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2015 NPC Patriots Challenge Results and Winners

2015 NPC Patriots Challenge
July 4           
The Orleans Hotel & Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada
ORGANIZER: Jon Lindsay
PHONE: 310-796-9181
Event: NPC

Congratulations to all participants of the 2015 NPC Patriots Challenge held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The championships were hosted by Lindsay Productions/Muscle Contest and included bodybuilding, physique, bikini, and figure events. This amazing 4th of July show hosted many great looking competitors from many places., leading manufacturer of HGH and bodybuilding supplements, is proud to present the winners from each event. 

Following are the top overall winners for each of the events:


Overall Winner
Jerry Jackson

1. Jerry Jackson
2. Anthony Raber
3. Ron Stevens
4. Daniel Zamora

Light Heavyweight
1. Austin Karr
2. Evan Borem
3. Kyle Stuckey

1. Derrick Chandler
2. Joseph Mumford
3. Ricky Markajani
4. Micah Cranman

1. Arnalex Gonzales
2. Christian Calimquim
3. Carl Isrealsson


Jerry Jackson Bodybuilding Overall Winner 2015 NPC Patriots Challenge

          Austin Karr Light Heavyweight Winner 2015 NPC Patriots Challenge

Jerry Jackson
Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall (1st)
Austin Karr
Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall (1st)


Novice Heavyweight
1. Austin Karr
2. Daniel Zamora
3. Evan Borem
4. Kyle Stuckey

Novice Lightweight
1. Derrick Chandler
2. Fernando Bueno
3. Arnalex Gonzales
4. Micah Cranman
5. Carl Isrealsson
6. Vincent Costante

1. Ron Stevens
2. William Roberts

Overall Winner
Michelle Maier

Class A
1. Stacey McBride
2. Megan Goetsch
3. Monteena Lane
4. Cameshia Johnson
5. Melodie DePierro
6. Glenda Lapp

Class B
1. Inna Stukova
2. Laura Vallieres
3. Liza Sia
4. Racquel Crawford


Michelle Maier Overall Figure Winner 2015 NPC Patriots Challenge

            Inna Stukova Figure Class B Winner 2015 NPC Patriots Challenge

Michelle Maier
Figure Class D (1st) & Overall (1st)
Inna Stukova
Figure Class B Winner (1 st)


Class C
1. Cristiane Andrade
2. Tiffanie Schmit
3. Brittany Buckalew
4. Brittany Daigle

Class D
1. Michelle Maier
2. Katelynn King
3. Erica Prescott
4. Brittany Fraser

Masters Over 35 Class A
1. Monteena Lane
2. Melodie DePierro

Masters Over 35 Class B
1. Cristiane Andrade
2. Vanessa Fischer

Masters Over 40 Class A
1. Monteena Lane
2. Liza Sia

Masters Over 40 Class B
1. Vanessa Fischer


Overall Winner
Ada Bustamante

Class A
1. Ada Bustamante
2. Elizabeth Carrillo-Abarca
3. Vanessa Borja
4. Donna Canaria
5. Sharone Utter

Class B
1. Robie Ro
2. Sarah Storrs
3. Stefany Orama
4. Betty Jean Ezell
5. Melanie Velasquez
6. Stephanie Jones
7. Rebeca Orozca


Ada Bustamante Bikini Overall Winner 2015 NPC Patriots Challenge

           Robie Ro Bikini Class B Winner 2015 NPC Patriots Challenge

Ada Bustamante
Bikini Class A (1st) Overall (1st)
Robie Ro
Bikini Class B Winner (2nd)

Class C
1. Lana Davis
2. Nikki Saucier
3. Jennifer Murillo
4. Kerri Richards
5. Arely Morga
6. Heather Richardson
7. Danielle Cotte
8. Katherine Ragia

Class D
1. Baubi Huff
2. Denise Avila
3. Sara Dawn
4. Vanezza Villegas
5. Kim Phung
6. Danielle Capanna
7. Estefany Cifuentes
8. Yanira Zabala
9. Brittinie Wick

Class E
1. Jessica Rowell
2. Nailea Fernandez
3. Marta Szczerba
4. Nicole Wood
5. Tiffany Shay

Class F
1. Kayla Michelle
2. Natalie Moultrie
3. Brianna Wilson
4. Carragan Langley
5. Melyssa Johnson
6. Rosa Plasencia

Novice Class A
1. Ada Bustamante
2. Nikki Saucier
3. Elizabeth Carrillo-Abarca
4. Jennifer Murillo
5. Arely Morga
6. Heather Richardson
7. Danielle Cotte
8. Andrea Kilpatrick
9. Kimberly Fizznoglia
10. Jacqueline Bruno

Novice Class B
1. Jessica Rowell
2. Baubi Huff
3. Vanezza Villegas
4. Semaj Everette
5. Danielle Capanna
6. Estefany Cifuentes
7. Yanira Zabala

Novice Class C
1. Natalie Moultrie
2. Brianna Wilson
3. Carragan Langley
4. Nailea Fernandez
5. Marta Szczerba
6. Joanna Serrano
7. Nicole Wood
8. Sarah Lillard

