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2015 NPC Colorado State Championships Results & Winners

2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

2015 NPC Tokyo Joes Colorado State Championships
When: Saturday July 11, 2015
Where: Buell Theater, Denver Performing Arts Complex, 1101 13th Street, Denver, CO 80204

Congratulations to all participants of the 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships. The 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships bodybuilding, figure, bikini, and physique competitions were held the weekend of July 11, 2015 ​at he theBuell Theater, Denver Performing Arts Complex., leading manufacturer of natural HGH and bodybuilding supplements, is proud to present the winners from each event.

Colorado Overall
Sylvester Cain

Overall Winner
Sylvester Cain

Super Heavyweight
1. Scott Butz
2. Joseph Waterhouse
3. Jason Brant

Sylvester Cain   Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st) Overall (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

          Scott Butz Super Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

Sylvester Cain
  Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st) Overall (1st)
Scott Butz
Super Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st)

Colorado Heavyweight
1. Joel Davis
2. Joshua Yushka
3. David Lindberg

Colorado Light Heavyweight
1. Sylvester Cain
2. Adam Young
3. Corey Frint
4. Anthony (Tony) Polidoro
5. Tyler Cutsinger
6. Mike Meachum

Colorado Middleweight
1. Sylvester Cain
2. Brad Helm
3. Todd Bohnert
4. Greg Choate
5. Jeremy Sipes
6. Brad Fleming
7. Isaac Rodriguez

Colorado Super Heavyweight
1. Joseph Waterhouse
2. Matthew Whittington
3. Jason Brant

1. Colton Johnson
2. Joshua Yushka
3. Michael Simunaci
4. David Lindberg

Light Heavyweight
1. Sylvester Cain
2. Adam Young
3. Corey Frint
4. Anthony (Tony) Polidoro
5. Donnie Bivens
6. Tyler Cutsinger
7. Mike Meachum

1. Justin Freeman
2. Brad Helm
3. Todd Bohnert
4. Jake Parrish
5. Ricky Villarreal
6. Brad Fleming
7. Derrick Jiron
8. Isaac Rodriguez

1. Jeremy Goldstein
2. Greg Choate

1. Michael Pauly

Novice Heavyweight
1. Joseph Waterhouse
2. Joel Davis
3. Matthew Whittington
4. Earl Worth

Novice Lightweight
1. Michael Pauly

Novice Middleweight
1. Andrew Salvi

1. Gregory Damian

Masters Over 40
1. Brad Helm
2. Donnie Bivens
3. Todd Bohnert
4. Matthew Whittington
5. Jason Brant

Masters Over 45
1. Earl Worth

Masters Over 50
1. Gregg Russo
2. Mike Meachum
3. Brad Fleming
4. Bill Marshall

Masters Over 60
1. Rick Jiron
2. Rich Gutman
Class A
1. Christine Cecilione
2. Chelsey Cortese
3. Bethania Chavarria
4. DeNece Crowe
5. Morgan Mead
6. Monica Martinez

Class B
1. Karen Spivey
2. Stacie Gladwell
3. Lynn Tonozzi
4. Syndi Dunham
5. Victoria Coonts
6. Lucha Michelle Suarez
7. Kimberly Rumfola
8. Mellisa Smith
9. Jeanette Bustamante
10. Rachel Scutt
11. Sarah Love
12. Lauren Kennedy

Christine Cecilione Figure Class A Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

            Sarah Kornhauser Figure Class C Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

Christine Cecilione
Figure Class A Winner (1st)
Sarah Kornhauser
Figure Class C Winner (1st)

Class C
1. Sarah Kornhauser
2. Tamika Irvin
3. Megan Cronin
4. Amanda Smith
5. Kathryn Kagler
6. Kristin Radosta
7. Rebecca Wallace
8. Kelly OGara
9. Samantha Catlin
10. Ashley Balais
11. Alyssa Stemley

Class D
1. Marcia Regula
2. Beth Chumbley
3. Lydia Whitehead
4. Carrie Keyes
5. Jenna Serino
6. Lisa Duncan
7. Jessica Stemley

Novice Class A
1. Stacie Gladwell
2. Sydni Dunham
3. Lucha Michelle Suarez
4. Victoria Coonts
5. DeNece Crowe
6. Bethania Chavarria
7. Jeanette Bustamante
8. Morgan Mead
9. Lauren Kennedy
10. Sarah Love

Novice Class B
1. Megan Cronin
2. Kristin Radosta
3. Kelly OGara
4. Beth Chumbley
5. Samantha Catlin
6. Michelle Kramer
7. Ashley Balais
8. Alyssa Stemley

Novice Class C
1. Carrie Keyes
2. Lisa Duncan
3. Lydia Whitehead
4. Jenna Serino
5. Jessica Stemley
6. Lori Lazorishak

True Novice
1. Megan Cronin
2. Lucha Michelle Suarez
3. Lydia Whitehead
4. Bethania Chavarria
5. Samantha Catlin
6. Ashley Balais
7. Sarah Love

Masters Over 35
1. Sarah Kornhauser
2. Megan Cronin
3. Mellisa Smith
4. Rebecca Wallace

Masters Over 40
1. Karen Spivey
2. Stacie Gladwell
3. Lisa Duncan
4. Kathryn Kagler
5. Kelly OGara
6. Monica Martinez

Masters Over 45
1. Debbie Raday
2. Kimberly Rumfola
3. DeNece Crowe
4. Lori Lazorishak

Masters Over 50
1. Lynn Tonozzi
2. Christin Cleaver
Class A
1. Aleece Arias
2. Allie Arias
3. Mandy Huber
4. Rose Cain
5. Krystalynn Troyer
6. Angelique Cedillo
7. Alexis Reeves

Class B
1. Alicia Knight
2. Alyssa Russo
3. Casey Pape
4. Catelyn Holstlaw
5. Lou Young
6. Stephanie Harrison
7. Ellyn Ebner
8. Erica Lobato
9. Monica Quinn
10. Shona Herbert

Class C
1. Alexis Camerlo
2. Kiley Draper
3. Megan Prach
4. Lauren Knight
5. Livie Lusby
6. Elsa Mancia
7. Brooke Womack
8. Victoria Thierens
9. Jessica Sheldon
10. Amanda Bevington

Alexis Camerlo Bikini Class C Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

           Sommer Ray Bikini Class D Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

Alexis Camerlo
Bikini Class C Winner (1st)
Sommer Ray
Bikini Class D Winner (1st)

Class D
1. Sommer Ray
2. Amy Kapustensky
3. Kristin Coggins
4. Amanda Lohmann
5. Marie Bluitt
6. Andrea Smith
7. Sofia Wigmore
8. Jenny Adams
9. Marybelle Barragan
10. Chelsea Gray
11. Michelle Elkins
12. Sahara Harding
13. Briana Phillips
14. Christienne Mathews

Class E
1. Julia Sandoval
2. Sierra Alexander
3. Lauren Dannermiller
4. Tory Wright
5. Heather Jeppson
6. Melissa Lorenzo
7. Nicole Stanley
8. Beth Schwartz
9. McKenzie West
10. Sj Krieg
11. Khrystian Veals
12. Michelle Foster
13. Kristin Henry
14. Shayln Knight
15. Brittany Sand
15. Katy Tussey
15. Larissa Fortune
15. Leah Rosendale
15. Sierra Degrasse

Class F
1. Sami Davis
2. Cierra Wilde
3. Sara Hartman
4. Shelby Loflin
5. Sasha Overbaugh
6. Cassidy Bybee
7. Elaine Tai
8. Havilande Green
9. Alexandrea Smith
10. Annamarie DiNero
11. Alicia Knight

Novice Class A
1. Mandy Huber
2. Rose Cain
3. Shona Herbert
4. Ellyn Ebner
5. Angelique Cedillo
6. LaQurrie MCGee
7. Alexis Reeves
8. Natalia Garpestad

