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* Drug Enforcement Administration. Human Growth Hormone; fact sheet; August 2013.

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2015 NPC Los Angeles Championships Results & Winners

2015 NPC Los Angeles Championships Results & Winners

July 18, 2015 Culver City, CA
Los Angeles Championships *National Qualifier*
Held in conjunction with the IFBB Pro FIGURE Championships *Olympia Qualifier*

Congratulations to all participants of the 2015 NPC Los Angeles Championships. The Los Angeles Championships bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and physique competitions were held the weekend of July 18, 2015 in Culver City California., leading manufacturer of natural HGH and bodybuilding supplements, is proud to present the winners from each event.

Overall Winner
Gerald Williams

Super Heavyweight
1. Gerald Williams
2. Taichi Shimizu
3. Michael Nicosia

1. Duda Bueno
2. Percy Thomas
3. Landley Mannery
4. Jody Westby-Hanalie
5. Jesse Medina
6. Derric Santibanez

Gerald Williams   Super Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st) Overall (1st) 2015 NPC Los Angeles Championships

          Phillip Chiero Lightweight Bodybuilding (1st) 2015 NPC Los Angeles Championships

Gerald Williams
  Super Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st) Overall (1st)
Phillip Chiero
Lightweight Bodybuilding (1st)

Light Heavyweight
1. Phillip Chiero
2. Nick Sampayan
3. Handal Saldana
4. Motoyuki Sakabe
5. Jesus Lopez
6. David Gomez
7. Jeff Richardson

1. Alexander Duran
2. Rudy Ramirez
3. John Kim
4. Itaru Naito
5. Marvin Echeverria
6. Orlando Plaza
7. Eduardo Munoz
8. Fernando Bueno
9. William Escobar

Novice Heavyweight
1. Jesse Medina
2. Blake Carwile

Novice Light Heavyweight
1. Ian Melgar
2. Jesus Lopez
3. David Gomez

Novice Lightweight
1. Ray Parra
2. Yasuhito Kashima
3. Raymond Fong

Novice Middleweight
1. Khatri Bijender
2. Eduardo Munoz
3. Fernando Bueno
4. William Escobar
5. Octavio Acevedo

1. Christian Calimquim
2. Yasuhito Kashima
3. Nick Miane
4. Raymond Fong
5. Sheikh Safiullah

Masters Over 40
1. Duda Bueno
2. Motoyuki Sakabe
3. Jeff Richardson

Overall Winner
Anka Urbahn

Class A
1. Carol Theodore
2. Shiloh Walton
3. Neda Barkhordari
4. Berernice Molina
5. Ketsia Banos

Anka Urbahn Figure Class D (1st) & Overall (1st) 2015 NPC Los Angeles Championships

            Carol Theodore Figure Class A Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Los Angeles Championships

Anka Urbahn
Figure Class D (1st) & Overall (1st)
Carol Theodore
Figure Class A Winner (1st)

Class B
1. Catalina Freitas
2. Monica Carson

Class C
1. Rachel Spiro-Moore
2. Ingrid Clay
3. Sanna Ronkko
4. Tiffany Lavis
5. Nicole Perez
6. Inna Ort
7. Anna Bigham

Class D
1. Anka Urbahn
2. Jenna Morgenstein

Masters Over 35 Class A
1. Monica Carson
2. Susan Wilson

Masters Over 35 Class B
1. Anka Urbahn
2. Rebecca Snider
3. Tiffany Lavis

Masters Over 40
1. Rebecca Snider
2. Sanna Ronkko
3. Susan Wilson
4. Jenna Morgenstein

Overall Winner
Amanda Bucci

Class A
1. Katherine Alcantara
2. Racquel Symons
3. Lalayena Gamez
4. Stefani Arely Alvarenga
5. Yukie Ito
6. Ashley Sarault
7. Alexandra Baron
8. Aura Cordova

Amanda Bucci Bikini Class B (1st) Overall (1st) 2015 NPC Los Angeles Championships

           Katherine Alcantara Bikini Class A Winner (2nd) 2015 NPC Los Angeles Championships

Amanda Bucci
Bikini Class B (1st) Overall (1st)
Katherine Alcantara
Bikini Class A Winner (2nd)

Class B
1. Amanda Bucci
2. Bernice Aurellano
3. Anya Zaya
4. Ana Foster
5. Shelley Flores
6. Yanin Zubiate
7. Chanly Kong
8. Crystal Hejazi
9. Sandra Nguyen
10. Sarah MacDonald

Class C
1. Ally Stone
2. Michelle Mata
3. Shannon Becerra
4. Olivia Timm
5. Katharine Ponder
6. Dusty Sanders
7. Giselle Razavian
8. Concepcion Martinez

Class D
1. Trina Staples
2. Francesca Sanges
3. Kelsey Jackson
4. Chrysa Baker
5. Jacquelyn Healy
6. Lauren Marae Gamboa
7. Maria Syngrou
8. Vanezza Villegas
9. Sara May
9. Sarah Thomas

Class E
1. Ashley Mcclure
2. Reem Abuyousef
3. Brianne Porter
4. Claudia Jaramillo
5. Christina Valles
6. Dana Hargreaves

Class F
1. Brianna Wilson
2. Sammantha Thomason
3. Lisa Avila

Novice Class A
1. Lalayena Gamez
2. Yanin Zubiate
3. Joanna Recinos
4. Crystal Hejazi
5. Yukie Ito
6. Sandra Nguyen
7. Ashley Sarault
8. Sarah MacDonald
9. Stephanie Clark-Poveda
10. Alexandra Baron
11. Onna Whiteman
12. Sharon Hoover
13. Stephanie Miguel

