Proven Advice to Lose Weight Fast

Losing weight fast is a top priority for millions of people. Whether you have a wedding, reunion, or party that you want to look particularly svelte for, or you want to see results in order to keep your motivation and continue to fight the good fight, reaching your weight goals relatively quickly can be tremendously satisfying, inspiring, and not a little envy-inducing as you walk into your ten or twenty year reunion looking trim, slim, and sexy. What is the best way to loose weight fast? How can you do this safely and effectively, and as importantly, how can you keep the weight off?

To lose fat, one of the best allies you have is information. Arm yourself with the truth about diet, exercise, and supplements. You will learn that you need food for weight-loss; cutting your calorie intake to fewer than 1050 a day will hinder your efforts and actually keep weight on. You will learn that you need cardio exercise and strength training to maintain your health, lose fat, and build lean muscle. And you will learn that a good supplement can make all of your diet and exercise efforts much more effective. How do you choose the best supplement?

With quick weight loss, 35 percent of shed pounds are actual fat loss. The other 65 percent is due to lost muscle. While you will see the numbers on the scale going down, ultimately, this loss of muscle will be counterproductive. You need lean muscle to lose weight. A supplement which allows you to lose fat while retaining and building muscle is essential for lasting, high-quality weight loss.

A combination of a thyroid booster and a fat blocker, for instance, will rev up thyroid function, resulting in more energy. Cardio and strength training build muscle, while the blocker keeps your body from absorbing fat and adding it to your hips, butt, thighs, or abdomen. The key is to make a multi-dimensional approach, taking both fitness and nutrition into consideration. This is the only proven way to lose weight and maintain that loss in the future. Fitting into a smaller outfit for an event is nice, but not having to worry about weight again is much, much nicer. Think quick and sustainable instead of quick and fleeting.

As important as the steps you should take to lose weight are the steps you should avoid. When we struggle with weight, we want it off now. This has led people to try unsafe products. Ephedra is a classic example. This was hailed as a weight loss miracle, and many people put their weight and their health into ephedra's hands. It turns out that this supplement can cause heart attack and stroke and was banned in the US in 2004. Part of losing weight is to reduce your risk of heart attack and stroke, not increase them.

Many supplements depend on stimulants, including caffeine, to give you a feeling of boosted energy. In contrast to thyroid boosters, which can fundamentally improve your metabolic rate, these produce a short-lived blast of energy, which is inevitably followed by a crash. These are proven to not only be ineffective, but potentially risky.

Weight loss is possible, and it is possible to find great supplements that will help you reach your goals in a short time. The key is to be extremely choosy. Don't settle for stimulants and unnatural ingredients. Don't choose products that are not the real thing; for instance, you can buy one of the many “Hoodia” products or you can buy 100 percent real, natural Hoodia. The difference is in the purity - and in the weight loss you will see.

And one more piece of advice that has been proven to facilitate weight loss: be positive and stick with it. You can find the fastest way to lose weight, and you can do it quickly. You just need to do it smartly and healthily as well.

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