Are Growth Hormone Supplements Safe?

The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a very important substance that nearly everyone has in their bodies. It occurs naturally and is produced in the anterior pituitary lobe of the brain. Some people don't have enough of this hormone to stimulate normal growth in the organs of their body, which is where growth hormone supplements come in. Also, as people age, even after the age of only 30 years, HGH slows in production and we can tell its effects by the loss of muscle mass, bone density, and other telltale signs of aging.


HGH injections have been controversial as they can include a high level of risks and side effects. Many people in the past have taken these injections to help with muscle building and/or body building pursuits. Some have received the injections because they want to slow the aging process. Synthetic HGH treatments have been banned by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) for all but the most needed cases. These injections are approved for use in treating children who don't have enough of the growth hormone to help their bodies develop properly. They are also given to AIDS patients and those who are suffering from medical conditions, such as a surgery or radiation treatment, who can greatly benefit from the injections.


HGH supplements can provide a natural way to stimulate your body's growth responses without the cost, pain, risks, or side effects of injections. These supplements can be very effective over time; they do not work as quickly as injections because they are all natural and they are designed to stimulate your body's own natural responses to increase production of this needed and helpful hormone.

As with anything else, proper research needs to be conducted to ensure that when you decide to purchase supplements, you do so from a reputable manufacturer or retailer. The best HGH supplements will have ingredients of important amino acids and are 100 percent free of steroids. This type of supplement is absolutely legal and there is no prescription required to obtain it. Important ingredients that should be included in a safe supplement are: L-Arginine, L-Tyrosine, L-Glutamine, L-Dopa, GABA, and Alpha GPC. The best and safest supplements don't contain a synthetic HGH to replicate the substance made naturally by your body. Instead, the ingredients are designed to stimulate and motivate your body to increase production of the hormone naturally.

Exercise and Eating Right

Along with adding an HGH supplement to your diet, you should remember the golden rules of exercise and eating right. HGH supplements can even add momentum to your exercise routine by gradually boosting your stamina to work out longer, thereby building more muscle mass and strengthening your body overall.

Remember that proper nutrition and getting adequate rest are also crucial components in getting your body to perform at its maximum level of efficiency. You should eat plenty of lean meats, fruits, and lots of vegetables. Avoid processed and/or fatty foods, of course.

Research the HGH supplement that you are considering adding to your diet. They aren't meant to be taken by everyone, but if your body could benefit from the added help that these supplements offer, you can find safe supplements to take. Growth Hormone Injections are only for the most severe cases of HGH deficiency.

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