Winner (2nd) - 2015 NPC Clash at the Capstone

Natesha Speight
Bikini Class B (1st) Overall (1st)
Stephanie Morring
Bikini Class A Winner (2nd)

Class C
1. Erin Logston
2. Megan Phillips
3. Tiffany Bullock
4. Crystal Nicholson

Class D
1. Brittany Mack
2. Breggin Eddy
3. Wilder Roberts
4. Carolyn Sparks
5. Hermaine Williamson

1. Hannah Patterson
2. Kendal Barnes

1. Hannah Patterson
2. Breggin Eddy
3. Amanda Blevins
4. Rachel Calfee

1. Denise Milton-Runnels

Masters Over 35
1. Erin Logston
2. Jessica Duncan

Masters Over 40
1. Wilder Roberts
2. Kimberly Predmore
3. Denise Milton-Runnels
4. Christina Marie Hunter
5. Dana Wilkerson


Overall Winner
Andre Smith

Class A
1. Andre Smith
2. Steven Watson
3. Paul O'Donnell

Physique Class A (1st) Overall Winner (1st) - 2015 NPC Clash at the Capstone

           Chris Mayo Physique Class B Winner (1st) - 2015 NPC Clash at the Capstone

Andre Smith
Physique Class A (1st) Overall Winner (1st)
Chris Mayo
Physique Class B Winner (1st)

Class B
1. Chris Mayo
2. Robert Gerrity
3. Dylan Murray
4. Colby Dansby
5. Devrick Mostello
6. Tommy Nguyen
7. Justin Chism
8. Adam Wells
9. Kevin Bullock
10. Brandon Murray
11. Kenneth Thomas

1. Colby Dansby

1. Steven Watson
2. Dylan Murray
3. Carson Jowers
4. Brandon Murray
5. Chris Moreno
6. Kenneth Thomas

1. Adam Wells

Masters Over 35
1. Steven Watson

Masters Over 40
1. Chris Moreno

Official Final Results Scorecard - <>. To see all results and photos visit - <>

Be sure to visit the blog regularly for the results of other upcoming bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

- See more at:

To see all results and photos visit - <>

Be sure to visit the blog regularly for the results of other upcoming bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

Videos from Winners of the 2015 NPC Patriots and NPC Universe Competitions

A Moment with 2015 NPC Patriots and NPC Universe Winners

There were so many impressive competitions during Independence weekend, including the 2015 NPC Patriots Challenge and the 2015 NPC Universe Championships. We've been checking out all of the videos we can find from these competitions and chose a few to share with you. Spend a few minutes with us watching a few interviews with some of the top competitors, as well as some exclusive moments from these competitions.

2015 IFBB Patriot’s Challenge: Top 3 Pro Bikini Winners

The President of Muscle Contest, Tamer El Guindy, chats with the top 3 Pro Bikini winners at the 2015 IFBB Patriot’s Challenge. 3rd Place – Noy Alexander from Florida. Originally from Laos, Noy was raised in Hawaii, and says her biggest trouble area is her glutes, but it’s also her favorite area to workout. She works out with weights about five days a week. She recommends mixing up your routine and working out your glutes all the time. 2nd Place – Tamara Haddad. She finds that training is a progression and that there should be improvements that can be made every few weeks. Tamara made some changes, and hit her legs and hamstrings hard. She came in a little leaner and a little tighter, and it really paid off. She’s going to continue to work hard for the next qualification. 1st Place – Justine Monroe. She recently placed second in the Arnold, and now she’s placed 1st at this competition. She’s been bringing her best and changing her workout routines to try to bring more balance to her body. Find out what their plans were for post-competition Fourth of July feasting.

Overall Winner in the Bikini Category at the 2015 NPC Patriot's Challenge

New competitor, Ada Bustamante, wins overall in the Bikini category for Novice and for Open. This was her very first show and she did 10 weeks of prep for this contest with infamous trainer, Kim Oddo. She is originally from Mexico City, but she grew up in California. Kim was very happy to see that her hard work really paid off. Her next competition will be the USAs.

