How to Choose Weight Gain Supplements

So you want to gain weight? If you've shared this goal with your family and friends, you may have raised a few eyebrows. This is because the majority of people have no problem gaining weight — they don't understand why someone would want to add it on purpose! But those wishing to gain weight have no desire to be fat, just to enhance the appearance and function of their body. Adding muscle weight is healthy — and it's more difficult to do, especially for those with very fast metabolisms or small structures. Ironically, though, the path to a better body is much the same as it is for those who want to lose weight. Diet, exercise, rest, persistence, and the help of a good supplement when you are not seeing the results you want.

First, though, what should you expect from a supplement? Some people, whether they are trying to lose weight or gain it, think that a supplement is a magic pill. They don't have to exercise; they don't have to watch what they eat. They can load on the calories from sugar, starches, and unhealthy fats because this supplement will convert everything into lean, hard muscle. This really would be a miracle! But it doesn't happen that way. These supplements are just that — supplemental to a sound nutritional and physical activity plan. They are not going to put the muscle on for you — you do that. High quality supplements, though, can help. Sometimes it's just that extra boost you need to get your body going or to keep your mind motivated.

That will be our first tip to you: don't fall for products that claim to put the lean muscle on with no effort from you. It just doesn't work that way. And this is a good thing. With a proper focus on diet and exercise, you are not only adding muscle weight, you are keeping your body — heart, lungs, muscles, joints — strong. Sitting on the couch eating 5000 calories of junk is not good for any part of your body. So beware the outrageous claims. You have to work — don't be fooled by products that are too good to be true.

You also really want to pay attention to the labels. Many powder protein and meal replacement shakes advertise that they are packed with calories. If you look, you will find out that that really is the case. But they're mainly from sugar. Sugar translates into fat, not muscle, and it can impact your body's ability to produce insulin. Look for those with lower sugar contents, preferably less than 30 grams. Other items to look for on the label: saturated fat (5 — 10 grams at the max), cholesterol (less than 100 mg), protein (40 — 60 grams), and a good protein/carb ratio (1 gram of protein for every 2 carbohydrates).

If you are opting for a supplement in pill or spray form, you still need to be vigilant about ingredients. For instance, you may be interested in HgH supplements. Make sure the one you choose has homeopathic HgH, as well as growth factors and amino acids. Homeopathic means that there is a miniscule amount of HgH in the product. This is important; too much would be damaging to your body. A little bit of real HgH encourages your pituitary gland to start producing more of its own HgH, which is a hormone crucial in building muscle mass. Look for quality; you may pay a little more, but you will get a lot more in return.

Where you buy your products is just as important as the actual products are you buying. Look for vendors who offer a satisfaction guarantee: if it doesn't work, they'll refund your purchase. This does two things: it gives you an assurance that you are not throwing money away, and it indicates a real belief in their products. You will also want to look for vendors who offer exceptional customer service, easy shopping and ordering, and price matching. Don't go with a no-name company. This is your health you are talking about, and you need to make sure to choose a reputable, solid company from whom to purchase your supplements.

Choose your supplements based on fact, not on promises and "miracles." Gaining weight takes work — and a good supplement helps make your efforts pay off.

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