Does Breast Enhancement Cream Really Work?

Women who want to enlarge their breasts but don't like the idea of dealing with a plastic surgeon - or the price for that matter - may seek other methods. The hope of discovering a breast enlargement product that uses natural methods instead of something more invasive may seem like a long shot. But there are creams out there, as well as pills. For women hoping that perhaps all they need to do is use a cream like any other type of lotion every day to get larger breasts, the big question remains: Does it really work?

The short answer is, sadly, no. Breast enhancement creams don't actually live up to their hype. This is for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, there is very little scientific evidence to back up the claims made by the creators of breast enhancement creams. These creams typically include many of the same ingredients included in breast enhancement pills. The herbal ingredients are what many claim are the most effective. However, the problem lies in the delivery system.

While there have been positive results with herbal pills, the same simply cannot be said for creams. The purpose of the herbs within breast enhancement products is to encourage your body to act in a similar fashion as when your breasts began to increase in size during puberty. The same hormones and estrogen production can help lead to fuller breasts. But that means that the herbs must be inside your body in order to encourage it to do so.

Because creams are simply applied to the outside, the herbs cannot fully do their job. The cream would have to be completely absorbed through the skin and then somehow make its way all the way into your body and eventually to the ovaries. This simply isn't going to happen. Most of the ingredients in the cream will be stopped by the various skin layers. The skin barrier is tough to get through, which is why even some of the best moisturizing lotions seek out better methods of penetrating deeply into the skin for a more effective product. For a cream to enhance breasts, it would have to be one in a million.

Initially, it may seem like the cream is working, but what most women are noticing is the skin's reaction to the various ingredients within the cream. It can feel like a tingle, and the skin may swell a little, again leading the woman to believe the product is working. However, after time goes by, the swelling will go down and the breast will be the same size it always was.

If you really want natural breast enhancement, skip the creams and opt for herbal pills meant for breast enhancement instead. A breast enhancement product like this has the right balance of herbs and will be taken right where they need to be in order for your body to produce the right amount of hormones for safe, effective breast enlargement. It may take some time, so be sure you have patience enough. Try doing a before and after picture so you can see the difference after a few weeks.

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