Men's Overall Physique Winner at the 2015 NPC Patriot's Challenge

Shirley Moran, VP of Operations for Muscle Contest, interviews Lloyd Taylor the Unlimited Men’s Physique Overall Winner. Lloyd was very thankful to everyone who supported him along the way to get to this place. Lloyd began his training about 10 weeks ago, but it was a challenging start since he is recently recuperating from knee surgery. His girlfriend is the person who helped him stay motivated along the way. He couldn’t be in this position if it wasn’t for his coach, IFBB Pro Mark Byers and all of the people in his incredible support system.

A Sneak Peek at the 2015 NPC Universe Championships Women's Bikini Competition

Take a look at this footage from behind the scenes and on stage during the women’s bikini competition at the 2015 NPC Universe Championships. You’ll see some incredible moments during the competition, including some poses and winners.

Backstage with the Men's Physique Competitors at the NPC Universe Championships

Ever wonder what happens backstage before the guys go on stage for the Men’s Physique competition at the 2015 NPC Universe Championships? Well, now you’ll know if you watch this video. From last minute pumping to posing and prepping to a little snack of rice cake and grape jelly, you’ll be amazed at what these competitors do before stepping on stage. We know it’s all worth it in the end for these winners of the 2015 NPC Universe Championships.

Make sure to check back with the blog, as we’ll be posting the results from the 2015 IFBB Patriot’s Challenge soon.

2015 NPC Battle on the Gulf Coast Championships Results and Winners

Battle on the Gulf Coast Championships
June 27            
IP Casino,
850 Bayview Ave, Biloxi, MS 39530 United States
Organizer: Ironworks Gym
Phone: 228-456-9496
Event: NPC

On June 27, 2015 at the IP Casino in Biloxi, MS the annual NPC Battle of the Gulf Coast Championships were hosted by Ironworks Gym. Many great contestants came out to join the biggest NPC event of the year. The events featured were bodybuilding, physique, bikini, and figure. HGH and bodybuilding supplement is proud to present the winners from each event. Congratulations to all!

Following are the top overall winners for each of the events:

Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Johnathon Johnson
2. Jameson Max Jones
3. Austin Connely
4. Tommie Landrum
5. Joey Williams

johnathon johnson heavyweight overall 2015 battle on the gulf

          jameson max jones heavyweight second 2015 battle on the gulf

Johnathon Johnson
Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall (1st)
Jameson Max Jones
Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall (2nd)


Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Jason Hebert
2. Tim Norsworthy
3. Rob Winter

Middleweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Kendall Guice
2. Cesar Diaz
3. Brady Cobb
4. Mark Vinluan

Junior Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Gavin Havard
2. Walter Harris

Junior Lightweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Kendrick McCarty
2. Phillip Defrances
3. Pedro Arce
4. Takeo Wadriski

Junior Middleweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Denny Dismuke
2. Conner Masters
3. Jesse Johnson
4. Joe Fuselli

Lightweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Paul Redmer
2. Steven Burkett

True Novice Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Charles Davison
2. Gavin Havard
3. Michael Yarbrough

True Novice Lightweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Pedro Arce
2. Conner Masters

Uniform Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Tim Norsworthy
2. Daryl Lavigne

Uniform Lightweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Takeo Wadriski

Masters Over 40 Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Tommie Landrum
2. Daryl Lavigne

Masters Over 50 Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Lincoln Campbell
2. Cesar Diaz
3. Charles Davison
4. Paul Redmer

Masters Figure Class A Overall
1. Natalia Trotter
2. Amy Anding
3. Sarah Johnson
4. Kaitlyn Jackson
5. Kimberly Lenoir

natalia trotter figure class a overall 2015 battle on the gulf

            amy anding figure class a second 2015 battle on the gulf

Natalia Trotter
Figure Class A Overall (1st)
Amy Anding
Figure Class A Overall (2nd)


Figure Class B Overall
1. Jennifer Skinner
2. Jessica Young
3. Erica Ward
4. Terri Jennings

Figure Class C Overall
1. Qiana McClenty

Figure True Novice Overalll
1. Andrea Montana
2. Erica Ward
3. Kaitlyn Jackson
4. Tanya Santos
5. Kimberly Lenoir

Figure Masters Over 35 Overall
1. Andrea Montana
2. Jennifer Skinner
3. Terri Jennings