Novice Class B
1. Michelle Mata
2. Shannon Becerra
3. Shelley Flores
4. Olivia Timm
5. Giselle Razavian
6. Helena Kullgren

Novice Class C
1. Lauren Marae Gamboa
2. Vanezza Villegas
3. Megaen Sackrider

Novice Class D
1. Brianna Wilson
2. Brianne Porter
3. Sammantha Thomason
4. Angelica Motley
5. Christina Valles
6. Tamara Thompson

Masters Over 35 Class A
1. Shannon Becerra
2. Prema Moxie
3. Stephanie Clark-Poveda
4. Aura Cordova
5. Helena Kullgren
6. Onna Whiteman

Masters Over 35 Class B
1. Claudia Jaramillo

Masters Over 40 Class A
1. Prema Moxie
2. Yukie Ito
3. Stephanie Clark-Poveda
4. Deise Winkler
5. Sharon Hoover
6. Onna Whiteman

Masters Over 40 Class B
1. Eugenia Iermini
2. Dana Hargreaves
3. Tamara Thompson
4. Miriam Ramos

Overall Winner
Erik Drendel

Class A
1. Michael Ramirez
2. Jamie Mctizic
3. Leopoldo Billon
4. Almon Huang
5. Michael Shmakov
6. Jason Henshaw
7. Abraham Baez
8. Marquis Bond
9. Andrew Gutierrez
10. Manuel Campos

Erik Drendel Physique Class D (1st) Overall Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Los Angeles Championships

           Jesus Chavez Physique Class C Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Los Angeles Championships

Erik Drendel
Physique Class D (1st) Overall Winner (1st)
Jesus Chavez
Physique Class C Winner (1st)

Class B
1. JK Kim
2. Iori Nishizawa
3. Christopher Clay
4. Yuta Udagawa
5. Jamarre' Townson
6. Eric Garcia
7. Christopher Monje

Class C
1. Jesus Chavez
2. Patrick Lakilak
3. Kenneth Whiting
4. Michael Vernon
5. Noah Riopelle
6. Juan Chavez
7. Joseph Wilder

Class D
1. Erik Drendel
2. Jaloni Williams
3. Aaron Baslow
4. Josh Sanchez
5. Sean Epps
6. Dan Lederer
7. Nicholas Bustos
8. Jeffery Williams
9. Julio Gamez
10. Mars Chaney
11. Danny Villa

Class E
1. Philip Murphy
2. Ray Velazquez
3. David Carlin
4. Nicholas Auzenne

Class F
1. Byron Marks
2. Mohsen Heidarpour
3. Sean Hamlin
4. Travis Tardiff
5. Greg Kohler
6. Mark Fudil

Novice Class A
1. Jason Henshaw
2. Abraham Baez
3. Marquis Bond
4. Khatri Bijender
5. Andrew Gutierrez
6. Manuel Campos
7. Sangmin Kim
8. Maxwell Veluz

Novice Class B
1. JK Kim
2. Iori Nishizawa
3. Yuta Udagawa
4. Juan Chavez
5. Jamarre' Townson
6. Christian Galvan
7. Jesus Lopez
8. Jonathan Posey
9. Joseph Wilder
10. Eric Garcia
11. Christopher Monje
12. Donald Allard
13. Cristian Ramirez

Novice Class C
1. Mohsen Heidarpour
2. Jaloni Williams
3. Aaron Baslow
4. Mars Chaney
5. Joshua Ramirez
6. Steven Acosta
7. Danny Villa
8. Nicholas Auzenne
9. Mark Fudil

1. Carl Amones
2. Paul Guerra
3. Mark Villagomez
4. Andrew Kevorkian

Masters Over 35 Class A
1. Michael Ramirez
2. Kelvin Lucas

Masters Over 35 Class B
1. Sean Hamlin
2. Andrew Benson
3. Richard Alvarez

Masters Over 40
1. Mars Chaney
2. Ray Velazquez
3. Frank Haralson
4. Richard Alvarez

To see all results and photos 2015 NPC Los Angeles Championships visit - <>

Be sure to visit the blog regularly for the results of other upcoming bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

2015 NPC Maryland State/East Coast Classic Winners

NPC Maryland State/East Coast Classic Championships
June 20           
France-Merrick Hippodrome Theatre & Performance Arts Center,
12 North Eutaw  Street, Baltimore, MD 21201 United States
Organizer: Kutz Promotions
Phone: 410-241-5841
Event: NPC

On June 20, 2015 the NPC Maryland State & East Coast Classic Championships were held at the France Merrick Hippodrome Theatre in Baltimore. The event had a large turn-out with lots of great looking competitors. There were many events, fun times, and lots of winners. HGH and bodybuilding supplement company, is proud to present you with the winners from each event.

Following are the top overall winners for each of the events:

Men's Bodybuilding East Coast Classic Overall Winner
1. Michael Strutz

Men's Bodybuilding Maryland State Overall Winner
1. Michael Strutz

Men's Bodybuilding Novice Overall Winner
1. Jephte Cherenfant

Men's Bodybuilding Super Heavyweight Overall
1. Daniel Embry
2. Marques Speigad
3. Boris Gelfand

Men's Bodybuilding Grandmasters Overall
1. John Koronik
2. Bennie Goode

Men's Bodybuilding Heavyweight Overall
1. Michael Strutz
2. Dawould Murad
3. Ireneusz Peksa
4. Paul Conde

michael strutz heavyweight overall winner npc maryland state 2015

           dawould murad heavyweight second npc maryland state 2015

Michael Strutz
Men's Bodybuilding Heavyweight Overall (1st)
Dawould Murad
Men's Bodybuilding Heavyweight Overall (2nd)


