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In our society, there is a definite emphasis on weight loss as overweight and obesity statistics grow. This is why so many people do not understand why someone would want to use weight gain products. Anyone can gain weight, right? In fact, isn't that the problem? It absolutely is because typically people are gaining fat. Bodybuilders, athletes, and others who want their bodies to perform optimally often have a need to gain muscle mass, which is lean, healthy weight. Gaining muscle weight is completely different than gaining fat weight, and you need a different approach to ensure the pounds you put on are doing your body good.

To gain healthy weight, you don't simply up your calorie intake and sit around waiting for muscle to grow. It doesn't work like this, and unfortunately, many in the so-called weight gain supplement category are loaded with sugars and "junk" calories that will translate into fat, not muscle. Muscle needs nutrients, exercise, and rest to develop; ideally, you would get all of your nutrients from whole foods, but this is difficult to do when you lead a fast-paced lives. Unfortunately, you can't go through a drive-thru and order whole wheat bread, green leafy vegetables, and lean, grilled chicken. If you can't get the nutrients you need through food, supplements and weight gainers are a good idea.

Choosing the right product can be hard. While weight loss is definitely emphasized in our society, there are also countless gainers marketed, and not all are created equal. To determine which is right for you, you have to figure out a diet plan. What are your nutritional goals? And in which areas are you deficient? For example, many weight gainers contain whey protein, but we typically get enough protein through the foods we eat. Because of this, you may not need a protein supplement for meals; you may just add a shake after workouts to facilitate muscle growth. So ask yourself what your body needs and how best it can get it.

You also need to be adept at reading labels. Don't go by calorie content alone, because you could end up putting in hundreds of extra calories of sugar or fat into your body each day. If the supplement you choose has high calories, make sure it is from nutritional ingredients, such as complex carbohydrates.

Those who are very serious about building quality mass may also turn to more advanced, intense supplements, such as RoidX Juice. This is a perfectly legal product that can help build muscle mass with the powerful benefits of steroids without the nasty effects on the liver or kidneys. RoidX Juice contains testosterone boosters, insulin boosters, and absorbing agents to help muscles develop rapidly. Another benefit is that this weight gainer cuts recovery time, so you can hit the weights again sooner and build more muscle.

Whether you choose a protein supplement or a more advanced supplement like Dyno Androl, RoidX Jucie, and others, it is important to realize that these are not the keys to magical weight gain. They are tools that can get you there, but they do not work on their own. They work only in conjunction with proper nutrition from food and the activity from weight training and exercise. They are supplements and should not be relied on as a sole source of nutrition or the only way to gain muscle. The bottom line is that your muscles need nutrients, and food is the single best way to get them, but supplements are excellent when your diet is incomplete or you can't always eat the way you should.

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