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Plasmavol (NxLabs)

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Bodybuilding's 1st blood plasma expander. Intense vascularity and pumps! Explosive gains in muscle and strength! Increase bench press by 18.6% - fast! Pre-workout drink mix. Rapid muscle technology. The science behind Plasmavol: The scientific process of expanding blood plasma volume maximizes the transport of nutrients and hormones for rope-like veins, enhanced muscle growth and muscle pumps. Plasmavol's advanced creatine glycol ester bond allows creatine to be easily absorbed in the intestines, shuttling it into the circulatory system. Creatine allows glycerol to be brought into the muscle cell, helping to create a more anabolic environment. Combined with the blood plasma expanding properties of mannitol and it's a pre-workout force to be reckoned with. Plasmavol changes everything! You can flood your system with all the creatine and NO you can get your hands on, but if you don't add Plasmavol to the mix, you're flushing your supplement money down the toilet. This stuff is fast and strong! It actually contains pharmaceutical grade Mannitol - the real deal when it comes to pulling subcutaneous body fluids into interstitial tissues!

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