Bikini Class A Overall
1. Bethany Deese
2. Rachel Henderson
3. Lila Cedotal
4. Autumn Holliman
5. Erica Timmons

bethany deese bikini class a overall 2015 battle on the gulf

           rachel henderson bikini class a second 2015 battle on the gulf

Bethany Deese
Bikini Class A Overall (1st)
Rachel Henderson
Bikini Class A Overall (2nd)

Bikini Class B Overall
1. Amber Fremin
2. Tara Adas
3. Miracle Hebert
4. Kristi Claunch
5. Christa Kleem

Bikini Class C Overall
1. Amanda Howell
2. Amber Peed
3. Nicole Zulli
4. Danielle King
5. Colleen Hadley

Bikini Class C Overall
1. Laura Beth Wright
2. Katie Nelson
3. Angela Crane

Bikini True Novice Overall
1. Amber Peed
2. Amber Fremin
3. Autumn Holliman
4. Ashley Francis
5. Diana Smith

Bikini Masters Over 35 Overall
1. Amanda Howell
2. Tara Adas
3. Colleen Hadley
4. Kristi Claunch
5. Desirie Crowe

Mens Physique Class A Overall
1. Michael Humphrey
2. John Dang
3. Blaine Stiger
4. Stephen Stiglets
5. Jessie Gros

michael humphrey physique class a overall 2015 battle on the gulf

           john dang physique class a second 2015 battle on the gulf

Michael Humphrey
Physique Class A Overall (1st)
John Dang
Physique Class A Overall (3rd)

Mens Physique Class B Overall
1. Travis Berkesch
2. Randy Hout
3. Jermaine Hines
4. Brett Griffin
5. Larry Jones

Mens Physique Class C Overall
1. Christopher Prevost
2. Ryan Kavanaugh
3. Patrick Bobinger
4. Ira Herrington
5. Angelo Norman

Mens Physique True Novice Overall
1. Stephen Stiglets
2. Brett Griffin
3. Christopher Bradford
4. Patrick Bobinger
5. Gage Patrick

Mens Physique Masters Over 35 Overall
1. John Dang
2. Christopher Bradford
3. Angelo Norman

Womens Physique Class A Overall
1. Betty Jo Bryan

Womens Physique Class B Overall
1. Jen Milburn

Womens Physique Masters Over 35 Overall
1. Jen Milburn

Congratulations to all of the competitors who participated in the 2015 NPC Battle on the Gulf Coast Championships. Official Final Results Scorecard - <>. To see all results and photos visit - <>

Be sure to visit the blog regularly for the results of other upcoming bodybuilding and fitness competitions.


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New Year’s Fitness and Workout Resolutions: 10 Tips for Setting and Achieving Your Goals

Get on Track to a Healthy New You in 2015 With’s Top 10 Tips for New Year’s Fitness Resolutions

While many regard December as a period of indulgence, year-end also marks the starting point for New Year’s resolutions. It’s a time to take stock of your personal goals, assess your progress and analyze prior pitfalls as you plan for the year ahead. If you’ve fulfilled your 2014 resolutions, how can you take them to the next level in 2015? If you’ve fallen short, what caused you to falter, and how can you achieve success in the coming year?

To help you get your New Year’s fitness resolutions off to promising start, we’ve solicited ideas from the team and our sponsored athletes. Following are the top 10 tips from our resident fitness experts and IFBB pros:

1. Set SMART goals. In the business world, “SMART” stands for specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound. But SMART objectives apply equally well to fitness goals. Rather than making vague resolutions like “lose weight,” “bulk up” or “get fit,” take the time to identify and define exactly what you’re hoping to achieve. Then write down those objectives to hold yourself accountable, and set a series of incremental milestones throughout the year.

2. Do a reality check. When making New Year’s resolutions, it’s important to ensure your goals are realistic. People who set unreasonably high expectations for themselves – such as severe caloric restrictions or prolonged, intense daily workouts – may be more likely to give up if they backslide. By lowering the bar a bit at the outset and aiming for progressively higher goals over time, you can position yourself for success. Check out the video below and click here to watch a female personal trainer talking more about weight/endurance goals.