Men's Bodybuilding Light Heavyweight Overall
1. Enrique Melendez
2. Stephen Ogden
3. Keith Mcbridell
4. Cory Nelson

Men's Bodybuilding Middleweight Overall
1. Gabriel Wyant
2. David Mamana
3. Noel Chavez

Men's Bodybuilding Welterweight Overall
1. Bill Moschelle

Men's Bodybuilding Maryland State Heavyweight Overall
1. Michael Strutz
2. Ireneusz Peksa

Men's Bodybuilding Maryland State Light Heavyweight Overall
1. Matthew Silesky
2. Enrique Melendez
3. Steve Eells
4. Kyle Mason

Men's Bodybuilding Maryland State Lightweight Overall
1. Rene Coreas

Men's Bodybuilding Maryland State Middleweight Overall
1. Gabriel Wyant
2. David Mamana
3. Janon Gray

Men's Bodybuilding Maryland State Super Heavyweight Overall
1. Jephte Cherenfant

Men's Bodybuilding Maryland State Welterweight Overall
1. Kory Kapinos

Men's Bodybuilding Novice Heavyweight Overall
1. Jephte Cherenfant
2. Matthew Silesky
3. Paul Conde
4. Kyle Mason

Men's Bodybuilding Novice Lightweight Overall
1. Victor Guido

Men's Bodybuilding Novice Middleweight Overall
1. David Mamana
2. Noel Chavez

Men's Bodybuilding Bantamweight Overall
1. Jay Tasin

Men's Bodybuilding Maryland State Bantamweight Overall
1. Jay Tasin
2. Bennie Goode

Men's Bodybuilding Masters Overall
1. Enrique Melendez
2. Leemarvin Stoudemire
3. Jay Tasin
4. David Mamana
5. Stephen Ogden

Figure East Coast Classic Overall Winner
1. Penny Seabolt

Figure Maryland State Overall Winner
1. Amy Stokes

Figure Class A Overall
1. Rosimar Melendez
2. Justina Threadgill
3. Jackie Isselbacher
4. Maureen Gaidner
5. Brittany Joiner

rosimar melendez figure class a overall npc maryland state 2015

           justina threadgill figure class a second npc maryland state 2015

Rosimar Melendez
Figure Class A Overall (1st)
Justina Threadgill
Figure Class A Overall (2nd)


Figure Class B Overall
1. Kristin Torkelson
2. Natalie Polegato
3. Kelly Kunst
4. Cherish Davis
5. Linsey Goch

Figure Class C Overall
1. Penny Seabolt
2. Jami Shields
3. Amy Stokes
4. Grace Kaiser
5. Andi James

Figure Class D Overall
1. Kebah Edoho

Figure Grandmasters Overall
1. Penny Seabolt
2. Rosimar Melendez
3. Erica Robinson
4. April Igli
5. Christine Ogden

Figure Maryland State Class A Overall
1. Melanie Hagner
2. Rosimar Melendez
3. Jackie Isselbacher
4. Maureen Gaidner

Figure Maryland State Class B Overall
1. Kristin Torkelsen
2. Kelly Kunst
3. Linsey Goch
4. Tamara Washington

Figure Maryland State Class C Overall
1. Amy Stokes
2. Penny Seabolt
3. Andi James
4. Kelly Wiemann
5. Megan Trionfo

Figure Maryland State Class D Overall
1. Ihesha Stanfield

Figure Novice Overall
1. Melanie Hagner
2. Natalie Polegato
3. Kelly Kunst
4. Andi James
5. Kelly Wiemann

Figure Masters Overall
1. Kristin Torkelsen
2. Rosimar Melendez
3. Kelly Kunst
4. Linsey Goch

Bikini East Coast Classic Overall Winner
1. Heather Klein

Bikini Maryland State Overall Winner
1. Abreon Jenkins

Bikini Novice Overall Winner
1. Heather Klein

Bikini Class A Overall
1. Heather Fallica
2. Gionna Borgesi
3. Jessie Cannon
4. Mai Vang
5. Victoria Celli

heather fallica bikini class a overall npc maryland state 2015

           gionna borgesi bikini class a second npc maryland state 2015

Heather Fallica
Bikini Class A Overall (1st)
Gionnna Borgesi
Bikini Class A Overall (2nd)


Bikini Class B Overall
1. Ashley Flores
2. Kairina Bao
3. Meghan Clark
4. Marianna Lzaroy
5. Akilah Stevens

Bikini Class C Overall
1. Heather Klein
2. Abreon Jenkins
3. Frencelys Peche
4. Brittany Volpe
5. Christina Pointdexter

Bikini Class D Overall
1. Jaclyn Koger
2. Jennifer Hardison
3.Amanda Wain
4. Deawna Mcginley
5. Jillian Farrell

Bikini Class E Overall
1. Gina Goff
2. Razia Amina
3. Ronnice Jenkins
4. Sarah Cole
5. Katherine Lamb

Bikini Class F Overall
1. Ginger Wessel
2. Anna Kolev
3. Taylor Mcmillen

Bikini Grandmasters Overall
1. Jennifer Hardison
2. Heather Miller
3. Maria Hoover
4. Ginger Wessel
5. Julie Zapf

Bikini Maryland State Class A Overall
1. Heather Fallica
2. Jessie Cannon
3. Danielle Joy
4. Bishop Green
5. Mariana Rose

Bikini Maryland State Class B Overall
1. Ashley Flores
2. Megan Morat
3. Ciera Marbley
4. Vanessa Bernardo
5. Akilah Stevens

Bikini Maryland State Class C Overall
1. Abreon Jenkins
2. Brittany Volpe
3. Meredith Jacob
4. Maria Hoover

