What are the Benefits of Human Growth Hormone Injections?

The Human Growth Hormone that is naturally manufactured in the pituitary region of our brains is essentially responsible for the growth of our body, including internal organs. When a person's body doesn't produce enough of this hormone so that a body can grow normally, Human Growth Hormone Injections can be prescribed. The injections are considered synthetic and not “natural” as they are considered coming from an outside source.

Medical Reasons for Getting HGH Injections

When children are diagnosed with an HGH deficiency at a young age, it is easier to correct this situation. Children who don't have enough of this hormone can have problems with their lung capacity developing to its fullest extent, heart conditions, muscle retardation, fatigue, and their immune system not operating as efficiently as possible, just to name a few areas where this deficiency can have an extreme impact. A person's pituitary gland could somehow be damaged or not functioning correctly for one reason or another. In these cases, HGH injections can help make up for what the child's body is lacking.

Adults who have been diagnosed with AIDS or who have had surgeries or radiation treatments that have left them deprived of enough of this substance in their systems are also ideal candidates for HGH injections.

HGH injections are approved by the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) only in the cases of children being diagnosed with a Human Growth Hormone deficiency or adults having AIDS or with surgery or medical related circumstances. Injections are expensive and not without risks and/or side effects.

Other Reasons for Receiving HGH Injections

Athletes, in the past, were known to use these injections to help build muscle mass and body strength; however, it is now illegal to receive the injections for these purposes.

As well, many older persons desire a way to put more of the Human Growth Hormone back into their bodies to help fight against muscle loss and promote anti-aging therapy. There has been a lot of discussion about HGH being something akin to a "fountain of youth" as it can help increase your body's natural ability to manufacture this substance.

HGH Supplements

Supplements, taken in pill form, can provide the same benefits as injections, albeit through a slower period of time. Many people think the best way to stimulate HGH production in the body is by adding natural elements, such as Arginine and other amino acids, into the body. These supplements can help motivate the body to an increased production level of naturally occurring HGH.

HGH and Cancer

Several dozen studies have been done with regard to HGH and cancer, leading some to have hope that there might be a connection with HGH, whereby increased levels of the hormone may prevent some cancers. They cite the fact that youngsters who typically have the highest levels of HGH in their system have the lowest risks of cancer. Conversely, as people age, HGH levels are decreased, along with the body's ability to seemingly fight bone, muscle, and brain deterioration. Is there a connection? Who knows? It's too early to tell for certain.

There is a strong train of thought that cancer may be caused by environmental toxins and poisons. If, in fact, HGH can help boost our body's immune system (which it has been shown to do), help build muscle mass, grow and repair tissue, it might very well play a part in preventing the occurrence of cancer.

Whether a person's medical situation is critical enough to warrant the use of HGH injections or whether supplements in the form of pills will work as well, it is quite apparent that the Human Growth Hormone plays a very large role in the health and development of the human body. The study of the Endocrinology system gives us all kinds of wonderful information about the body's secretions that are called hormones. These hormones play an integral part of nearly every system in the body and, if they are not properly aligned and accounted for, it can cause the body to incur problems. In most cases, Human Growth Hormone Pills are a safer alternative to reap the benefits of these hormones than injections.

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