3. Choose your workout wisely. It’s not enough to make “get to the gym” your New Year’s resolution; you need to have a plan of action once you get there. A bodybuilder looking to increase upper body strength will follow a very different exercise program than a runner seeking to improve endurance or an overweight person aiming to reduce belly fat. If you’re a new gym member, request an equipment demonstration so you’ll know which exercises to incorporate into your routine. If you’re a gym regular interested in taking your workout to the next level, schedule a session or two with a personal trainer for professional advice on how to achieve your fitness goals.

Follow Jillian Michaels Pinterest.

See for original blog post)

4. Tap into tips from bodybuilding and fitness pros. While personal trainers are a great resource for gym-goers, individuals who prefer a do-it-yourself approach will find a wealth of information just a click away. Many trainers and pro bodybuilders share their expert advice via blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts and other social media channels. Look up athletes whose physique you admire, and see what they share online. For example, IFBB pro Tricky Jackson airs a weekly Pro Muscle Radio broadcast that’s popular among bodybuilders. And be sure to check the blog regularly for curated posts featuring videos, tips and advice from some of the country’s top bodybuilders, athletes and trainers. Check out the Tricky Jackson video below.

5. Change the scene. While some people perform best by following a regular routine, others get bored quickly and are more apt to give up their resolutions when they lose interest. If daily visits to the same gym seem like a tedious prospect, try varying your routine. Alternate gym days with home workouts or team sports; or visit a local park with fitness stations in lieu of exercising indoors.

6. Raise your nutrition IQ. Many people equate the word “diet” with counting calories or restricting carb or fat intake; but the reality is that proper diet and nutrition are as much about consuming the right foods, vitamins and minerals as avoiding the wrong ones. Consider making an appointment with a nutritionist or checking out a few books to learn how specific foods and dietary supplements can help you achieve your fitness goals, from building muscle or burning fat to increasing stamina or minimizing recovery time. And explore the blog to discover the functions, benefits and evidence behind some of the key ingredients in popular health and bodybuilding supplements.

7. Track your progress. Hopping on the scale each morning or measuring your biceps every evening can create disappointment, as you’ll rarely see immediate results. It’s better to track your progress over time, with a weigh-in or measurement every week or on alternating weeks. Since fitness and bodybuilding goals tend to involve a gradual progression, you’re not likely to notice changes in yourself from day to day. But if you take weekly or semi-weekly photos of yourself, the results will be clearly visible as you work toward your goals.

8. Find your motivation. Whether it’s a mantra or a mentor, find what (or who) inspires you and keep that front and center as you focus on fitness resolutions. Motivating messages and visual cues can have a powerful impact. Follow Twitter or Facebook pages that post inspirational quotes and practical advice, or create a Pinterest board with aspirational images that propel you to strive harder. To see what inspires us, click over to the Pinterest boards.

Tips and Motivation From the Pros.

9. Register for an event. Even if you’re a long way from achieving your fitness goals, committing to a specific event will give you something tangible to work toward. If your objective is to run the Boston Marathon, sign up for a local half marathon a few months out. If you dream of competing in pro bodybuilding championships, register for some regional novice-level contests as you work your way toward a pro card.

10. Never give up! When all is said and done, succeeding at your New Year’s fitness resolutions doesn’t mean having a perfect track record every single day of the entire year. It’s only human to have an occasional lapse or to get sidetracked when work or personal obligations take precedence; the key is to look at these events as momentary hurdles rather than insurmountable obstacles. Remember that success is an ongoing journey, and you’re in it for the long haul!

Bodybuilding and Fitness Inspiration.

By following these 10 tips, you’ll be on your way to successfully achieving your New Year’s fitness resolutions. For information and inspiration to keep you going throughout 2015 (and beyond), visit the blog and our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Do you have any advice or success stories of your own to share? We’d love to hear from you! Post your comments below or connect with other bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts in our online community.


Winners and Photos of the 2014 NPC Eastern USA Championship congratulates all the amazing bodybuilders and fitness athletes who participated in the 2014 NPC Eastern USA Championships in New York earlier this month.

This year’s national qualifying event took place the weekend of November 8 and featured many top bodybuilding, fitness, figure, bikini, women’s physique and men’s physique professionals and athletes.