Masters Over 35 Class A
1. Betty Jean Ezell
2. Melanie Velasquez
3. Kerri Richards
4. Stephanie Jones
5. Cynthia Gonzales
6. Bereniss Dowson

Masters Over 35 Class B
1. Baubi Huff
2. Denise Avila
3. Sara Dawn

Masters Over 35 Class C
1. Eugenia Iermini
2. Sarah Lillard

Masters Over 40 Class A
1. Betty Jean Ezell
2. Stephanie Jones
3. Elida Corral
4. Andrea Kilpatrick
5. Sharone Utter
6. Araceli Paramo
7. Kelly Hunt

Masters Over 40 Class B
1. Eugenia Iermini
2. Sophia Melgoza Maffioli


Overall Winner
Lloyd Taylor

Class A
1. Ron Hernandez
2. Radford Raquedan
3. Albert Rincon
4. Eric Miller
5. Christian Joy Pangan
6. John Ramos

Class B
1. Joey Niz
2. Colin Congo
3. David Gonzalez

Class C
1. Kevin Armentrout
2. Eric Brown
3. Hugo Alvarado
4. Daniel Hernandez

Class D
1. Lloyd Taylor
2. Thiago Harvey
3. Andrew Rasmus
4. Adam Schultz
5. Tyson Dayley
6. Alec Cheplak


Lloyd Taylor Physique Winner 2015 NPC Patriots Challenge

           Ron Hernandez Physique Class B Winner 2015 NPC Patriots Challenge

Lloyd Taylor
Physique Class D (1st) Overall Winner (1st)
Ron Hernandez
Physique Class A Winner (1st)

Class E
1. Lovell Brown
2. Chase Anselment

Class F
1. Cory George
2. Christian Jones
3. Akaoã Martins
4. Shawn Maher
5. Scott Shahadi

Novice Class A
1. Christopher Wilson
2. Radford Raquedan
3. Eric Miller
4. Christian Joy Pangan
5. John Ramos
6. Benji Santana
7. Rodolfo Chavez
8. Jeffrey Quidlat

Novice Class B
1. Adam Schultz
2. Hugo Alvarado
3. Alec Cheplak
4. Daniel Hernandez
5. Leovardo Siqueiros
6. Jose Cobo Bernal

Novice Class C
1. Christian Jones
2. Michell Duarte
3. Akaoã Martins
4. Michael Paretti
5. Austin Turner
6. Leon Johnson

Masters Over 35 Class A
1. Albert Rincon

Masters Over 35 Class B
1. Anthony Guillory
2. Matt Wilhelm
3. Scott Shahadi

Masters Over 40
1. Darren Hemmen
2. Shawn Maher
3. Marcos Sotelo

Congratulations to all of the competitors who participated in the 2015 NPC Patriots Challenge. See Official Final Results Scorecard at the Lindsay Productions/Muscle Contest website.

Be sure to visit the blog regularly for the results of other upcoming bodybuilding and fitness competitions.


Abdominal Workout Videos and Tips

Intense Six-Pack Ab Workout and Exercise Videos

Turn that muffin top into chiseled abs by trying some new ab workout moves. When your goal is to flatten your belly and you strive for six-pack abs (or maybe even an eight-pack), you look high and low for the right abdominal workout regimen. There's no one right answer or a single exercise that can get you to where you want to go, but we've found a series of ab exercises to get you on your way to a washboard stomach.

Whether you choose to focus on core training or want to single out the abs workouts, we've got you covered. You can start with the Strength, Cardio and Ab Workout featuring Jillian Michaels, try the six-pack challenge or you can give some of these other ab workouts we've found. Not only have we gathered together a few abs workout videos to help you along the way, but we've also created a Pinterest board specifically for abs workout videos, exercises and tips. Get ready for some ab-crushing exercises.

12 Killer Ab Exercises for Six-Pack Abs

Are you looking for new ways to attain six-pack or even 8-pack abs? Certified personal trainer, and nutrition and wellness specialist Brad Gaines, takes you through 12 ab-focused exercises to help you get the chiseled midsection you desire.

  • Cross Bench Crunches
  • Decline Sit-ups
  • High Cable Crunches
  • Swiss Ball Crunches
  • Decline Cable Crunches
  • Swiss Ball Leg Raise
  • Ab-Focused Chin-up Towards Belly
  • Decline Leg Raise with Hip Thrust
  • Hanging Leg Raises with Ab Straps
  • Resting Forearm Side-to-Side Cable Crunches
  • Seated Russian Twist with Medicine Ball
  • Glute-Ham Machine Russian Twist

Workout Your Abs While Standing

No need to get down on the floor anymore for an intense ab workout. Bodynomics shows us how to get in a great ab workout while standing. A dumbbell is all you need to get through this 15-minute standing ab workout. This is a great way to break out of your regular ab workout routine and switch up the intensity as you see fit.

Five-Minute Bodyweight Ab Workout

Mike with Sixpack Shortcuts shares a short, but sweet ab workout that you can do anywhere. With the help of his friends, Hunter and Nina, Mike takes you through five (or maybe six) minutes of awesome ab exercises.