Novice Class B
1. Alyssa Russo
2. Alicia Dean
3. Lauren Knight
4. Livie Lusby
5. Victoria Thierens
6. Erica Lobato
7. Brooke Womak
8. Amanda Bevington
9. Jessica Sheldon
10. Monica Quinn
11. Monique Santiago
12. Dona Davis

Novice Class C
1. Amy Kapustensky
2. Kristin Coggins
3. Marie Bluitt
4. Amanda Lohmann
5. McKenzie West
6. Andrea Smith
7. Sofia Wigmore
8. Jenny Adams
9. Nicole Stanley
10. Marybelle Barragan
11. Sahara Harding
12. Chelsea Gray
13. Beth Schwartz
14. Michelle Elkins
15. Briana Phillips
15. Jami Alleman
15. Khrystian Veals
15. Kristin Henry
15. Leah Rosendale

Novice Class D
1. Sami Davis
2. Shelby Loflin
3. Sara Hartman
4. Michelle Foster
5. Cierra Wilde
6. Havilande Green
7. Cassidy Bybee
8. Sj Krieg
9. Steele Moore
10. Elaine Tai
11. Shayln Knight
12. Brittany Sand
13. Katy Tussey
14. Tanisha Burrell
15. Alexandrea Smith

True Novice Class A
1. Amy Kapustensky
2. Alicia Dean
3. Kristin Coggins
4. Marybelle Barragan
5. McKenzie West
6. Jenny Adams
7. Rose Cain
8. Sahara Harding
9. Elaine Tai
10. Khrystian Veals
11. Michelle Foster
12. Brooke Womack
13. Shona Herbert
14. Amanda Bevington
15. Jami Alleman
15. Nicole Stanley

True Novice Class B
1. Casey Pape
2. Andrea Smith
3. Shelby Loflin
4. Mandy Huber
5. Lauren Knight
6. Sj Kreig
7. Beth Schwartz
8. Steele Moore
9. Jessica Sheldon
10. Briana Phillips
11. Monica Quinn
12. Leah Rosendale
13. Kayla Pierson
14. Dona Davis

Masters Over 35
1. Jenny Adams
2. Mellisa Lorenzo
3. Kristin Henry
4. Larissa Fortune

Masters Over 40
1. Stephanie Harrison
2. Sasha Overbaugh
3. Natasha Kizmet
4. Donnetta Peterson
5. Amelia Sanchez

Masters Over 50
1. Evonne McCormick
2. Christienne Mathews
3. Dona Davis

Overall Winner
Jason Antoine

Class A
1. Jeremy Sipes
2. Antonio Pena
3. Murad Moriasy
4. Andrew Armand
5. Leo Lopez
6. Lucas Woods
7. Matt Hessen
8. Phillip Metz
9. Ryan Seely
10. Steve Larios
11. Michael DeMarco
12. Scott Rizzotto
13. Deshawn Anderson
14. Dan Hoover
15. Logan Broz

Class B
1. Miles Dyer
2. Mersudin Durmisevic
3. Mike Brown
4. Justin Gohn
5. Joe Alba
6. Gerad Wunderlich
7. Brandon Dillie
8. Chris Calicchia
9. Gregg Russo
10. Malachi Ceballos
11. Jeremy Dittmer
12. Brian Furer
13. Forrest Browne
14. Tanner Lee
15. Chris Pentecost
15. Joel Brim

Jason Antoine Physique Class C (1st) Overall Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

           Rayner Whitchombe Physique Class D Winner (1st) 2015 NPC Colorado State Championships

Jason Antoine
Physique Class C (1st) Overall Winner (1st)
Rayner Whitchombe
Physique Class D Winner (1st)

Class C
1. Jason Antoine
2. Charlie Kornhauser
3. Terry Foste
4. Justin Lawrence
5. Thomas Niewohner
6. Lucas LeBonde
7. Peter Stur
8. Adam Felkey
9. Matt McDonald
10. Justin Harman
11. Terin DeVoto Noonan
12. Chris Gindro

Class D
1. Rayner Whitchombe
2. Phillip Murphy
3. Saman Manzouri
4. David Raday II
5. Cameron Saheb
6. Reece Stanley
7. Joel David
8. Dustin Massey
9. Geremey Gibson
10. Alejandro Mora
11. Timothy Horsch
12. Derek Munson
13. Daniel Dockendorf

Novice Class A
1. Philip Metz
2. Murad Moriasy
3. Michael DeMarco
4. Ryan Seely
5. Deshawn Anderson

Novice Class B
1. Phillip Metz
2. Murad Moriasy
3. Michael DeMarco
4. Ryan Seely
5. Deshawn Anderson
6. Chad Yetka
7. Logan Broz
8. Benigno Puente
9. Christ Pentecost

Novice Class C
1. Saman Manzouri
2. Joel Davis
3. Geremey Gibson
4. Thomas Newohner
5. Dustin Massey
6. Justin Harman
7. Timothy Horsch
8. Ronald Brown
9. Ryan Riedeisper
10. Daniel Dockendorf
11. Phillip Guerrero

True Novice
1. Mike Brown
2. Chris Calicchia
3. Phillip Metz
4. Thomas Niewohner
5. Dustin Massey
6. Geremey Gibson
7. Aaron Mach
8. Timothy Horsch
9. Tanner Lee
10. Lou Hampers
11. Chad Yetka
12. Justin Harman
13. Christ Pentecost
14. Tj Cole

Masters Over 35
1. Mike Brown
2. Justin Lawrence
3. Matt McDonald
4. Brian Furer
5. Joel Brim

Masters Over 42
1. Scott Rizzotto
2. Chris Calicchia
3. Andrew Armand
4. Thomas Niewohner
5. Lou Hampers
6. Ronald Brown
7. Ed Nortier
8. Chris Pentecost

Masters Over 50
1. Gregg Russo
2. Chad Yetka
3. Tj Cole


1. Heather Berry

To see all results and photos 2015 NPC Tokyo Joes Colorado State Championships visit - <>

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2015 NPC Branch Warren Classic Results & Winners

2015 NPC Branch Warren Classic

Congratulations to all participants of the 2015 NPC Branch Warren Classic.The event was presented by MetroFlex Gym was held on Saturday July 11th 2015 at the NRG Park located at 1 Reliant Pkwy in Houston, TX. The event will feature Men’s bodybuilding, Women’s fitness, figure and bikini and Men’s physique. Other events that took place were The Strongman Competition, Crossfit, Pro deadlift and Pro Power Lifting. HGH and bodybuilding supplement company, is proud to share the winners from each event. 

Congratulations to all participants of the 2015 NPC Patriots Challenge held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The championships were hosted by Lindsay Productions/Muscle Contest and included bodybuilding, physique, bikini, and figure events. This amazing 4th of July show hosted many great looking competitors from many places., leading manufacturer of HGH and bodybuilding supplements, is proud to present the winners from each event.  - See more at:


Novice Overall Winner
Miguel Rodriguez

Overall Winner
Jesus Marines

Miguel Rodriguez Novice Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st) Overall (1st) - 2015 NPC Branch Warren Classic

          Jesus Marines Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st) - 2015 NPC Branch Warren Classic

Miguel Rodriguez
Novice Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st) Overall (1st)
Jesus Marines
Heavyweight Bodybuilding (1st)

Super Heavyweight
1. Jason Phelps
2. Toby Fournet
3. Mark Edwards
7. Matthew Wry

1. Jesus Marines
2. Brandon Hatton
3. Charlie McGee
4. Justin Scully
5. Amos McPherson
6. Benjamin Bowles
7. Von Young
8. Jason Smith
9. Byron Hughey

Light Heavyweight
1. Weldon Newton
2. Alejandro Garza
3. Chris Hibbs
4. Greg Laake
5. Adam Romo
6. Brien Robles
7. Zachariah Rose
8. Juan Saucedo
9. David Vuong