Winners of the 2014 NPC Eastern USA Championships

Below are a few individual posing photos of some of the winners of the competition. For a complete list of winners and photos visit


Dominick Cardone -Overall Winner
2014 NPC Eastern USA Championships Men's Heavyweight (1st)
Tifanny Urrea - Overall Winner
2014 NPC Eastern USA Championships Bikini Class D (1st)



Maya Kekahuna - Master's Overall Bikini Winner
2014 NPC Eastern USA Championships Bikini Masters Over 35 Class A (1st)
Michael Lynn -Men's Masters Over 40 (1st) Winner of the 2014 NPC Eastern USA Championships and Men's Heavyweight (3rd)





Circuit Training Workouts

Get the Most out of Circuit-Training Workouts

Have you hit a plateau or just want to switch up your workout routine a bit? Then, you're probably going to enjoy circuit training workouts as much as we do. You'll find they provide the ideal combination of strength exercises and aerobic exercises. There are many benefits to circuit training as well:

  • Easily modifiable for all fitness levels
  • Builds total body strength
  • Increases endurance
  • Stimulates weight loss
  • Breaks plateaus
  • Improves cardiovascular fitness
  • Bans workout boredom

In general, circuit training workouts include six to 10 exercises completed consecutively with little to no rest between each. To get the optimal benefits from circuit training, you should not rest for any more than 30 seconds between exercises. For timed circuit training workouts, beginners may want to start with 30 seconds per exercise and increase the amount of time as you advance. You can also shorten the rest time between exercises.

To get you moving, we’ve compiled a few circuit training videos and created a Pinterest board totally dedicated to Circuit Training Workouts.

Cutting-Edge Circuit Training Workout

Let's start out with a maximum results kind of circuit training workout. This routine is designed to define your chest, arms and abs, blast belly fat, and significantly improve your fitness level. Trainers David Jack and Jen Widerstrom take you through the routine during this Men’s Health Circuit Workout – Part 1 video that includes these exercises:

  • Dumbbell Hybrid
  • Dumbbell Swing
  • Goblet Squat
  • Glute Bridge
  • High Knee Run
  • Jumping Jacks
  • Lateral Hops
  • Mountain Climber
  • Skips
  • Split-Stance Single-Arm Rows
  • T-Push-Up
  • Three-Way Lunge

Boot Camp-Style Circuit Training Workout

Turn up the intensity with a boot camp-style workout routine. BeFit GO's expert trainers, Courtney Prather, William Copsey and Jessica Blythe, give us a kick butt cross training workout that is designed to build strength, improve agility, increase endurance and burn fat. The 30-Minute Boot Camp Body Circuit Training Workout video is a unique blend of cardio, strength and plyometric exercises.

Before you begin this super-charged 30-minute workout, you'll need to gather these items:

  • Bottle of Water
  • Medicine Ball
  • Towel
  • Yoga Mat

Make sure to focus on proper form and stay hydrated during this workout, where you'll be focusing on your arms, chest, shoulders, back, abs, glutes and legs. Keep in mind, you can modify this circuit training workout to your specific skill level by adjusting weight, repetitions and rest periods. Don’t forget to have a bottle of water and a towel nearby while completing this routine, which includes the following exercises:

  • Air Squats
  • Broad Jumps
  • Butt Bridge
  • Butt Kicks
  • High Knees
  • Karaokes
  • Lying Quad Stretch (each leg)
  • Lower Back Stretch (each side)
  • Pigeon Stretch (each leg)
  • Plank
  • Push Ups
  • Russian Twists (alternate sides)
  • Samson Stretch
  • Single-Leg Squat (alternate legs)
  • Standing Hamstring Stretch (each leg)
  • Toe Touches
  • Walk Outs


Advanced Circuit Training

As you can see, circuit training workouts can vary in the types of exercises, as well as the amount of rest between sets. Keep your circuit training workout moving at warp speed by going from one exercise to the next with no rest in between. One of the nicest things about circuit training is that you can switch up your routine. Whether you choose to add different exercises, vary the amount of time for each exercise, increase or decrease rest times, or change your exercise intensity, you can create a circuit to help you reach your goals.