  • Scissor Kick
  • Toe-Touch Crunch
  • Spinal Crunch

Absolutely Awesome Ab Info and Tips on Pinterest

Get inspired to achieve rock solid abdominal muscles with a special selection of pins on the Abdominal Workouts and Tips Pinterest Board.

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Slim Down This Summer - Weight Loss & Fat Burning Tips

Key Fat Burning Workouts for Slimming Down This Summer

Looking to lose weight now? Summertime is right around the corner and it's time to slim down with some proven methods for burning burn fat and losing unwanted pounds. From eating right to working out to selecting the best natural metabolism-boosting supplements, you need to choose the most effective strategies to achieve your weight loss goals.

Blast Off the Pounds with a Total Body Workout

The weight loss workout from BeFit in 30 Extreme is an incredible total body conditioning workout with just the right combination of cardio moves to boost your metabolism, burn fat and increase lean muscle. Expert Trainer & and Actor, Scott Herman takes you through a 20-minute workout that is designed to improve your endurance while exercising your major muscle groups from head to toe. There are 3 powerful fat-burning circuits focusing on three calisthenic exercises, including:

Bicycles High Knees Mountain Climbers
Burpees Hot Feet with Lunges Skaters
Butt Kicks Jumping Jacks Squat-Squat-Hops
Floor Wipers Lateral Hops Table Cell
Heismans Lunges Toe Jumps

This video provides modifications to tailor to any skill level and is ideal for anyone who wants to build strength while burning fat. The BeFit team begins with a high-energy warm-up, before diving into the 3 ultimate fat-burning circuits followed by an ab burnout routine, and finishing up with a stretching cool-down series to prevent injury and maximize results.

This Workout Is a Real HIIT for Fat Loss

Kick your workout routine up a notch with FitnessBlender's HIIT Workout for Fat Loss. Daniel and Kelli, FitnessBlender's dynamic duo, will take you through an entire 20-minute high-intensity interval-training workout that includes:

  • Warm Up (5 minutes)
  • HIIT (10 minutes)
  • Cool Down/Stretch (5 minutes)


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Lose Weight Fast - Get that Body Trimmed!

What is the Best Way To Lose Weight Fast and Keep it Off?

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Staying Slim Once You've Finished Using the Best Way to Lose Weight Fast

There are so many ways to keep yourself thin and looking great after you've finished the three-week rapid weight loss package which includes Hydrox Slim and Clen XDV at a discount package price. People just like you across the country have discovered a few strategies that range from a full lifestyle switch to casual differences in diet and exercise.
  • Many users of Hydrox Slim and Clen XDV take up running or other athletic sports
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By making these small changes to your lifestyle after you've undergone your three-week program of Hydrox Slim and Clen XDV, you can easily keep off the weight you lost quickly. Since these pills increase your energy level and metabolism, you'll feel more able to do these active things you previously didn't have the energy to do.

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Tips for Losing Weight Fast with Weight Loss Pills and HGH Supplements

Great Ways to Lose Weight Fast Without Wasting Lots of Time

When it comes to weight loss, which sounds more appealing? Spending hours and hours of time sweating in the gym? Or taking a few weight loss pills before regular meals for three weeks? Both of these strategies can help you lose weight, but only one of them is fast and easy. Taking Hydrox Slim and Clen XDV can help you achieve the perfect body without any hassles. You can even add in an HGH Supplement for an even more synergistic effect...

For HGH Supplements, see my other postings or go to There's many different HGH Pills and HGH Sprays that we sell on that will help you lose weight and achieve an incredible body shape quickly and affordably.

Are The Traditional Ways to Lose Weight Fast Not For You?

If you've spent any time in the gym trying to lose a lot of weight, you already understand what a chore it is. You have to wait in line at every treadmill, elliptical or weight machine, you have to change and shower in a gross locker room or bathroom, and you are likely paying or have paid exorbitant fees for an annual membership.

This doesn't necessarily have to be your life, especially if you struggle to see results. You don't have to waste all that time and money only to miss out on a social life just to have the body you want. Hydrox Slim and Clen XDV are designed with proprietary ingredients to work naturally with your body's functions to provide amazing results. For example:
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3 Week Rapid Weight Loss Pills

Why Are Weight Loss Supplements One of the Best Ways to Lose Weight Fast?

Not even hours in the gym can help suppress your appetite like these no-hassle supplements can. In fact, these weight loss pills require you to maintain your food intake so that the ingredients can go to work in your body more efficiently, just like when you take any other medication. Take Hydrox Slim and Clen XDV before meals or exercise to get the full effect. Never stray from the instructions on the bottle. Imagine what it would be like to eat your normal diet and still lose weight. That's what it's like to use Hydrox Slim and Clen XDV.

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Are These Ways To Lose Weight Fast Right For You?

Not everyone can take these fast-acting supplements. If you are pregnant, nursing or have other medical conditions, these products aren't right for you. You must be 18 years old to take Hydrox Slim and Clen XDV. 

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