1. Gjin Perdoda
2. Daniel Washburn
3. Michael Mahaffey
4. Jack Kennedy
5. Elijah Munoz
6. Logan Cunningham
7. David Daly
8. Marc Melincoff
9. Joe Stan

1. Miguel Rodriguez
2. Trevor Secrist
3. Jason Oddo
4. Nicholas Canton
5. Michael Tharp

Novice Heavyweight
1. Justin Scully
2. Vladimir Ciric
3. Matthew Hawryliw
4. Benjamin Bowles
5. Lamar Nealy
6. Raylon Miles
7. Amos McPherson
8. Greg Laake
9. Brien Robles
10. Anthony McNutt
11. Christopher Parham
12. Ben Glasgow
13. Michael Anderson
14. Archie Speights

Novice Lightweight
1. Miguel Rodriguez
2. Elijah Munoz
3. Adrian Lopez
4. Logan Cunningham
5. Jason Oddo
6. Nicholas Canton
7. Bryan Brumfield
8. Michael Tharp
9. Derek Kline
10. Griffin Wooden
11. Robert Cantu

Novice Middleweight
1. Daniel Washburn
2. Jack Kennedy
3. Richard Rejmaniak
4. Kevin Miller

1. Griffin Wooden
2. Dennis Crowe

Masters Over 35
1. Jon Paul Donte
2. Brandon Hatton
3. Weldon Newton
4. Daniel Washburn
5. Toby Fournet
6. Amos McPherson
7. Matthew Hawryliw
8. Brien Robles
9. Jason Smith
10. Christopher Parham

Masters Over 50
1. James Lesiker
2. David Daly
3. Mark Edwards
4. Marc Melincoff
5. Juan Saucedo

Masters Over 60
1. Alex Kinion


Overall Winner
Brittany Bull

Class A
1. Tori Ulshafer
2. Shyrell Hobson
3. Tracy Reuther
4. Elyse Pieper
5. Carol Bell
6. Raquel Rodriguez
7. Chantal Reh
8. Lauren Jennings
9. Kayla Olivarez
10. Sara Erb
11. Jennifer Gary
12. Miranda Sanders
13. Mara Mayorgca

Brittany Bull Figure Class B (1st) & Overall Winner (1st) - 2015 NPC Branch Warren Classic

            Tori Ulshafer Figure Class A Winner (1 st) - 2015 NPC Branch Warren Classic

Brittany Bull
Figure Class B (1st) & Overall (1st)
Tori Ulshafer
Figure Class A Winner (1 st)

Class B
1. Brittany Bull
2. Judy Delgado
3. Kristen Nelson
4. Jennifer Winters
5. Christina Thome
6. Melina Barber
7. Kristin Kent
8. Ariel Brayer
9. Tiffany Rodee
10. Kimberly Lewis
11. Adrienne Daly
12. Robin Williams
13. Brianna Simmons
14. Alondra Manning
15. Levita Simmons
16. Erica Davis

Novice Class A
1. Shannon Outland
2. Shyrell Hobson
3. Raquel Rodriguez
4. Chantal Reh
5. Norgenia Kelley
6. Lauren Jennings
7. Miranda Sanders
8. Myriam Elizondo
9. Suany Pineda
10. Mara Mayorgca
11. Felicia Starks
12. Marisol Martinez
13. Stacy Thomas

Novice Class B
1. Kristin Kent
2. Ariel Brayer
3. Brianna Simmons
4. Kimberly Lewis
5. Tiffany Rodee
6. Adrienne Daly
7. Levita Simmons
8. Stacey Sparwasser
9. Alondra Manning
10. Robin Williams
11. Haley Terzulli
12. Mashona Washington
13. Patrina Mosca
14. Crystal Oyoque

Masters Over 35
1. Judy Delgado
2. Tiffany Rodee
3. Jennifer Winters
4. Jennifer Gary
5. Robin Williams
6. Levita Simmons
7. Myriam Elizondo
8. Felicia Starks
9. Mashona Washington
10. Patrina Mosca
11. Helen Archibald

Masters Over 45
1. Norgenia Kelley
2. Carol Bell
3. Suany Pineda
4. Adrienne Daly
5. Tracey Brisbin
6. Mara Mayorgca
7. Pam Jordan
8. Mona Solis


Overall Winner
Lina Moreno

Class A
1. Leahlyn Reed
2. Allison Gibson
3. Kathryn Clark
4. Celia Torres
5. Whitney Hairston
6. Veronica Gaitan
7. Rebeca Izquierdo
8. Brittany Nichole
9. Hoang Pham (Lilly)
10. Elizabeth Ross
11. Gillian Johnson
12. Krystal DeAnda
13. Thao Lai
14. Nuris Defensor
15. Bethany Gilvarry
16. Belinda DeGraff
16. Crystal Martinez
16. Elizabeth Thompson
16. Jennifer Cooper
16. Jessie Benitez
16. Kelsey Dale
16. Keyandra Ivey-Gayles
16. Lindsay Casas
16. Maria Molina
16. Mary Romero
16. Natalie Wallace
16. Rosie Matos
16. Victoria Ann delaCruz
16. Virginia Gibson

Lisa Moreno Bikini Class B (1st) Overall Winner (1st) - 2015 NPC Branch Warren Classic

           Logan Norton Physique Class A Winner (1st) - 2015 NPC Branch Warren Classic

Lisa Moreno
Bikini Class B (1st) Overall (1st)
Leahlyn Reed
Bikini Class A Winner (2nd)

Class B
1. Lina Moreno
2. Judith Dicker
3. Katherine Johnsen
4. Nicole Chhang
5. Tracy Reuther
6. Alyssa Martinez
7. Chastin Smith
8. Olivia Petrie
9. Rachael Lange
10. Kortni Barta
11. Jessica Cortez
12. Laura Holtquist
13. Heather Calhoun
14. Gayle Gardner
15. Sherrae Morgan
16. Nikki Mace
16. Tyreema Anderson

Class C
1. Rachel Scheer
2. Kristen Willette Davis
3. Lindsay Carter
4. Abigail Rojas
5. Annie Tinnin
6. Amber Varnado
7. Alayna Guillory
8. Charlotte Oldbury
9. Rachel Sweeney
10. Amy Perez
11. Catherine Lanae
12. Wendy Benitez
13. Danielle O'Neill Howard
14. JoJo Wahlstrom
15. Veronica Zamora
16. Denise Caldwell
16. Kaylie Ewart

Class D
1. Jessica Wolfe
2. Lacy Brown
3. Sheri Morris
4. Katherine Lange
5. Krista Campbell Garza
6. Taylor Totten
7. Charity Calhoun
8. Lindsey Maffet
9. Patricia White
10. Jennifer Thacker
11. Jill Dunn
12. Ginny Tannos
13. Rozzy Shorter
14. Devin Carr
15. Allison Keller
16. Keisha Simons

Novice Class A
1. Leahlyn Reed
2. Kathryn Clark
3. Jessie Benitez
4. Rosie Matos
5. Mary Romero
6. Lavinia Darato
7. Gillian Johnson
8. Kelsey Dale
9. Megan Ardoin
10. Thao Lai
11. Jessica Quentin
12. Krystal DeAnda
13. Natalie Wallace
14. Nuris Defensor
15. Belinda DeGraff
16. Alsacia Pulliza
16. Amanda Bednorz
16. Bethany Gilvarry
16. Crystal Martinez
16. Jennifer Cooper
16. LaTarsha Mayo
16. Magda Martinez
16. Maria Santoyo
16. Myriam Elizondo
16. Victoria Ann delaCruz
16. Virginia Gibson