Bikini Maryland State Class D Overall
1. Kristin Weeks
2. Ashley Jenkins
3. Jennifer Hardison
4. Erica Lawson
5. Lindey Bartholomeu

Bikini Maryland State Class E Overall
1. Ronnice Jenkins
2. Razia Amina
3. Jessica Riely
4. Katherine Lamb

Bikini Maryland State Class F Overall
1. Ihesha Stanfield
2. Julie Zapf

Bikini Novice Class A Overall
1. Heather Klein
2. Abreon Jenkins
3. Francelys Peche
4. Kairina Bao
5. Brittany Volpe

Bikini Novice Class B Overall
1. Razia Amina
2. Jillian Farrell
3. Sarah Cole
4. Deawna Mcginley
5. Amanda Wain

Bikini Masters Overall
1. Irene Beliso Mingrino
2. Jennifer Hardison
3. Heather Miller
4. Kheuavan Beckford

Men's Physique East Coast Classic Overall Winner
1. Roy Best

Men's Physique Maryland State Overall Winner
1. Gabriel Olaiya

Men's Physique Novice Overall Winner
1. Joshua Woody

roy best mens pysique east coast overall winner npc maryland state 2015

           gabriel olaiya mens physique maryland state overall npc maryland state 2015

Roy Best 
Men's Physique East Coast Classic Overall (1st)
Gabriel Olaiya
Men's Physique Maryland State Overall (2nd)


Men's Physique Class A Overall
1. Jason Rodgers
2. Lavon Glover
3. Ricardo Murillo
4. Andre Mangual
5. Edris Amin

Men's Physique Class B Overall
1. Roy Best
2. Chuck Bowdler
3. Jamar Hazelwood
4. Andrew Lim
5. Joon Kim

Men's Physique Class C Overall
1. Joseph Klaunberg
2. Joe Spiker
3. Christian Germanowski
4. Thomas Jordan Jr

Men's Physique Class D Overall
1. James Allen
2. Alejandro Sosias
3. Spyros Rozakis
4. Joseph Morton
5. Dauda Bangura

Men's Physique Class E Overall
1. Andrew Fisanich
2. Matthew Ebner
3. Byron Moody
4. Vaughn McAfee

Men's Physique Class F Overall
1. Burnett Crawford III
2. Emmanuel Twum
3. Joshua Woody
4. Emmanuel Gyeni
5. Leonard Bannister

Men's Physique Grandmasters Overall
1. Issac Spragg
2. Tom Neidert
3. Kenny Smith
4. Shannon Womble Sr.
5. Jerry Freishtat

Men's Physique Maryland State Class A Overall
1. Jordan Ellis
2. Ricardo Murillo
3. Brandon Robertson
4. Andre Mangual
5. Matt Tucker

Men's Physique Maryland State Class B Overall
1. Madukaife Ezimorah
2. Roy Best
3. Nii Amon Amon-Kotei
4. Jamar Hazelwood
5. Olumide Ogunnaike

Men's Physique Maryland State Class C Overall
1. Thomas Jordan Jr.
2. Johnathan Fenton

Men's Physique Maryland State Class D Overall
1. Gabriel Olaiya
2. Alejandro Sosias
3. James Allen
4. Spyros Rozakis
5. Dauda Bangura

Men's Physique Maryland State Class E Overall
1. Andrew Fisanich
2. Byron Moody
3. Ronald Marshall
4. Vaughn McAfee
5. Peter Antoniades

Men's Physique Maryland State Class F Overall
1. Emmanuel Twum
2. Burnett Crawford III
3. David Kinna
4. Leonard Bannister
5. Emmanuel Gyeni

Men's Physique Novice Class A Overall
1. Jordan Ellis
2. Nii Amon Amon-Kotei
3. Leroi Robinson-Grant
4. Edris Amin
5. Ryan Redmond

Men's Physique Novice Class B Overall
1. Joshua Woody
2. Byron Moody
3. Leonard Bannister
4. Lamarr Jones
5. Tom Neidert

Men's Physique Masters Overall
1. James Allen
2. Mobutu Bracy
3. Jerry Ward
4. Jamar Hazelwood
5. Tom Neidert

Women's Bodybuilding Overall
1. Barbara Barnowich

Women's Bodybuilding Maryland State Overall
1. Barbara Barnowich

Women's Physique East Coast Classic Overall
1. Erika Rogers

Women's Physique Maryland State Overall
1. Kimberly Webster

Women's Physique Class A Overall
1. Erika Rogers
2. Kimberly Webster

Congratulations to all of the competitors who participated in the 2015 NPC Maryland State/East Coast Classic Championships. To see all results and photos visit - <>.

Be sure to visit the blog regularly for the results of other upcoming bodybuilding and fitness competitions.


L-Lysine Benefits, Uses, Side Effects and Functions

Discover the Function, Sources and Benefits of the Health Supplement Ingredient L-Lysine, or 2,6-Diaminohexanoic Acid

Lysine – also known as L-lysine, Lys or (S)-2,6-diaminohexanoic acid – is an essential amino acid. This means that while lysine is important for maintaining good health, it is not manufactured by the body; therefore, it must be consumed through dietary sources or supplements. L-lysine can be found in high-protein foods and in select health and bodybuilding supplements, including HGH 30,000 Nanograms pills, HGF MAX, and CytoSport and Multi-Pro whey protein mixes.

Functions of L-Lysine

As an essential amino acid, L-lysine serves as a building block of protein and promotes proper growth. It plays an important role in producing carnitine and forming collagen within the body. Carnitine aids in converting fatty acids into energy and helps to lower cholesterol, while collagen supports bone health and tissue repair, particularly in the case of tendons, cartilage and skin. L-lysine also appears to help the body absorb calcium, and it has antiviral effects. Some evidence suggests it may stimulate human growth hormone (HGH) production, thereby serving as a natural HGH releaser.