The following video gives us a glimpse at an advanced level of circuit training to promote fitness and strength. They introduce several exercises with no break in between, such as:

  • Burpees
  • Dumbbell Rows
  • High-Knee Push-ups
  • Spiderman Crawl

Additional Circuit Training Workouts on Pinterest

Take a look at the collection of pins for circuit training workouts on's Pinterest board.

Follow Bodybuilding's Circuit Training Workouts Pinterest board.


Winners of the 2014 NPC Infinity Fit Championships in Detroit

Meet the Winners of the 2014 Detroit NPC Bodybuilding, Physique, Bikini and Figure Contests

Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts recently gathered in Detroit, Michigan to compete in the 2014 National Physique Committee (NPC) Infinity Fit Championships on September 6. The event featured a number of bodybuilding, physique, figure and bikini competitions as well as performances by special guest posers, including athlete Richard “Tricky” Jackson and several of his fellow IFBB pros: Justin Compton, Ken Jackson and Gloria Tarpley.

Participants competed in more than two dozen contests during the 2014 NPC Infinity Fit Championships, and overall winners were announced in eight key competitions:

Bodybuilding Overall Winner: Seth Shaw
Open Physique Overall Winner: Chris Hosinski
Novice Bodybuilding Overall Winner: Jeremiah Williams
Novice Physique Overall Winner: Dave Sagaert
Novice Bikini Overall Winner: Lauren Bower
Open Bikini Overall Winner: Lauren Bower
Novice Figure Overall Winner: Mariel Hernandez
Open Figure Overall Winner: Mariel Hernandez

In addition to the overall winners, following are the top-ranked competitors for each of the contests held during the 2014 Michigan NPC Championships in Detroit:

Men’s 1st Place Bodybuilding Winners:
Novice: Jeremiah Williams
Masters: Todd Marra
Teen: Matthew LaBarji-Arnold
Lightweight: Todd Marra
Light Heavy: Jeremiah Williams
Heavyweight: Seth Shaw

Men’s 1st Place Physique Winners:
Grand Masters: Dave Sagaert
Masters: Christopher Nortley
Teen: Keith Bucholtz
Novice – Short: Adam McHale
Novice – Tall: Dave Sagaert
Open – Short: Chris Hosinski
Open – Tall: Christopher Nortley

Women’s 1st Place Physique Winners:
Novice: Audra Davidoski-Swelling
Open: Audra Davidoski-Swelling

Bikini 1st Place Winners:
Masters: Nicole McEwen
Novice – Short: Lauren Bower
Novice – Tall: Jessica Bell
Open – Tall: Jessica Bell
Open – Short: Lauren Bower



Figure 1st Place Winners:
Masters: Lucia Perez
Grand Masters: Nadine Bye
Novice – Short: Mariel Hernandez
Novice – Tall: Lisa Sanders
Open – Short: Mariel Hernandez
Open – Tall: Nadine Bye

A complete list of rankings for all 2014 NPC Infinity Fit Detroit Championship categories can be downloaded from Michigan NPC News online.

Check back soon for announcements regarding the winners of other upcoming competitions, including several events featuring sponsored athletes Tricky Jackson, Ben White and Tara Silzer:
•    2014 Mr. Olympia/Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend – September 18-21 in Las Vegas, NV
•    2014 NPC Tricky Jackson Classic Championships – October 11 in Lexington, KY
•    2014 IFBB World Fitness Championships – October 17-20 in Montreal, Canada
•    2014 Europa Games – October 25-26 in Phoenix, AZ


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Do you lift weights very often and still have trouble packing on pounds of lean muscle mass? Do you want to gain a ton more muscle? Are you tired of seeing guys go into the gym, not work as hard as you, and leave the place looking like they are going to build more muscle than a Greek God? If you are tired of putting in a lot of effort and not getting a lot in return, a natural growth hormone may be the key to helping you build muscle fast.

But wait, do genetics play a role in my inability to gain size?

Good question, so we will get to HGH Supplements in a second...

If you look back on your family history and see generations of small or nonathletic family members, you may not have the necessary tools to produce a massive amount of muscle gain through working out alone. While it is still possible for you to get into the best shape of your life and pack on the muscle, taking a supplement such as a natural growth hormone like Somatropinne HGH or HGF Max, or even a few other great HGH Supplements by, you will expedite the process and give you the edge that some people just naturally have.