Novice Class B
1. Lina Moreno
2. Nicole Chhang
3. Katherine Johnsen
4. Daniela Cruz
5. Tracy Reuther
6. Victoria Martinez
7. Alyssa Martinez
8. Page Morton
9. Chastin Smith
10. Olivia Petrie
11. Jessica Cortez
12. Laura Holtquist
13. Lauren Wiggins
14. Gayle Gardner
15. LaToya Bean
16. Brittany Loeser
16. Karen Rojas
16. Nikki Mace
16. Rebecca Perez
16. Tyreema Anderson

Novice Class C
1. Retina Shaw
2. Rachel Sweeney
3. Charlotte Oldbury
4. Catherine Lanae
5. Katherin Cruz
6. Wendy Benitez
7. Amy Perez
8. JoJo Wahlstrom
9. Madison Ansley
10. Danielle O'Neill Howard
11. Christina Agee
12. Veronica Zamora
13. Denise Caldwell

Novice Class D
1. Diana Champagne
2. Arianna Finkel
3. Lindsey Maffet
4. Ginny Tannos
5. Taylor Totten
6. Dawn Hare
7. Rozzy Shorter
8. Ashley Friedrichs
9. Allison Keller

Masters Over 35
1. Veronica Gaitan
2. Judith Dicker
3. Gillian Johnson
4. Thao Lai
5. Charlotte Oldbury
6. Ginny Tannos
7. Charity Calhoun
8. Page Morton
9. Jennifer Thacker
10. Patricia White
11. Ashley Friedrichs
12. Misty Cass
13. Megan Ardoin
14. Myriam Elizondo
15. Rozzy Shorter
16. Alsacia Pulliza
16. Keisha Simons
16. Malika Tookes
16. Randie Davis

Masters Over 45
1. Rosie Matos
2. Dawn Hare
3. Jill Dunn
4. Shachella James
5. Jennifer Moran
6. Denise Caldwell


Overall Winner
Michael Otule

Class A
1. Nicholas Gregoire
2. Ryan Patton
3. Reginald Collier
4. Robert Pequeno
5. Joshua Barajas
6. Adrian Lopez
7. Stephen Siam
8. Nick Noyes
9. Giovannie Mastache
10. Antonio Mitchell
11. Richard Gonzales
12. Jose Guardado
13. Levi O'Bryan
14. Alex Ables
15. Juan Carlos Mendoza
16. Albert Ramirez
16. Derek Deal
16. Kenyatta Carter
16. Ruben Gonzalez
16. Spencer Curtin

Michael Otule Physique Class D (1st) Overall Winner (1st) - 2015 NPC Branch Warren Classic

           Logan Norton Physique Class A Winner (1st) - 2015 NPC Branch Warren Classic

Michael Otule
Physique Class D (1st) Overall Winner (1st)
Logan Norton
Physique Class A Winner (1st)

Class B
1. Logan Norton
2. Sergio Gonzalez
3. Tony Scruggs
4. Kyle Marchan
5. William Bell
6. Abraham Davila
7. Lamar Vaughn
8. Kenny dela Calzada
9. Byron Rigsby
10. Stephen Brooks
11. Christian Garcia
12. Mark Bench
13. Ryan Reeves
14. Patrick Wagner

Class C
1. Kyle Bavaret
2. Noah Hughey
3. Luke Salce
4. Cristian Romero
5. Jilmar Cuero
6. Joseph Buelna
7. Leonard Gathright
8. Charles Timko
9. Colin Cange
10. Jonathan Harris
11. Jason Williamson
12. Berky Ashcraft

Class D
1. Michael Otule
2. Brian Dukes
3. Shondel Cummings
4. Antoine Jones
5. Muhammad Aly
6. Gregory Meiss
7. Sergio Huerta
8. Kevin Jansma
9. Jeremy Danesi
10. Thomas Plunkett III
11. Jason Hamilton
12. Rodney Pearson

Novice Class A
1. Ryan Patton
2. Reginald Collier
3. Robert Pequeno
4. Tony Scruggs
5. Shon Pierre Roberson
6. Kevon Morton
7. Kenny dela Calzada
8. Abraham Davila
9. Colton Drake
10. Ronald Smith
11. Levi O'Bryan
12. Frank Redix
13. Dewery Linear
14. Charles Sanchez
15. Norman Enrique Flores
16. Frank Salmon
16. John Crespy
16. Justin Grover

Novice Class B
1. Brian Dukes
2. Kyle Bavaret
3. Shondel Cummings
4. Lamar Vaughn
5. Muhammad Aly
6. Charles Timko
7. Caleb Sherraden
8. Gregory Meiss
9. Jason Williamson
10. Daniel Shorter
11. Mark Bench
12. Noah Guel
13. Anthony Munoz
14. Patrick Wagner
15. Daryl Selzer
16. Douglas Hickey
16. Gabe Espinoza

Masters Over 35
1. Clifford Jackson
2. Kevon Morton
3. Richard Gonzales
4. Allen Zeno
5. Ronald Smith
6. Stephen Brooks
7. Joseph Buelna
8. Gregory Meiss
9. Frank Redix
10. Daryl Selzer
11. Jose Trevino
11. Michael Anderson

Masters Over 45
1. Todd Rogers
2. Mike Croix
3. Michael Gillispie
4. Don Pieper
5. Rodney Pearson
6. Gabe Espinoza

Congratulations again to all of the competitors who participated in the 2015 NPC Branch Warren Classic. See all results and photos at NPC News Online: <>

June 2015 IFBB Pros & Tips Presents Tips from IFBB Pros: June 2015 Edition

Want in on the workout secrets from the professionals? In this month's edition of’s Tips from IFBB Pros, we've gathered together a few videos that reveal some of the exercises IFBB Pros are doing to get into shape for competition. In the first video we take a look at Sadik Hadzovic the winner of the inaugural Arnold Sports Festival Pro Men’s Physique competition, followed by Yarishna Ayala a top competitor in the bikini category. To round out the set, we take a look at some of the exercises Steve Cook's workout entails. Plus, we've made some updates to the Pinterest board dedicated to IFBB Pros & Tips.

Training with IFBB Pro Sadik Hadzovics

Hailing from the former Republic of Yugoslavia and the United States, fitness model and three-year IFBB pro Sadik Hadzovic is the first-ever winner of the inaugural Arnold Sports Festival Pro Men’s Physique contest. Sadik the Physique has taken part in 12 competitions since turning pro in 2012 and has consistently finished in the top five (actually never lower than fourth place).

Escaping a war torn Yugoslavia with his family, Sadik has the inspiration, drive, determination and confidence to be successful as a top model in the fitness industry, as well as an IFBB Pro. From being the star of international jean and underwear advertising campaigns to competing against the most incredible men's physiques in the world, Sadik has accomplished so much. Take a look at this video to get a glimpse at Sadik working on building a stronger back, chest and arms

IFBB Bikini Pro Yarishna Ayala's Workout

Once a professional salsa dancer with her twin sister, and part of the reality show that featured Jennifer Lopez and Marc Antony, Yarishna Ayala moved into the world of competition. During 2013, she became the first bikini Puerto Rican to obtain a Pro Card in less than one year of competing. She continues to work hard to be ready for her next competition with a goal of competing in Olympia. Yarishna has placed in the top 10 many times over the past few years, including, but not limited to.

