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How the new Roid Juice will help you build muscle and maintain HGH Levels | HGH.com Review

The new ROID JUICE - Helping you build lean muscle, while increasing strength, testosterone, and HGH.

The new ingredients in ROID JUICE will help you achieve lean muscle mass gains, increase your strength, and testosterone.
  • Moomiyo (Shilajit): Shilajit has been linked to increasing testosterone levels. Old Ayurvedic healers consider Shilajit to be an anti-aging substance, which in turn can help balance HGH levels in your body. One of the main components of Shilajit is fulvic acid, which can clean the body of heavy metals, in turn causing testosterone levels and sperm count to rise. Researchers believe that Shilajit can reduce damage from free radicals in the testes and boost production of testosterone.
  • DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone): DHEA is a natural hormone derived from your adrenal gland. DHEA is a powerful steroid hormone. Like other steroids, DHEA needs to be carefully controlled since high doses may cause aggressiveness, irritability, trouble sleeping, and the growth of body or facial hair on women, among other things. However, DHEA is linked to increased strength and added free testosterone. Supplementing your DHEA canincrease lean muscle mass, testosterone, and reduce body fat. Note, most athletic organizations ban DHEA due to its performance enhancing effects.
  • Puncture Vine 10.1 Extract (Tribulus): Effective for muscle building, the bodybuilding industry has looked to Tribulus for years. In the 90's, Olympic weight lifting teams were quoted as using Tribulus to improve their performance. Tribulus can help improve performance by increasing testosterone levels, but it will also speed up the recovery of the muscles immediately following exercise. This is a great substance for helping protein synthesis for new muscles, helping repair and regrow new muscle tissue.
  • Vitamin E: Stabilizing radicals, Vitamin E in Roid Juice acts as an Antioxidant with radical neutralizing agents. They stop negative actions of free radicals before they attach body cells. This is important for many reasons s it helps reduce aging and inflammation, amongst many other benefits.

Roid Juice is available today on HGH.com - http://www.hgh.com/roid-x-juice.aspx


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