The Fastest Way to Lose Weight

No one wants to go through their entire life struggling with weight. Not only does it damage your joints, your heart, and your overall health, it just doesn't make us feel good. We feel unattractive, and we don't feel like we're living the way we should be -- or the way we could be, if only we could lose the weight that is holding us down. The problem with many weight loss efforts is that we go from zero to ninety miles per hour in a second. We go from a sedentary lifestyle to trying to exercise for an hour a day. We go from eating fatty, sugary foods to eating salads and whole grains. Ironically, though, the fastest way to lose weight is to do it in a smart way and start out more slowly.

Why doesn't it work to suddenly start jogging three miles a day when before you didn't even walk daily? Or to start reducing calories when junk food has been a staple? We see weight loss, and we see it relatively quickly. But we start to get hungry, and we binge. And we don't have the energy to work out one day, and we end up skipping another day and another. Drastic changes are very difficult to maintain, and that quick weight loss creeps back on. And worse, we add more pounds.

The fastest way to lose weight -- and keep it off for good -- is to start with your mind. Before you lace up your sneakers for a workout and fix a salad with leafy green vegetable, you need to work through the obstacles in your mind. Are you ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle? Are you ready to swap out an apple for a piece of cake? Are you ready to at least have half a piece of cake instead? Do you want to build lean muscle and make exercise a part of your life, not just for a month or two, but forever? If you say no to these questions, that run you're about to take or the salad you're about to eat will end up doing very little good.

After you have decided to lose weight, get help. With hundreds of millions of people struggling with weight, there is no sense in taking on this formidable foe on your own. You can join an online or live support group, talk with friends, and make your fitness and nutrition goals known to family and friends. For instance, if you tell your partner that you are interested in eating better and cutting your fat and carb intake, you can find support there, even if it is only by encouraging you and applauding your efforts to get trim.

Help can also come in the form of supplements. Here, safety is your number one concern. You may see quick weight loss from some diet pills, but this is coming with side effects, such as rapid heart rate, dizziness, nausea, and jitteriness. It is short-term and not a sustainable part of your life. Instead, choose products that are natural and which have been proven to aid in weight loss. Hoodia, for example, has been safely and effectively used for centuries in South Africa to curb appetite. We can feel full, which helps us stay away from those calorie and fat-laden treats. We find that we don't need them, and we really don't even want them, and that is what will make your weight loss permanent.

The fastest way to lose weight is to start now with a good medical weight loss program. If you have a lot to lose, those first few pounds come off quickly, and the fat that is lost begets more weight loss. You will see results, and you will get there.

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