What Are Safe Therapies For Breast Enlargement Without Surgery?

Women who are looking to increase their bust size without having to go under the knife are constantly keeping an eye out for methods that not only keep them away from the operating table, but are safe to use as well. It can seem frustrating. With all the focus on men and all the television commercials advertising “largeness,” women looking for alternatives to surgery can feel discouraged and left out. Why hasn't anyone been able to help out women looking to increase their breast size in a safe, natural manner?

Look long enough, and you will discover that there are some ways out there to help increase breast size safely and effectively. The results aren't instantaneous and can require time and patience, but for women who want to keep their bodies natural and unaltered by a plastic surgeon, it's a great alternative. While creams and pumps are available, their effects are still relatively weak and uncertain, and most studies and people don't fully support them due to a lack of results. However, there is more attention being placed on herbal supplements.

Herbal supplements use a combination of different herbs to help convince the body to create more of the hormones used to increase breast size. Herbs such as fennel, wild yam, fenugreek, and others have been used for a long time to help balance hormones. This can be beneficial for women who suffer from imbalances during PMS, perimenopause, and menopause. Even better, these herbs are all on the FDA's safe foods list. Forget plastic surgery, forget synthetic chemicals and medicines; breast enhancement pills are a great way to seek out a bigger bust without harming your body.

Herbal pills also have a high concentration of phytoestrogons that help to stimulate breast tissue production. One study has even shown that women on diets that include phytoestrogens are at a lower risk when it comes to breast cancer. But it is important not to think of herbal supplement pills as “miracle” pills. Rather, they are simply a calm, natural way to help increase breast size, coaxing your body into doing something it has done before. It can take a little time, but for those who are patient, the results can be well worth the wait. Likewise, it will keep your wallet much fuller than a plastic surgeon.

If you want to help increase your breast size even more while taking herbal supplements, try working out. Exercise can help increase bust size in a different way. While working out won't make your actual breasts bigger, instead you can focus on working the chest muscles beneath your breasts. When these muscles are larger and stronger, they can help tighten up breasts so you have a firmer, more youthful appearance. Even something as simple as doing push-ups can help strengthen these muscles and improve your bust. Try it!

By doing smart combinations of eating healthy, working out, and taking herbal supplements, you can ditch the idea of going to the doctor and choose the safe, natural method of breast enhancement pills.

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