Sources of L-Lysine

Dietary sources of L-lysine include protein-rich foods such as red meat, pork, poultry, certain types of fish (such as cod and sardines), eggs and cheese. Plant-based sources include tofu and other forms of soy, nuts and legumes (including beans, peas and lentils). L-lysine may also be consumed in natural dietary supplements.

L-Lysine Benefits and Uses

Some evidence suggests L-lysine acts as a natural HGH releaser, or HGH secretagogue. Because of this potential to stimulate HGH production, L-lysine supplements are often taken to improve athletic performance and enhance muscle growth. Furthermore, lysine’s role in bone health and collagen formation means that it can help athletes recovering from injury by supporting bone and tissue repair.

One of the most common uses of L-lysine leverages its antiviral properties to prevent outbreaks of cold sores and genital herpes resulting from the herpes simplex virus (HSV). It appears to work by blocking the activity of arginine, which stimulates HSV replication. Because L-lysine helps the body absorb calcium and promotes collagen production, researchers believe it may also help prevent bone loss due to osteoporosis.

Side Effects of L-Lysine and Potential Interactions

L-lysine supplements are generally considered safe for adults; no side effects have been reported by healthy users at standard dosages. However, excessive doses may contribute to gallstones or renal dysfunction. Individuals with kidney or liver disease are advised to confer with a doctor before taking L-lysine supplements. In addition, anyone using aminoglycoside antibiotics (such as gentamicin, neomycin or streptomycin) should be aware of possible interaction with L-lysine, which may increase the risk of nephrotoxicity.

More detailed safety information on L-lysine dosages, side effects and interactions can be found on the University of Maryland Medical Center website. As with any medication or health supplement, it is best to consult your physician before taking dietary supplements containing L-lysine.

L-Lysine Research and Studies

Numerous studies have examined the use of L-lysine to treat medical conditions such as the herpes simplex virus (HSV), osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Researchers have reported that L-lysine appears to reduce the occurrence, severity and healing time of HSV infections and to minimize the associated symptoms, including cold sores and mouth ulcers. Animal studies have indicated that L-lysine may be effective in preventing and treating osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease; however, further human studies are needed.

Several studies suggest that L-lysine has the ability to enhance secretion of human growth hormone (HGH), thereby contributing to improved muscle mass and strength. Researchers emphasized that HGH production varied according to such factors as the training status, sex, age and diet of the individual. Many athletes and bodybuilders contend that L-lysine improves performance and strength; and while definitive human studies have yet to be published, animal studies have repeatedly shown that L-lysine produced greater muscularity in swine and other monogastric animals. Other research has examined the effects of L-lysine on wounds, bone fractures and muscle injuries. The findings suggest that lysine plays a positive role in bone and tissue repair; therefore, it may have the potential to help athletes recover from injuries and intense workouts.

For additional L-lysine research, refer to the PubMed site sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Supplements With L-Lysine

Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who wish to reap the benefits of L-lysine can find this essential amino acid in these natural health and bodybuilding supplements from

HGF MAX – Purity Select HGF MAX capsules are formulated to boost HGH production with a proprietary blend of ingredients, including L-lysine and other amino acids. This powerful dietary supplement can help build muscle, improve muscle tone, increase stamina and accelerate metabolism.

HGH 30,000 Nanograms – Purity Select’s popular HGH pills are designed to enhance growth hormone production through a combination of L-group amino acids, including L-lysine. HGH 30,000 Nanograms capsules help support muscle growth, burn fat, boost energy, and provide other health benefits.

CytoSport Vanilla Whey Protein – One serving of low-lactose, low-fat, CytoSport whey protein contains 10 grams of L-lysine and 18 grams of protein. This vanilla-flavored drink mix is intended to help athletes develop lean muscle mass and hasten recovery from intense training.

Multi-Pro Chocolate Whey Protein – With 1.9 grams of L-lysine and 24 grams of protein per serving, this complete protein supplement is formulated to build muscle, decrease body fat and improve immune system health.

Champion Nutrition Amino Shooter + Creatine – This pre-workout drink mix features nine amino acids, including 1,100 milligrams of L-lysine, yet contains no fat, carbs or cholesterol. It is designed to preserve hard-earned muscle while providing added energy for a more effective workout.

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NPC Championships Overall Winners

2015 NPC Championships Championships
March 14            
Veterans Auditorium,
4117 Overland Ave, Culver City, CA 90230 United States
Organizer: Jon Lindsay
Phone: 310-796-9181
Event: NPC

Following are the top overall winners for each of the events:

Unlimited Bodybuilding Overall
1. David Ekpe
2. Wesley Boxley
3. Kim Minuk
4. Surge Edwards


David Ekpe
Unlimited Bodybuilding Overall (1st)
Branch Warren - USA
Unlimited Bodybuilding Overall (2nd)


Novice Bodybuilding Overall
1. Robert Allen
2. Carlos Guerrero

Unlimited Bikini Overall
1. Christina Sanchez
2. Devan Statle
3. Khricell Justiniano
4. Jessi Vegan
5. Alexa Ashton
6. Lisa Simmons


Christina Sanchez
Unlimited Bikini Overall (1st)
Devan Statle
Unlimited Bikini Overall (2nd)


Masters Bikini 35+ Overall
1. Jennifer Hennessey
2. Karla Trevino
3. Shriley Rubin