9th ‒ 2015 IFBB Wings of Strength Puerto Rico Pro 7th ‒ 2014 IFBB Irongames Pro Bikini 7th ‒ 2014 IFBB Europa Phoenix Pro 8th ‒ 2014 IFBB Patriots Pro Bikini 8th ‒ 2014 IFBB Toronto Pro Supershow 6th ‒ 2014 IFBB Europa Show of Champions Orlando 8th ‒ 2013 IFBB PBW Tampa Pro 4th ‒ 2013 NPC Bev Francis Atlantic States 7th ‒ 2013 IFBB Valenti Gold Cup 1st ‒ 2013 NPC Junior National Championships 1st ‒ 2012 Unique Fitness Classic: Bikini and Overall 1st ‒ 2012 Mrs. Puerto Rico Bikini 1st ‒ Tony Roman Fitness: Bikini Class A and Overall 2nd ‒ 2012 Centroamericanos y del Caribe: Bikini 3rd ‒ NPC New York State Grand Prix

Get Motivated with IFBB Pro Steve Cook

International fitness model and IFBB Pro Men's Physique competitor Steve Cook has a passion for health and fitness. He has placed in the top five for several competitions over the last few years, with many of those being first place. Although this list may not be comprehensive, it gives you an idea of some of Steve's rankings:

5th ‒ 2014 IFBB Olympia Weekend 1st ‒ 2014 IFBB Dallas Pro 1st ‒ 2012 IFBB Houston Pro 1st ‒ 2011 NPC Junior National Championships 3rd ‒ 2011 NPC Junior USA Championships 1st ‒ 2011 NPC Iron Man Magazine Naturally Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Championships 1st ‒ 2010 Fit Body Competition 1st ‒ 2010 ABFF 5th Annual Golds Classic Treasure Valley Natural Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure, and Bikini Championships

Additional IFBB Pros & Tips on Pinterest is a leading manufacturer of natural human growth hormones (HGH), fitness, health and bodybuilding supplements. We've made some updates to the IFBB Pros & Tips Pinterest board, so be sure to check it out. You'll find plenty of inspirational and motivational pins from IFBB Pros. Follow this board, as we update it frequently.

Follow Bodybuilding's IFBB Pros & Tips Pinterest board. Appreciates U.S. Military Veterans

In Celebration of All Military Veterans

For all of you who have served or are serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, we thank you. We appreciate everything you do to defend this great nation and our freedoms throughout your service. We've compiled a few inspirational military workout videos and photos for you, as well as a special tribute to all U.S. military veterans.

Workout Like the U.S. Navy SEALs

Navy SEALs train to fight and win, and firmly believe that, "Failure is not an option." They are amazing individuals who give their all every day. Today, we get a glimpse at the type of workouts Navy SEALs endure. Navy SEAL Instructor, Lt. Dana DeCoster, introduces us to some intense Navy SEAL workouts.

The first Navy SEAL workout we see consists of as many sets as you can do in 20 minutes of the following exercises as well as substitutions for those who don’t have the specialized equipment needed:

  • 5 Overhead Squats
  • 10 Glute/Ham Situps
  • 10 Glute/Ham Back Extensions

This video also covers a basic Navy SEAL workout where you do five rounds of each of the following exercises as quickly as you can:

  • Rope Climb (or 15 Pull Ups)
  • 30 Pushups
  • 50 Air Squats

There is one more workout in this video that covers three simple lifts, including:

  • Squat
  • Shoulder Press
  • Dead Lift

The workout consists of five sets of five repetitions for each exercise, increasing the weight for each set.

What It's Like to be Military Strong

Be inspired by this motivational Military Muscle video. Take a look at these service men and women who take their bodies to the limit. All of the individuals in this video are active duty, reserve or former military from the United States Marine Corp, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Seabees. And, they are all incredibly amazing too.

Thank You for Your Service

The family appreciates all of the service men and women who have served our great nation in the United States Armed Forces. Thank you for your dedication, sacrifice and all that you do to serve, protect and defend our freedom. We found this Veterans Day video tribute we dedicate to you.

Military Bodybuilding Pinterest Board Update

We've added some more inspirational and motivational pins to's Military BodybuildingPinterest board for you to enjoy.

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Winners of the 2014 NPC Infinity Fit Championships in Detroit

Meet the Winners of the 2014 Detroit NPC Bodybuilding, Physique, Bikini and Figure Contests

Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts recently gathered in Detroit, Michigan to compete in the 2014 National Physique Committee (NPC) Infinity Fit Championships on September 6. The event featured a number of bodybuilding, physique, figure and bikini competitions as well as performances by special guest posers, including athlete Richard “Tricky” Jackson and several of his fellow IFBB pros: Justin Compton, Ken Jackson and Gloria Tarpley.

Participants competed in more than two dozen contests during the 2014 NPC Infinity Fit Championships, and overall winners were announced in eight key competitions:

Bodybuilding Overall Winner: Seth Shaw
Open Physique Overall Winner: Chris Hosinski
Novice Bodybuilding Overall Winner: Jeremiah Williams
Novice Physique Overall Winner: Dave Sagaert
Novice Bikini Overall Winner: Lauren Bower
Open Bikini Overall Winner: Lauren Bower
Novice Figure Overall Winner: Mariel Hernandez
Open Figure Overall Winner: Mariel Hernandez

In addition to the overall winners, following are the top-ranked competitors for each of the contests held during the 2014 Michigan NPC Championships in Detroit:

Men’s 1st Place Bodybuilding Winners:
Novice: Jeremiah Williams
Masters: Todd Marra
Teen: Matthew LaBarji-Arnold
Lightweight: Todd Marra
Light Heavy: Jeremiah Williams
Heavyweight: Seth Shaw

Men’s 1st Place Physique Winners:
Grand Masters: Dave Sagaert
Masters: Christopher Nortley
Teen: Keith Bucholtz
Novice – Short: Adam McHale
Novice – Tall: Dave Sagaert
Open – Short: Chris Hosinski
Open – Tall: Christopher Nortley

Women’s 1st Place Physique Winners:
Novice: Audra Davidoski-Swelling
Open: Audra Davidoski-Swelling

Bikini 1st Place Winners:
Masters: Nicole McEwen
Novice – Short: Lauren Bower
Novice – Tall: Jessica Bell
Open – Tall: Jessica Bell
Open – Short: Lauren Bower



Figure 1st Place Winners:
Masters: Lucia Perez
Grand Masters: Nadine Bye
Novice – Short: Mariel Hernandez
Novice – Tall: Lisa Sanders
Open – Short: Mariel Hernandez
Open – Tall: Nadine Bye

A complete list of rankings for all 2014 NPC Infinity Fit Detroit Championship categories can be downloaded from Michigan NPC News online.

Check back soon for announcements regarding the winners of other upcoming competitions, including several events featuring sponsored athletes Tricky Jackson, Ben White and Tara Silzer:
•    2014 Mr. Olympia/Joe Weider’s Olympia Fitness and Performance Weekend – September 18-21 in Las Vegas, NV
•    2014 NPC Tricky Jackson Classic Championships – October 11 in Lexington, KY
•    2014 IFBB World Fitness Championships – October 17-20 in Montreal, Canada
•    2014 Europa Games – October 25-26 in Phoenix, AZ


L-Glutamine Benefits, Uses, Side Effects and Functions

Discover the Function, Sources and Benefits of the Health Supplement Ingredient L-Glutamine, or 2-Amino-4-Carbamoylbutanoic Acid

Glutamine – also known as L-glutamine and 2-amino-4-carbamoylbutanoic acid – is considered a conditionally essential amino acid. This means that while the body is usually able to produce sufficient amounts of glutamine for its daily needs, L-glutamine supplementation may be required in instances when glutamine is depleted due to stressors. Illness, injury, surgery, chemotherapy and intense exercise can all deplete glutamine levels. Individuals who need to replenish L-glutamine can obtain it through certain food sources as well as in natural health and bodybuilding supplements such as HGF-MAX, HGH 30,000 Nanograms pills and spray, and whey protein mixes.

Functions of L-Glutamine

Amino acids serve as the building blocks of protein, and glutamine acts as a precursor for protein synthesis. It is primarily produced by and stored within muscle, and distributed to other organs via the bloodstream. L-glutamine is believed to act as a human growth hormone (HGH) releaser, also known as an HGH secretagogue. In addition, glutamine is the major fuel source for enterocytes (intestinal absorptive cells) as well as lymphocytes and macrophages (white blood cells that play a key role within the immune system), and it appears to be required for healthy brain function and digestion. Furthermore, L-glutamine is involved in nitrogen exchange and plays a critical role in removing excess ammonia resulting from protein catabolism.