An important note - even the genetically strong need HGH Supplements -- As everyone ages, their HGH levels decline. It's simple and a fact. Your body just stops producing its natural HGH over time, and then "aging" kicks in. Thus, you've heard of HGH Supplements being called "Anti-Aging Supplements", because technically, that is one thing they can do. By giving your body certain ingredients, you are effectively reversing the aging process! Aging can mean a million things from wrinkly skin to muscle mass loss. With lesser amounts of HGH, it is more difficult to build muscles! So now we can get into HGH Supplementation and a few types of supplements!

Build muscle fast with HGH Supplements

The number one reason people get ripped in the gym is not because of a specific workout program; it is because of what they consume before and after their workout. If you do consume the proper vitamins (either by food or by supplement), you could be wasting all of the effort you put into your workout. Instead of wasting your workout, make sure to keep your body properly nourished with the right stuff.

Some key ingredients you need to know for how to get ripped:

  • After you workout, your muscles need certain proteins and other minerals. 
    • Muscle Building Supplements like ANA-GH are meant for muscle building.
  • Your muscles can benefit from constant nourishment.
    • Feed your muscles more consistently, take supplements throughout the day if necessary.
  • Using a thermogenic fat burner during your workouts can help you get ripped.
    • You can supplement your workouts and stack with a thermogenic fat burners like Hydrox Slim in order to get cut up lean.
  • HGH Supplements - The best hormone supplements
    • Take a supplement like HGF Max or Somatropinne HGH in order to give yourself a boost of natural hormones that your body may have already stopped producing.

Do you need to change your workout regimen?

Most people get stuck in a plateau and never see muscle gain after a couple of months of lifting weights. Here are some ways you can break that rut and build muscle fast: 

Increase your lifting regimen

  • Lift heavier weights for exercises such as the bench press, squats and dumbbell curls.
  • Make sure to work your core every time you work out because it connects your entire body.
  • Don't skip cardio because it can make your natural muscles appear larger while giving you a tremendous lower body workout.

Keep a consistent schedule

While taking supplements to increase muscle gain is a great strategy, the real secret is to keep your efforts consistent. By treating your body well for several months in a row, you will start to see results and get ripped fast. Supplements are only one ingredient in the cocktail of keeping your body a well-tuned, lean muscle machine. There simply isn't enough of these key ingredients in daily food intake to really get the body you want.


There are so many natural growth hormone products. How do I know which is best?

With so many natural growth hormone products on the market today, how can you determine which is best for you? More importantly, how can you determine if they are a scam or legitimate products that will really work?

We at have prided ourselves in creating the best products and a large catalog of human growth supplements that will provide the best results. But don't simply take our word for it, read the testimonials...
Before you do that, here are some things to note about other websites and growth supplements:

  1. Ingredients - Are the ingredients listed? These supplements are being put in your body - make sure the web site lists the ingredients of the pills. At, we list every ingredient in all our supplements.
  2. Testimonials - Read them... Some may seem a little too good to be true - if so, maybe it's a scam. At, we have an open forum under each product!
  3. Trial offers - be careful! We offer a trial on only a couple products that we specifically decided to create trials for based on consumer questions. The trial is meant to make sure the consumer has no side effects. Some trial programs will bring you into recurring billing on your credit card and you won't be able to stop!
  4. Customer Service - wherever you're buying from, make sure you can contact their customer service. Look for a phone number, look for online chat.  At, we are always on live chat during business hours and someone is always standing by the phone during business hours.
  5. Guarantee - Make sure you see a guarantee. If they work, there will be a good guarantee.'s guarantee is lifetime.
There are a lot of natural growth hormone products on the market - some good, most not so good. We at are the leaders in online human growth supplements and body building supplements. We are always on the leading edge of the technologies and setting the bar for the industry. We are the trendsetters. Rest assured, our products will work for you - guaranteed. 
For the latest HGH Supplement, try our brand new HGF MAX. HGF Max will give you the benefits of HGH without the injections, without the high price, and without the doctors visits.

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