Masters Bikini 45+ Overall
1. Lucy Huang
2. Jennifer Capitano

Novice Bikini Overall
1. Twamy Macias
2. Heather Glovak
3. Lisa Simmons

Unlimited Figure Overall
1. Elena Chernousenko
2. Melanie Trimble
3. Jackie Baker-Arriaga
4. Starr Barragan


Elena Chernousenko
Unlimited Figure Overall (1st)
Melanie Trimble
Unlimited Figure Overall (2nd)

Masters Figure 35+ Overall
1. Melanie Trimble
2. Samara Kasper

Unlimited Mens Physique Overall
1. Desmolg Gabriel
2. Ashley Kholghy
3. Chris Koll
4. Christopher Ausman
5. Chris Zadie
6. Shaun Baskerville


Desmolg Gabriel
Unlimited Physique Overall (1st)
Chris Koll
Unlimited Physique Overall (3rd)

Masters Mens Physique 35+ Overall
1. Daniel De la Torre
2. Tom Miller

Novice Mens Physique Overall
1. Alberto Montoya
2. Dale Laudencia III
3. Almon Huang

Congratulations to all of the competitors who participated in the 2015 NPC Championships. Official Final Results Scorecard - To see all results and photos visit -

Be sure to visit the blog regularly for the results of other upcoming bodybuilding and fitness competitions.

Spring Break Beach Body Workouts

Spring Break Beach Body Workouts

Can you believe it’s Spring Break already? It will be summer before you know it. If you’re looking for a workout to get you on your way to a beach-ready body that will look great in a bikini or super in swim trunks, then get ready for some fun Spring Break-inspired exercises. We’ve picked a few Spring Break workout videos to help you get your body in shape for the beach. We’ve also added some inspirational and motivational pins to our Beach Body Workout and Motivation Pinterest board.

Circuit Training Workout for a Beach Body

It's time to get your body ready for the beach. So, take on this Spring Break Body workout with Elektra Knight. In this video, she does a circuit workout with a timer that includes one minute interval training with a 30-second rest period. You can make the intensity high or low, depending upon your needs and you decide how many times you want to do this circuit. Elektra is ready to help you reach your Spring Break goals, just make sure to warm up before starting these exercises:

  • Dead Lift
  • Heisman
  • Squat Jumps
  • Standing Oblique Crunch

Total Body Workout to Sculpt a Bikini Body

The BeFit team has a second level to the Total Body Bikini Blast Workout we previously shared with you in the Beach Body Workouts to Help You Look Your Best All Summer blog. This supercharged fat-burning total body workout offers incredible exercises that focus on your core, abdominals and other problem areas, so you'll be ready to hit the beach. When you click play, you’ll get an explosive 40-minute cardio/strength training workout with an ideal combination of Yoga and Pilates-inspired moves, along with plyometric exercises, including:

• Air Squats
• Alternating Supermans
• Bridge Pose
• Bunny Hops
• Burpees
• Cat/Cow
• Cherry Pickers
• Child’s Pose
• Cobra Stretch
• Downward Dog
• Full Wheel Pose
• Lunge to Twist
• Monkey Squats
• Mountain Climber to Tuck Jump
• Plank Knee to Elbow
• Plank Thomas Touches
• Reverse Lunge Knee Up
• V-Ups

Getting a Buff Beach Body with Group Fitness

Whether you’re trying to get your beach body ready or are looking to achieve success in an upcoming bodybuilding competition, you have to do what it takes to reach your personal fitness goals. Pro bodybuilder John Puskarich shares some motivating clips of some of his group training sessions. He feels that, “Everyone can be fit, it just takes the right motivations.” Not only does this video give you an idea of the incredible workouts he does with his clients, but you’ll also get to see them achieve success during competition.'s Beach Body Pinterest Board

Follow Bodybuilding's Beach Body Workout and Motivation board on Pinterest.


Hollywood Actors Bodybuilding Workout Videos and Tips

Hollywood Actors Bodybuilding Workout Videos and Tips

Ever wonder how actors attain their chiseled physiques for movie roles like Wolverine, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America and the warriors in 300? Well, so did we. We found some great videos that divulge their bodybuilding workouts, secrets and diets. Plus, we created a star-studded Pinterest board filled with even more Hollywood movie role workouts for you to get an inside look at how these actors transform their bodies to become your favorite big screen characters.

Getting in Shape for the Movie 300

While getting ready to be in the film 300: Rise of the Empire, many of the actors trained over the course of seven months. As they trained, these actor's bodies were put under a lot of muscular and metabolic stress. They never did the same workout twice.

Gerard Butler states, “I think cardio is always a killer. Cardio. Cardio. Cardio. I hate it, but it’s the one that makes the difference. I kind of love to just go in the gym and do weights, but unfortunately, you can’t always get away with that. So, when you combine weights with circuit training, it’s a great way of building muscle in a leaner way and also burning fat because you’re doing a lot of cardio as well.”

Mark Twight, the personal trainer responsible for coming up with the workouts to sculpt those infamous six-pack abs, shares some insight regarding what it takes to get the actors in shape for a film like 300.

Transforming from Jackman to Wolverine

Ever wonder what Hugh Jackman’s diet is like as he prepares to become the Wolverine character? In this video, Hugh Jackman shares his secret, along with what he had to do while filming Les Misérables, which he was working on right before his next Wolverine film. You’ll have to watch the entire video to get the low-down on what he consumes while getting ready to play Wolverine.

Affleck's Top 5 Exercises for The Town Role

Sports nutritionist Rehan Jalali shows us how to do five of the incredible exercises Ben Affleck did with personal trainer Walter Norton, Jr., while preparing for his role in the movie The Town. Affleck's philosophy as he trained for this part was, "Intensity builds immensity."

