How to Gain Muscle: Three Easy Steps

If you've ever looked for advice on gaining muscle, you've likely run into the following three pieces of advice: 1.) strength train; 2.) take in more calories; and 3.) rest to allow muscles to develop. It's like telling people who want to lose weight to eat less and exercise more. Yes, it's true, but it's not that simple for many people. How do you train? What do you eat? How do you put on weight that is muscle, not fat? The three steps above will get you on the path to muscle mass, but you need to make sure you have all the information before you start.

As with losing weight, gaining weight requires proper food. Many people assume a calorie is a calorie, but your body does make a distinction. A lot of supplement and drink sellers perpetuate this problem, telling you they have an incredible amount of calories that will help you gain weight. True? Absolutely! If you want the weight you gain to look like a spare tire around your middle. Sugar and fat calories are not nutritional; they have no value for your body. The calories that you consume need to be worth eating and they need to deliver protein, healthy fats, and other vitamins and minerals that your body needs to do the hard work of building muscle mass. A calorie is not a calorie, and you need to pay attention to diet just as much as someone who is trying to lose weight does.

Strength training is another crucial component in your quest to build muscle, but what are the most effective workouts? Often, we are given tips and moves that apply to high-level athletes. If we're just starting or at an intermediate level, these can be more damaging than helpful. Overtraining or burning out is certainly a likely possibility. You need to start at your own level and continually build from there.

There is any number of moves that can help you build muscles, but in general, the best way to gain muscle is to skip the gym and hit the free weights Rocky-style. Gym machines may be fine for toning muscle or for losing fat, but if you are trying to increase muscle mass, you need a more intense workout. Free weights make your body work harder because in addition to lifting, for example, you also have to work the stabilizing or supporting muscles as well. This, in essence, gives you much more benefit per move than if you did comparable exercises on a machine. Kettlebells are another must-have for those trying to gain weight.

The final component is rest. Muscle doesn't grow during your workouts, but after, while they are at rest. You need to give them recovery time in order to see and feel the full effect of your workouts. How long should this be? Ideally, your muscles get 72 hours of recovery time after burn-out sessions. This doesn't mean you treat yourself to three days off after you do a cardio or light weight session; it means you work your muscles to fatigue, and then some, and you literally cannot pick up another weight. You can also get supplements that decrease the recovery time for your muscles so you can train more. RoidX Juice, for example, cuts down time so you can get the full benefit of rest time even in a shorter period.

Let's add a fourth step: supplements. You should not depend on supplements in place of food. Eating an entire pizza and 6-pack for dinner and then popping a protein supplement is not a great idea. Instead, a balanced meal with lean meat, vegetables, and healthy fats (like butter, whole nuts, or avocado) is much more effective. However, we can't always be as conscientious about our diet as we'd like. For these times, a supplement, such as a protein meal replacement, can be a great way to get our nutrients. Supplements can also help you increase strength, stamina, and, as in the case of RoidX Juice, reduce recovery time. Supplements can be a very important component of your weight gain program, but they don't work by themselves. A weight gainer like this works with healthy food, training, rest, and your determination to have the best body you can.

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