Sources of L-Glutamine

Dietary sources of glutamine include meat (beef, pork and poultry); dairy (milk, yogurt, ricotta cheese and cottage cheese); egg whites; leafy greens (raw spinach and cabbage); legumes (peanuts and soybeans); and grains (wheat, corn and barley). L-glutamine may also be consumed directly – in powder, tablet, capsule or liquid form – as part of a natural dietary supplement.

L-Glutamine Benefits and Uses

Considering L-glutamine’s role as an HGH releaser and precursor for protein synthesis, and given that glutamine levels typically drop following intense exercise, this amino acid has become a popular ingredient in health and bodybuilding supplements. Rigorous workouts and lifting reduce intramuscular glutamine stores and can weaken the muscles if levels are not replenished. That’s why athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts often take L-glutamine supplements to aid in muscle maintenance, promote cell renewal and support the immune system – particularly when undergoing intensive training.

For many of the same reasons, L-glutamine can be a useful dietary supplement for individuals recovering from illness, injury, infections, severe burns and surgery. By strengthening the immune system, L-glutamine helps to fight off infections and neutralize excess ammonia and cortisol in the body. Its role in protecting the gastrointestinal lining may help individuals suffering from inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) or short-bowel syndrome. It can help HIV/AIDS patients avoid weight loss, as it enables the intestines to better absorb nutrients. Evidence also suggests L-glutamine may be beneficial for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy by helping to combat cachexia (weight loss, muscle atrophy and fatigue) and stomatitis (inflammation and soreness in the mouth).

Side Effects of L-Glutamine and Potential Interactions

L-glutamine supplements are generally considered safe for adults, and no significant side effects have been reported in healthy users. However, L-glutamine may exacerbate symptoms in people with certain medical conditions, including liver disease, hepatic encephalopathy, kidney disease, Reye syndrome, seizures and mania.

Interactions are possible with some medications; for example, L-glutamine supplements may decrease the effectiveness of lactulose and anticonvulsants. There has also been conflicting evidence concerning the use of glutamine for cancer patients; while some studies confirm its beneficial effects, others indicate it may interact with cancer medications or potentially stimulate tumor growth. More detailed safety information on L-glutamine side effects and interactions can be found on WebMD. As with any medication or health supplement, it is best to consult your physician before taking dietary supplements containing L-glutamine.

L-Glutamine Research and Studies

Numerous research studies have explored the impact of L-glutamine supplements on subjects ranging from healthy athletes to critically ill patients. In terms of its efficacy as an HGH releaser, an article published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicated that a small oral L-glutamine load is capable of raising alkaline reserves and increasing HGH concentration in plasma. Another study cited in Nutritional Neuroscience found that an oral supplement containing L-glutamine, glycine and niacin was shown to enhance HGH secretion in healthy middle-aged and elderly subjects.

According to the Asian Journal of Sports Medicine, researchers found that L-glutamine and carbohydrate supplementation improved the physical performance of athletes during repeated competitions by preventing anaerobic power decrease. An article published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition reported that L-alanyl-L-glutamine supplementation provided a significant ergogenic benefit by increasing time to exhaustion during endurance exercise. Animal studies also showed promising results; in Cell Biochemistry and Function, scientists examined muscle damage and inflammation in rats following prolonged exercise and found that L-glutamine supplementation diminished inflammation biomarkers and the inflammatory response.

Other research has explored L-glutamine’s effects from a medical perspective. A meta-analysis published in Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care concluded that L-glutamine has a beneficial effect on infectious complications and reduces the length of hospital stays, and noted that it may reduce morbidity and mortality in critically ill patients. For additional L-glutamine research, refer to the PubMed site sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Supplements With L-Glutamine

Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts can replenish glutamine levels and leverage the positive impact of L-glutamine with natural HGH and bodybuilding supplements from

HGF MAX – These capsules were scientifically developed to elevate HGH levels with key ingredients such as L-glutamine and other amino acids, which collectively help to build muscle, enhance muscle tone, increase metabolism and improve stamina.

HGH 30,000 Nanograms Pills and HGH 30,000 Nanograms Spray – Available in capsule and spray forms, HGH 30,000 Nanograms stimulates HGH production through a powerful combination of L-group amino acids, including L-glutamine. These oral supplements support muscle growth, fat-burning, increased energy and other benefits.

Multi-Pro Chocolate Whey Protein – With more than 3.7 grams of L-glutamine and 24 grams of protein per serving, Multi-Pro is a complete protein supplement that is designed to help users gain muscle, lose body fat and support the immune system.

Elite Whey Protein Butter Toffee and Elite Whey Protein Chocolate Mint – Each serving of Elite whey protein delivers more than 3.5 grams of glutamine and glutamine precursors plus 5 grams of branched-chain amino acids to help grow and strengthen muscle while aiding in muscle repair and recovery.

CytoSport Vanilla Whey Protein – One serving of low-fat, low-lactose, CytoSport whey protein contains 18 grams of protein and is naturally rich in L-glutamine and branched-chain amino acids. It aids users in developing lean muscle mass and recovering more quickly after intense training.

CytoSport EvoPro Berry – Each scoop of EvoPro Berry contains 3 grams of L-glutamine and 26 grams of protein, yet has very little carbohydrates or fat. It helps to promote lean muscle mass, stimulate growth receptors and sustain an anabolic state.

Mega Shake Strawberry – Featuring a powerful blend of active ingredients – including L-glutamine – Mega Shake provides 32 grams of total protein per serving. It is formulated to help increase muscle tone, reduce body fat, provide energy and support muscle recovery.

NOX-CG3 Fruit Punch and NOX-CG3 Blue Raspberry – With a blend of L-arginine, creatine and L-glutamine, this advanced formulation is designed to boost energy, enhance nutrient absorption and reduce recovery time after strenuous workouts.

NxLabs Plasmavol, NxLabs Pump System and NxLabs Ultimate Muscle Expansion Pack – These NxLabs supplements contain L-glutamine and other amino acids to help accelerate nitric oxide production, enhance muscle pumps and vascularity, and increase strength.

References (Function, Sources, Benefits/Uses and Side Effects/Interactions):

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Presser, Art. “Amino Acids”; Smart Supplementation, published by Huntington College of Health Sciences; 2009. <>

WebMD and Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database. “Glutamine”; published under “Vitamins & Supplements”; accessed August 14, 2014. <>

Research Sources:

Arwert, Lucia I.; Deijen, Jan Berend; and Drent, Madeleine L. “Effects of An Oral Mixture Containing Glycine, Glutamine and Niacin on Memory, GH and IGF-I Secretion in Middle-aged and Elderly Subjects”; Nutritional Neuroscience; October 1, 2003. <>

Cruzat, Vinicius Fernandes; Rogero, Marcelo Macedo; and Tirapegu, Julio. “Effects of Supplementation With Free Glutamine and the Dipeptide Alanyl-Glutamine on Parameters of Muscle Damage and Inflammation in Rats Submitted to Prolonged Exercise”; Cell Biochemistry and Function; January 2010. <>

Hoffman, Jay R.; Ratamess, Nicholas A.; et al. “Examination of the Efficacy of Acute L-Alanyl-L-Glutamine Ingestion During Hydration Stress in Endurance Exercise”; Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition; February 3, 2010. <>

Khorshidi-Hosseini, Mahdi and Nakhostin-Roohi, Babak. “Effect of Glutamine and Maltodextrin Acute Supplementation on Anaerobic Power”; Asian Journal of Sports Medicine; June 2013. <>

Melis, Gerdien C.; ter Wengel, Nathalie; et al. “Glutamine: Recent Developments in Research on the Clinical Significance of Glutamine”; Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition & Metabolic Care; January 2004. <>

Welbourne, Thomas C. “Increased Plasma Bicarbonate and Growth Hormone After an Oral Glutamine Load”; The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; May 1995. <>

Powerlifting Inspiration and Motivation Presents Powerlifting Inspiration and Motivation

Achieving your dreams can be a challenging journey and sometimes feels like an uphill battle. Whether you're just getting in to bodybuilding or you're a seasoned powerlifter, you sometimes need an extra boost to get you motivated to forge ahead. For you, we've put together some inspirational powerlifting videos and pins to give you the encouragement you need to dream bigger and achieve more.

