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2015 NPC Battle on the Gulf Coast Championships Results and Winners

Battle on the Gulf Coast Championships
June 27            
IP Casino,
850 Bayview Ave, Biloxi, MS 39530 United States
Organizer: Ironworks Gym
Phone: 228-456-9496
Event: NPC

On June 27, 2015 at the IP Casino in Biloxi, MS the annual NPC Battle of the Gulf Coast Championships were hosted by Ironworks Gym. Many great contestants came out to join the biggest NPC event of the year. The events featured were bodybuilding, physique, bikini, and figure. HGH and bodybuilding supplement is proud to present the winners from each event. Congratulations to all!

Following are the top overall winners for each of the events:

Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Johnathon Johnson
2. Jameson Max Jones
3. Austin Connely
4. Tommie Landrum
5. Joey Williams

johnathon johnson heavyweight overall 2015 battle on the gulf

          jameson max jones heavyweight second 2015 battle on the gulf

Johnathon Johnson
Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall (1st)
Jameson Max Jones
Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall (2nd)


Light Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Jason Hebert
2. Tim Norsworthy
3. Rob Winter

Middleweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Kendall Guice
2. Cesar Diaz
3. Brady Cobb
4. Mark Vinluan

Junior Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Gavin Havard
2. Walter Harris

Junior Lightweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Kendrick McCarty
2. Phillip Defrances
3. Pedro Arce
4. Takeo Wadriski

Junior Middleweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Denny Dismuke
2. Conner Masters
3. Jesse Johnson
4. Joe Fuselli

Lightweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Paul Redmer
2. Steven Burkett

True Novice Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Charles Davison
2. Gavin Havard
3. Michael Yarbrough

True Novice Lightweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Pedro Arce
2. Conner Masters

Uniform Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Tim Norsworthy
2. Daryl Lavigne

Uniform Lightweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Takeo Wadriski

Masters Over 40 Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Tommie Landrum
2. Daryl Lavigne

Masters Over 50 Heavyweight Bodybuilding Overall
1. Lincoln Campbell
2. Cesar Diaz
3. Charles Davison
4. Paul Redmer

Masters Figure Class A Overall
1. Natalia Trotter
2. Amy Anding
3. Sarah Johnson
4. Kaitlyn Jackson
5. Kimberly Lenoir

natalia trotter figure class a overall 2015 battle on the gulf

            amy anding figure class a second 2015 battle on the gulf

Natalia Trotter
Figure Class A Overall (1st)
Amy Anding
Figure Class A Overall (2nd)


Figure Class B Overall
1. Jennifer Skinner
2. Jessica Young
3. Erica Ward
4. Terri Jennings

Figure Class C Overall
1. Qiana McClenty

Figure True Novice Overalll
1. Andrea Montana
2. Erica Ward
3. Kaitlyn Jackson
4. Tanya Santos
5. Kimberly Lenoir

Figure Masters Over 35 Overall
1. Andrea Montana
2. Jennifer Skinner
3. Terri Jennings

Bikini Class A Overall
1. Bethany Deese
2. Rachel Henderson
3. Lila Cedotal
4. Autumn Holliman
5. Erica Timmons

bethany deese bikini class a overall 2015 battle on the gulf

           rachel henderson bikini class a second 2015 battle on the gulf

Bethany Deese
Bikini Class A Overall (1st)
Rachel Henderson
Bikini Class A Overall (2nd)

Bikini Class B Overall
1. Amber Fremin
2. Tara Adas
3. Miracle Hebert
4. Kristi Claunch
5. Christa Kleem

Bikini Class C Overall
1. Amanda Howell
2. Amber Peed
3. Nicole Zulli
4. Danielle King
5. Colleen Hadley

Bikini Class C Overall
1. Laura Beth Wright
2. Katie Nelson
3. Angela Crane

Bikini True Novice Overall
1. Amber Peed
2. Amber Fremin
3. Autumn Holliman
4. Ashley Francis
5. Diana Smith

Bikini Masters Over 35 Overall
1. Amanda Howell
2. Tara Adas
3. Colleen Hadley
4. Kristi Claunch
5. Desirie Crowe

Mens Physique Class A Overall
1. Michael Humphrey
2. John Dang
3. Blaine Stiger
4. Stephen Stiglets
5. Jessie Gros

michael humphrey physique class a overall 2015 battle on the gulf

           john dang physique class a second 2015 battle on the gulf

Michael Humphrey
Physique Class A Overall (1st)
John Dang
Physique Class A Overall (3rd)

Mens Physique Class B Overall
1. Travis Berkesch
2. Randy Hout
3. Jermaine Hines
4. Brett Griffin
5. Larry Jones

Mens Physique Class C Overall
1. Christopher Prevost
2. Ryan Kavanaugh
3. Patrick Bobinger
4. Ira Herrington
5. Angelo Norman

Mens Physique True Novice Overall
1. Stephen Stiglets
2. Brett Griffin
3. Christopher Bradford
4. Patrick Bobinger
5. Gage Patrick

Mens Physique Masters Over 35 Overall
1. John Dang
2. Christopher Bradford
3. Angelo Norman

Womens Physique Class A Overall
1. Betty Jo Bryan

Womens Physique Class B Overall
1. Jen Milburn

Womens Physique Masters Over 35 Overall
1. Jen Milburn

Congratulations to all of the competitors who participated in the 2015 NPC Battle on the Gulf Coast Championships. Official Final Results Scorecard - <>. To see all results and photos visit - <>

Be sure to visit the blog regularly for the results of other upcoming bodybuilding and fitness competitions.


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