Jalali is at the Gold's Gym in LA to give us an up-close and personal look at the technique for each exercise:

  • Weighted Pull Ups (Back)
  • Dumbbell Bench Press (Chest)
  • Supinated Curls (Biceps)
  • Walking Lunges (Legs)
  • Hanging Leg Raises (Abs)

Plus, he shares the weight Affleck was using while doing these exercises. What a great way to get lean and tight for the part.

Pinterest Board for Star-Studded Movie Role Workouts

Discover more Hollywood star workouts for some of your favorite movie characters with's Hollywood Actors Bodybuilding Workout Videos and Tips Pinterest board.

Follow Bodybuilding's Hollywood Actors Bodybuilding Workout Videos and Tips Pinterest board.



HGH Supplement Reviews, Benefits and Uses

Over-the-Counter HGH Supplement Reviews, Benefits and Uses is a leading provider of natural human growth hormone (HGH) supplements, as well as other bodybuilding and overall health supplements. Designed to naturally and safely increase HGH levels, the HGH supplements we offer are injection-free and there's no need for a prescription. Best of all, the reviews speak for themselves. Explore these examples to gain more insight into what our HGH supplements are all about.

HGH Reviews, HGH Benefits, HGH Supplements

Somatropinne HGH

Specially formulated with eight proven amino acid releasers and six of the most potent growth factors, Somatropinne HGH is the strongest injection-free HGH dosage allowed. Ideal for fitness and increasing muscle tone, Somatropinne HGH is generally used to:

  • Enhance biceps, pectorals, abdominals and obliques
  • Build lean muscle
  • Lose weight
  • Encourage anti-aging
  • Increase rejuvenation

Somatropinne HGH is often the HGH supplementation of choice for professionals as a bodybuilding supplement, to build lean muscle and for weight loss. Dianna, who is in her 30s, wrote us to say, "I've been sleeping better on this for sure! I work out three to four times a week. I have lost 5 pounds since and feel great." With similar results, Michael says, "This product is a miracle drug. I'm 31 and finally able to tone my body. I've always carried five to 10 extra pounds of flab and this took it out and toned me up. I wish I found it years ago!"

HGH 30,000 Nanograms Spray

The new and improved HGH 30,000 formula combines six of the most potent growth factors with eight proven amino acid releasers, along with deer antler velvet in a convenient liquid spray form. This HGH 30,000 spray is known to:

  • Increase energy
  • Enhance muscle growth
  • Improve bodybuilding
  • Reverse aging effects
  • Increase mass gain

HGH 30,000 Nanograms Spray is commonly used for bodybuilding cycles to improve energy and increase muscle growth. As our #1 HGH spray supplement, this HGH 30,000 Spray has helped many people achieve incredible results.

Jason sent us a note to say, "This product is amazing!" Another customer, known only by the screen-name Awesome, wrote to us and let us know that, "This product is truly great. I've seen incredible gains from it and I fully recommend it. I know that there are pro football players using this exact same spray!"

"I'm proud to represent and endorse the Purity Select line of natural bodybuilding supplements," said IFBB pro "Tricky" Jackson. Check out this video on how Jackson uses HGH Spray just before his arms and bicep workout two weeks out of the 2014 Arnold Classic.

HGH 30,000 Nanograms Pill

Formulated to increase and maintain your HGH levels, HGH 30,000 Nanograms Pill provide an advanced blend of HGH, L-group amino acids and human growth factors. This proprietary formula is ideal for helping you maintain HGH levels after using a stronger supplement, such as the HGF Max or Somatropinne. Additionally, this supplement offers many amazing benefits:

  • Increases energy
  • Enhances muscle conditioning
  • Improves bodybuilding
  • Reverses the effects of aging
  • Increases mass gain

The HGH pill form of HGH 30,000 will help you look, feel and perform your best, much like it did for David, who wrote us to say, "I'm taking this after I took Somatropinne for three months and these two products really have turned my life around. I've never felt better. My backache is gone and I'm more active. I'm 40 years old and feel like 30 again.


If you're ready to increase your HGH levels and improve your overall health, then HGF Max is the supplement for you. Known for creating more lean muscle, while reducing your overall body fat percentage, HGF Max is a breakthrough in modern science and provides additional benefits, such as:

  • Elevated HGH levels
  • Improved muscle gains
  • Increased metabolism
  • Enhanced muscle tones
  • Increased energy
  • Boosted immune system
  • Improved sleep

Lawrence Heckathorne shared his incredible HGF Max story with us: "In January 2103, I was 51 years old and had my right knee totally replaced. During the physical rehab process, my therapist pushed too hard on my ankle to achieve more range of motion to my knee. Well, my patella tendon ruptured completely causing my knee cap to slide up into my quadriceps. VERY PAINFUL. After four months in cast, I was finally able to use a walker and go back to another physical therapy chain. During the next few months of blood sweat and tears I found and ordered some HGF MAX. After a few months of taking the product I noticed a gradual increase in muscle mass in my right leg. This was awesome because my orthopedic surgeon said because of the severity of my injury I was only going to get back 60% use of my muscles. In May 2014, I'm walking backwards, even up and down stairs, which I was told I would never be able to do. I use HGF Max and my home gym weight stack with all arm and leg attachments, and a lot of hard work. With the HGF Max I feel stronger at 52 than I did at 30. Best regards to all who want to achieve great results using this product, IT WORKS!"

Discover which HGH supplements can help you achieve the results you desire!