Don’t Let Anything Stop You

Where does your strength come from? How about your determination and drive? We know you can do it. Now, you just need to make sure YOU know you can do it. Simply believe in yourself, do your best and you’ll be amazed at what you can accomplish.

Get inspired by this motivational video from MuscleFactory Dark that shows powerlifters achieving greatness. Throughout the video you’ll see some amazing feats and you’ll hear words of encouragement.

Feel the Power

We looked high and we searched low for some great inspiration, and we stopped in our tracks when we found this truly inspirational documentary film from Iron Bug Productions, called Power Unlimited. You’ll want to set aside some time to watch this one. It takes you on a journey through the history and origins of powerlifting. Along the way, you’ll see many of the greats, including Ed Coan, Rickey Dale Crain, Garry Frank, Kirk Karwoski, Joe Ladnier, Scott Mendelsohn, Larry Pacifico and Dave Waddington, along with some of the most amazing powerlifting moments ever.

What Does It Take to be a Champion?

Dedication. Devotion. Passion. Super strength. These guys have what it takes. In this MuscleFactory Dark video titled, Nothing to Regret, you’ll see one amazing feat after another to give you that extra nudge you need to make it to the next level. Push the limits and fulfill your destiny. Do what it takes to be a champion.

More Powerlifting Inspiration and Motivation on Pinterest

Get pumped about powerlifting with the inspirational collection of powerlifting pins on's Pinterest board.

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Whey Protein Benefits, Uses, Side Effects and Functions

Discover the Function, Sources and Benefits of the Health Supplement Ingredient Whey Protein

Whey protein and casein are the two major types of proteins in milk. While casein is digested more slowly, whey is a quickly and easily digested source of protein. It contains essential amino acids, including branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), and its amino-acid profile is similar to that of human skeletal muscle. While whey protein is naturally found in dairy products, it is also available in a more concentrated form in dietary supplements. These include health and bodybuilding supplements such as CytoSport, IsoBolic, Multi-Pro and Elite whey protein powders.

Functions of Whey Protein

Protein contributes to the growth, development and repair of human tissue, so consuming whey protein can help to support these functions. The amino acids contained in whey protein play a critical role in regulating protein metabolism, and are believed to aid the body in transitioning from a catabolic state to an anabolic state following exercise. Furthermore, studies have suggested that whey protein may decrease fat stores in the body and increase feelings of satiety (fullness), thereby helping to regulate weight and body composition.

Sources of Whey Protein

Dairy products are a natural source of whey protein, which separates from milk during the cheese-making process. Among food sources, ricotta cheese contains the highest levels of whey protein; however, it can also be found in milk, yogurt and other cheeses. When whey protein is extracted and processed for use in natural dietary supplements, it can take one of several forms, including whey powder, whey protein concentrate and whey protein isolate. Of these, whey protein isolate contains the highest protein content, followed by whey protein concentrate and then whey powder.

Whey Protein Benefits and Uses

Consuming whey protein elevates the body’s overall levels of protein and essential amino acids, which help to maintain human skeletal muscles. As a result, whey protein is a popular ingredient in health and bodybuilding supplements, where it is used to increase muscle mass and strength as well as improve athletic performance. Because whey protein appears to decrease fat stores and create feelings of fullness, it is also used as an appetite suppressant and may be included as an ingredient in weight-loss supplements.

Another benefit of whey protein is its ability to lower blood-sugar levels, which may be helpful for individuals with milder cases of diabetes that can be controlled with proper diet and exercise. Whey protein is also used as an ingredient in baby formulas because it is an easily digested form of protein and provides important nutrients needed for growth and development. There are many other purported uses of whey protein – ranging from acid reflux to chronic lung conditions to psoriasis – though evidence in these areas is currently inconclusive.

Side Effects of Whey Protein and Potential Interactions

Whey protein is generally considered safe for most adults; users should follow the recommended dosage and directions listed on dietary supplements. Those who are lactose intolerant or have a known sensitivity to milk may find that some whey protein formulas can cause similar symptoms, such as bloating, cramps, diarrhea or nausea. When taken in high doses, whey protein may cause headaches, fatigue or thirst in some people.

Individuals taking certain types of medication should be aware of potential interactions. Whey protein may decrease the absorption of levodopa, alendronate and some antibiotics (including quinolone, fluoroquinolone and tetracycline). Since whey protein has been shown to lower blood-glucose levels, it can cause hypoglycemia when it is taken in combination with diabetes medications. When whey protein is taken in combination with blood thinners, it may increase the risk of bleeding.

More detailed safety information on whey protein side effects and interactions can be found on the Mayo Clinic website. As with any medication or health supplement, it is best to consult your physician before taking dietary supplements containing whey protein.

Whey Protein Research and Studies

Numerous studies have examined the effects of whey protein on muscle mass, muscle recovery, athletic performance and body composition. For example, recent animal studies published in the journals Nutrition and Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found that resistance exercise combined with whey protein led to significant muscle weight increases in rats and that whey protein supplementation improved exercise performance, body composition and biochemical assessments in mice.

Human trials also support the use of whey protein for post-exercise recovery and improved body composition. Research published in Amino Acids determined that whey protein may accelerate the muscle regeneration/remodeling process after high-intensity exercise, while the International Journal of Sport Nutrition and Exercise Metabolism reported that whey protein supplements taken by runners facilitated their recovery from strenuous training. In the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, researchers analyzed 14 randomized, controlled trials on generally healthy adults and found that whey protein supplements – either combined with resistance exercise or as part of a weight-loss or weight-maintenance diet – improved body composition parameters.

In addition, research findings suggest that whey protein supplements are beneficial for overweight and diabetic individuals. In the Journal of Applied Physiology, researchers studied overweight/obese adults who consumed whey protein supplements either with or without exercise and found that all of them lost body weight, fat mass and abdominal fat. Among those test subjects, the group that took whey protein supplements in combination with a multimode exercise training program lost significantly more body weight and gained a greater percentage of lean body mass. An article published in Diabetologia examined the impact of whey protein on diabetics, and determined that taking whey protein before breakfast helped to increase insulin levels and decrease glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes. For additional whey protein research reports, refer to the PubMed site sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Supplements With Whey Protein

Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts rely on whey protein supplements to help build muscle, aid in post-exercise recovery and maintain a healthy weight. offers a variety of natural health and bodybuilding supplements formulated with whey protein:

Elite Whey Protein Butter Toffee and Elite Whey Protein Chocolate Mint – Whey protein isolates, concentrate and peptides are combined with a proprietary digestive enzyme blend to enhance digestion and absorption of Elite Whey Protein supplements, which provide 23 grams of protein per serving. These delicious powdered-drink mixes help grow and strengthen muscle while aiding in muscle repair and recovery.

IsoBolic Cinnamon Oatmeal and IsoBolic Vanilla – The advanced protein matrix in IsoBolic supplements blends whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate with other active ingredients, packing in 45 grams of protein per serving. These delicious powdered mixes support intense workouts, offering sustained protein release to stimulate muscle growth and recovery.

Multi-Pro Chocolate Whey Protein – Featuring whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate and whey permeate, Multi-Pro Chocolate provides 24 grams of protein in each serving. This great-tasting, low-carb drink mix delivers vitamins and minerals in a complete protein supplement that helps users gain muscle while minimizing body fat.

