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Best Weight Gain Supplements to Help You Increase Muscle Mass

Gain the muscle mass you want with weight gain supplements by Purity Select. Ideal for athletes and bodybuilders alike, these mass building products are designed to help you boost strength and muscle gains, increase your bulking cycle and improve your stamina.

Shop our HGH.com catalog below for the weight gaining supplements designed to give you the results you want. Along with all of the supplements in a pill form, there is also an HGH spray option. Be sure to check out DynoAndrol, which is a unique blend of several supplements and get rapid results with up to 10 pounds of quality muscle gain in as few as eight weeks.

For the avid bodybuilder, learn more about our discounts on weight builder stacks that come in an 8.6, 8.9, 9.1 and 9.8 ranking!






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Benefit 1One of a kind formula | Includes Beta-Ecdysterone and Bovine Colostrum
Benefit 2Fast Lean Muscle Growth
Benefit 3Scientific studies proving ingredients
Benefit 4Compared to Anabolic Steroids, DBOL-GH is Natural and Anabolic
Benefit 5One of the largest servings sizes that we offer – 150 capsules, providing a very high deliverable of ingredients with our latest strong and complex formula.

Used For

Used For 1Lean Mass and Muscle Growth
Used For 2Anabolic Muscle Building
Used For 3Large Rapid Muscle Gains
Used For 4HGH Production Increase
Used For 5Bodybuilding and Muscle Recovery

Price:        $149.99   Product Details

HGH Spray 30,000 Nanos


Benefit 1Our #1 HGH Spray Supplement
Benefit 2Advanced Blend of Growth Factors
Benefit 3Now with Deer Antler Velvet for an incredible anabolic effect
Benefit 4Look, feel, and perform your best!
Benefit 5Discover the amazing effects of HGH!

Used For

Used For 1Muscle Growth
Used For 2Bodybuilding
Used For 3Anti-aging
Used For 4Mass gain
Used For 5Human Growth Pro Hormone

Price:        $76.50   Product Details



Benefit 1Promotes muscle gain
Benefit 2Gain Incredible Strength
Benefit 3Increases Appetite
Benefit 4New Favorite bulking compound used by elite power lifters
Benefit 5Jumpstarts bulking cycles

Used For

Used For 1Muscle Mass gain
Used For 2Water retention
Used For 3Joint and Muscle Repair
Used For 4Rapid Strength
Used For 5Anadral Replacement

Price:        $179.99   Product Details



Benefit 1One of our most popular weight gainers.
Benefit 2Gain Lean Mass
Benefit 3Improve Joints
Benefit 4Stacks well with Anadral by HGH.com
Benefit 5No adverse side effects

Used For

Used For 1Mass Gaining
Used For 2Bodybuilding
Used For 3Bulking
Used For 4Lean Mass Gain
Used For 5Building Muscle

Price:        $89.95   Product Details

Roid X


Benefit 1Anabolic muscle builder
Benefit 2Rapid bulking agent with muscle gains
Benefit 3Pure muscle bulking pill
Benefit 4Gives incredible size and strength gains
Benefit 5Proprietary blend by HGH.com

Used For

Used For 1Muscle gaining
Used For 2Rapid strength gains
Used For 3Boldy bulking alone or in any cycle
Used For 4Adult males only
Used For 5Pure weight and muscle gain

Price:        $45.00   Product Details



Benefit 1Gain quality muscle in as little as 8 weeks
Benefit 2Elight and rapid muscle gainer
Benefit 3Unique blend of many supplements including folic acids and 2-Testosterol

Used For

Used For 1Muscle gains
Used For 2Rapid muscle growth
Used For 3Strength training

Price:        $94.00   Product Details


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