Natural Growth Hormone Supplements from HGH ( Can Help You Build Muscle

HGH supplements
Helping you build muscle

Natural growth hormone supplements and HGH supplements from can help you build muscle; Plus - sneak peak - Personal Trainers available on

Trouble packing on the pounds? After endlessly trying to put on lean muscle after exercising, working out, and lifting weights, many people turn to our HGH Supplements on to build more muscle. If you are tired of putting in a lot of effort with little to no return, our natural growth hormone supplement may be the key to helping you build muscle fast!

Do genetics play a role in my inability to gain size and muscle?

If you look back on your family history and see generations of small or nonathletic family members, you may not have the necessary tools to produce a massive amount of muscle gain through working out alone. Some people simply have a different genetic makeup, which is why we all look different to begin with. While it is still possible for you to get into the best shape of your life, taking a natural growth hormone supplement will expedite the process and give you the edge that some people just naturally have.

Some people may be lucky enough to keep natural HGH production up throughout their entire lives. However, as most people get older, they stop producing natural HGH. It's proven that HGH levels decrease with age, and with smaller amounts of HGH it is more difficult to build muscle. Instead of just giving up, you can increase muscle gain with anatural HGH supplement.

Build muscle fast with a change in your dietary lifestyle

The secret to getting ripped - The main reason people are able to get ripped in the gym is not because of a specific workout program; it is because of what they consume after their workout and tear up their muscles. If you do not feed your muscles and body enough of the right ingredients after a great gym session, you are wasting all of the effort you put into your workout. Furthermore, it's almost impossible to achieve the proper supplements through food alone, your stomach simply isn't big enough. However that being said, food is still important. Follow some of these simple steps: 

The key food ingredients you need to get ripped

  • Consume lean animal, muscle supplements, and/or whey proteins immediately after your workout.
  • Switch your daily meal intake to several small meals throughout the day in order to feed your muscles more consistently.
  • Drink lot's of water throughout the day - this will also help curb your appetite and water is hugely important for all of your organs.
  • Supplement your workouts with thermogenic fat burners in order to get ripped fast and cut the fat.
  • Take an supplement like Somatropinne HGH in order to give yourself a boost of natural hormones that your body may stop producing as you grow older, no matter your age (over 18 required).

Do you need to change your workout regimen?

Now that you know about the benefits that a proper diet and supplements like Human Growth Hormone supplements can bring to your workout, it's time to look at your actual weight-lifting routine. Most people get stuck in a plateau and never see muscle gain after a couple of months of lifting weights. Here are some ways you can break that rut and build muscle fast: 

Increase your lifting regimen

  • Lift heavier weights for exercises such as the bench press, squats and dumbbell curls.
  • Make sure to work your core every time you work out because it connects your entire body.
  • Don't skip cardio! In fact, supplementing a cardio in between lifting sessions works your body out and cuts fat nicely. In a typical one hour weight lifting routine, spend 20 minutes on cardio in between lifting cycles.

Keep a consistent schedule

Supplements are not magic alone - they do work magic in conjunction with working out - but there's no such thing as a magic pill that will shape your body while you sit and watch TV. So do yourself and your body a favor - while taking supplements to increase muscle gain, the real secret is to keep your efforts consistent. After taking our supplements while working out, I guarantee after 3-6 months of a consistent workout, you will be in the best shape of your life.

NOTE! Coming soon on will be personal workout sessions with IFBB bodybuilders. To get started with a personal trainer today - email "support [at]" and ask that Dan puts you in touch with a personal IFBB champion to start a personal session.

Do I Need Human Growth Hormone Injections, or can I Naturally Make My Own?

You can take HGH Supplements from to increase your HGH levels

Do I Need HGH Injections or can I get my body produce HGH naturally?

Many people are discovering how human growth hormone supplements, which are available in both pill and injectable forms, can make them feel and look years younger than they truly are. Human growth hormone injections have the power to increase production of growth hormone by your pituitary gland, providing benefits such as improved bone density, increased muscle mass, higher energy levels and better sexual performance in the process.

Because human growth hormones injections include a wide variety of ingredients, many of which are amino acids that can be taken in through food sources, some individuals wonder if there are ways they can get their body to increase the hormones naturally, through dietary changes. There are some dietary changes that will enhance growth hormone production. These include:
  • Eating several smaller meals during the day, instead of three large meals. This will help control blood glucose levels and insulin production. This will cause the body to store less fat and increase the release of growth hormone to the bloodstream.
  • Cut back on the sugar and fat. Your pituitary gland reduces the amount of growth hormone released after a fatty meal. Reducing simple carbohydrates and sugary foods also helps.
  • Eat more complex carbohydrates and lean protein.
Although these dietary changes will help you to naturally increase your body’s production of human growth hormones, by themselves, they may not be enough. Diet changes will only get you so far...

Why Do I Need HGH Supplements?

The amino acids are produced by your body naturally, but in limited quantities as you age, and you can't necessarily eat enough to supplement it with food alone. To look and feel your best, you need to supplement your body’s naturally produced hormones. Research scientists have spent years experimenting with various ingredient combinations and ratios in order to develop the safest, most effective human growth hormone supplements - and has built on that research and developed the best most enhanced supplements available on the market! Each ingredient is designed to serve a specific purpose, a purpose it may not be able to serve if not in the presence of other carefully chosen ingredients. Currently, injectable forms of human growth hormone supplements are available only to individuals who have a valid prescription from a medical doctor.

These injectable growth hormone supplements are designed to work quickly and effectively.
As an alternative, individuals can purchase human growth hormones in pill form without a prescription. Although pill-based HGH supplements don't work quite as quickly as their injectable counterparts, they produce the same positive effects and benefits over time. Since the process works more gradually, it isn't as jarring to the body and comes with fewer side effects as a result. Human growth supplements available as pills are often less expensive than human growth hormone injections as well, further reducing the need to attempt to make the injection formulas on your own.


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