CytoSport Vanilla Whey Protein – Made with whey protein concentrate and whey protein hydrolysate, each serving of CytoSport Vanilla Whey contains 18 grams of protein and provides essential nutrients and amino acids. This low-fat, low-lactose powder mixes easily and is biologically complete, helping users build lean muscle mass and recover more quickly after intense workouts.

Mega Shake Strawberry – Formulated with a powerful blend of active ingredients – including whey protein concentrates, isolates and peptides – Mega Shake offers 32 grams of total protein per serving. Its high-quality proteins, vitamins and minerals help increase muscle tone, reduce body fat, provide energy and support muscle recovery.

References (Function, Sources, Benefits/Uses and Side Effects/Interactions):

Mayo Clinic and The National Standard Research Collaboration. “Drugs and Supplements: Whey Protein”; National Standard Patient Monograph information published on Mayo Clinic website; last updated November 1, 2013. <>

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Research Sources:

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Jakubowicz, Daniela; Froy, Oren; et al. “Incretin, Insulinotropic and Glucose-Lowering Effects of Whey Protein Pre-Load in Type 2 Diabetes: A Randomised Clinical Trial”; Diabetologia; September 2014; published online July 10, 2014. <>

Miller, Paige E.; Alexander, Dominik D.; and Perez, Vanessa. “Effects of Whey Protein and Resistance Exercise on Body Composition: A Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials”; Journal of the American College of Nutrition; published online April 14, 2014. <>

L-Leucine Benefits, Uses, Side Effects and Functions

Discover the Function, Sources and Benefits of the Health Supplement Ingredient L-Leucine or 2-Amino-4-Methylpentanoic Acid

Leucine – also known as L-leucine and by its scientific name, 2-amino-4-methylpentanoic acid – is a branched-chain amino acid (BCAA). Because the human body cannot synthesize this essential amino acid, it must be obtained from food sources such as meat, dairy products and legumes. L-leucine is also available in natural dietary supplements, including health and bodybuilding supplements such as Ana-GH, DBol-GH, Cut and Ripped Plus, Amino Shooter and Chocolate Whey Protein.

Functions of L-Leucine

Branched-chain amino acids like L-leucine stimulate protein synthesis by triggering pancreatic islet cells to release insulin. This protein synthesis primarily takes place in skeletal muscle, but also occurs to a lesser extent in the liver and adipose (fat) tissue. It is believed that L-leucine may help prevent or reduce muscle damage, enhance anabolic muscle signaling, lower blood-glucose levels and avoid faulty message transmission in the brain cells of people with certain diseases. It may also decrease serotonin production by blocking tryptophan transport to the brain, thereby reducing feelings of drowsiness and fatigue.

Sources of L-Leucine

According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), common dietary sources of L-leucine include beef, pork, fish, chicken, turkey, eggs, cheese and milk. Legumes are another good source – particularly beans, soy and peanuts – as are nuts and seeds (such as almonds and sunflower seeds) and grains (like wheat germ, oats, corn and rice). L-leucine may also be consumed directly as part of a natural dietary supplement.

Leucine Benefits and Uses

Because of L-leucine’s role in protein synthesis, it is often used in health and bodybuilding supplements that are designed to build muscle strength, increase exercise endurance, reduce muscle breakdown and promote muscle recovery. Its ability to inhibit serotonin production means that L-leucine may help prevent or delay fatigue during exercise. L-leucine has also been shown to stimulate the appetite – making it useful for athletes looking to gain mass and weight.

In addition, L-leucine appears to benefit individuals with specific medical conditions. For example, it may help to lower blood-glucose levels in diabetics, and it can improve the health and nutrition of patients experiencing loss of appetite due to hemodialysis, cancer treatments or anorexia. L-leucine has also been shown to diminish symptoms in manic patients, reduce involuntary movements in individuals with tardive dyskinesia, and improve muscle control and brain function in patients with advanced liver disease, including various forms of hepatic encephalopathy.

Side Effects of L-Leucine and Potential Interactions

L-leucine is generally considered safe when taken in normal doses, such as those found in food and most dietary supplements. However, excessive amounts can result in hypoglycemia or vitamin B3 and B6 deficiencies. Users are advised to adhere to supplement dosing information and avoid consuming more than 39 grams of L-leucine per day.

Few L-leucine side effects have been recorded, though some users have reported experiencing fatigue or decreased motor coordination. Individuals with certain medical conditions – including amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS, or Lou Gehrig's disease), isovaleric acidemia, branched-chain ketoaciduria (maple syrup urine disease) and chronic alcoholism – should avoid L-leucine, as it can pose health risks in these patients. In terms of L-leucine interactions, it appears to decrease the effectiveness of levodopa. Conversely, it can have an additive effect when taken with diabetes medication, potentially resulting in hypoglycemia. Other medications – such as Diazoxide and corticosteroids – can decrease the effects of L-leucine on protein, while thyroid hormone medication can cause the body to break down L-leucine more slowly.

More detailed safety information on L-leucine side effects and interactions can be found on WebMD. As with any medication or health supplement, it is best to consult your physician before taking dietary supplements containing L-leucine.

L-Leucine Research and Studies

Scientists have researched L-leucine and other BCAAs to determine their benefits and practical uses, and numerous studies have indicated a positive effect on muscle strength, exercise endurance and muscle recovery. An article published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology reported that outrigger canoeists using leucine supplements displayed significantly improved endurance performance and upper-body power. In Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, researchers noted that well-trained male cyclists who took a leucine-protein supplement after intense training subsequently exhibited improved high-intensity endurance performance and lower perceived levels of tiredness. And according to the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, resistance-trained males who consumed an energy drink with leucine (and other key ingredients) prior to their workout demonstrated a significant increase in the number of repetitions successfully performed.

Other studies examined the impact of L-leucine on protein synthesis. Research findings published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition indicated that increasing the concentration of leucine in an essential amino acid supplement consumed during steady-state exercise resulted in a greater muscle protein synthesis response during recovery. And in The Journal of Nutrition, researchers determined that insulin and leucine work in synergy, allowing skeletal muscles to coordinate protein synthesis with physiological state and dietary intake.

For additional research related to L-leucine, refer to the PubMed site sponsored by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Supplements With L-Leucine
Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts who wish to leverage the positive effects of L-leucine can find this essential amino acid in a variety of natural health and bodybuilding supplements from

Ana-GH – Each serving of Ana-GH contains 1.5 grams of L-leucine, which is blended with other branched-chain amino acids and active ingredients. This supplement is designed to jumpstart bulking cycles by promoting weight and mass gains while improving protein synthesis and contributing to joint and muscle repair.

Cut and Ripped Plus – Created to support cutting cycles and contest prep, Cut and Ripped Plus combines L-leucine with other active ingredients to help build muscle, increase strength and burn fat for a competition-ready physique. The capsules also help to boost energy and stamina, minimize pain, promote faster recovery and raise human growth hormone (HGH) levels.

DBol-GH – The proprietary blend of ingredients in DBol-GH includes L-leucine, which helps users to achieve lean mass and muscle growth, and also aids in muscle recovery. DBol-GH’s active ingredients are designed to stack and work together, delivering visible results and increasing HGH production.

Amino Shooter and Creatine Energy – Formulated to mix easily with cold water, Amino Shooter is used during intense workouts to protect and grow muscle. A single serving contains 3 grams of L-leucine, which supports protein synthesis and reduces muscle degradation.

Multi-Pro Chocolate Whey Protein – Each scoop of Multi-Pro Chocolate Whey provides 24 grams of protein and includes 2.16 grams of L-leucine. Fortified with vitamins and minerals, it provides a complete protein supplement for those looking to gain muscle and lose body fat.

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