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HGH.com Athlete Tara Silzer Hometown:
Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Current Residence:
Saratoga Springs, New York USA

Years Practicing:
13 Years

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Tara Silzer

HGH.com Testimonial

Since using HGH.com Products I have noticed amazing results. Within only 2 weeks of starting to use the CLEN XDV and WIN Max as cutters, I was finding better results compared to other products taken before. No dry joints from the Win Max or gitters from the CLEN. As I downsize my physique I will also continue to use WIN Max and HGF MAX. I am surprised and taken back daily how fast the products work with my diet. I await the changes in the next few months to come before I start my contest prep for Canadian Nationals in Woman's Physique.


I grew up very over weight and always struggled with my image since i was 6 years old. I was one who use to use food to cope and feel better.

By the time I was in grade 4 I was already 148 lbs. I grew up as the fit fat kid though. I was very active, playing all types of club sports.

When in Jr. high I lost a lot of weight but not the healthy way. In High School I fell back into my old habits. Eating, drinking and everything in between. When I finished High School things got even worse. I stopped playing sports and let myself go. I was in a bad relationship that did nothing. but cause stress.

My Dad got remarried in November of 2001 and I finally had that realizing moment and breaking point. It was Christmas in 2001, after the wedding when the wedding pictures came back. I then saw myself on the other side, and was astonished in what i had let myself become. I stepped on the scale for the first time in years, i was almost 200 lbs.

So January 1, 2002, was my new beginning. I got a gym membership and started eating healthier, they way you are suppose to do it. I started of slow 30 minutes of weight and 30 min of cardio 5 times a week. I use to watch others in the gym and mimic their actions while training. after a couple months i had dropped 25 lbs. I started to see life with a whole new perspective and realized that it really wasn't that hard. I developed some self confidence and some self pride, which then gave me the courage to get out of my dead end relationship.

I continued on my path trying to surround myself with old friends that I had shut out of my life as I was to ashamed to be seem by them. I was then reintroduced to an old high school friend that became my new training partner. He was a true inspiration and gave me every bit of encouragement to reach my goal. It was that following year in December 2002, that i had now lost almost 70 lbs and put myself in the best shape of my life. I had reached 132 lbs and wearing a size 2.

Since then i have gone to school to further my knowledge of fitness and nutrition and become a certified personal trainer Becoming a trainer just made sense after achieving my goal. I knew what it felt like to be on the other side, and I wanted everyone I met that needed that help to feel the same way I did! I always loved the look of muscle. I think its sexy and truly represent a great deal of what type of person is behind it all. Since then I have completely changed my body and outlook on life. I have pushed my body to great lengths to be ranked 2nd in Canada in woman's bodybuilding in 2011. I have since down sized my look to woman's Physique and look to compete in 2013 to earn my Pro Card.

Fitness is not just a hobby to me its my way of life. I am so happy of the difference it has made in my life, not only on a physical level but most of all on a personal and mental level. The dedication and commitment, is something that I can't even explain. When u can train and commit yourself to something for so long, going over, under and around so many loop-holes and obstacles, you learn so much about your self. The process at times seems agonizing and treacherous but the moment you go step out onto that stage and realize what you have done and become.... there are no words that describe it. You see life differently and things never seem to be out of reach. I am destine to be an IFBB Pro Physique athlete. I will keep growing physically and mentally in order to achieve my gold and eventually grace the Olympia stage myself! In the mean time my goal in life is to help others! I truly believe God put me on the this earth to make an impact in the lives of others.


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