A List Of Available HGH therapies

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If you have been thinking about taking an HGH supplement, it’s worth your time to learn about the different HGH supplements that are available on the market, so that you know how each works and what the pros and cons are.  If you understand your options, you are much more likely to be able to spot a scam and therefore avoid getting ripped off or buying illegal HGH products.

 There are four different kinds of HGH supplements you can purchase. Here we are going to look at all four methods and share valuable information on each of these product types.

HGH Releasers

Somatropinne is a dietary supplement that is an HGH Releaser. It’s great because this dietary supplement is legal with no need to see a doctor or obtain a prescription. This scientifically formulated HGH Releaser increases the production and release of HGH in your body. This is a safe, affordable option, and a much better choice than using synthetic HGH injections.

When you use an HGH Releaser, you will enjoy all of the anti aging benefits of HGH. An HGH Releaser is a far better option compared to the risky expensive synthetic HGH injections requiring a doctor and prescription. With the HGH Releaser you get to enjoy a lot of the HGH benefits and you never have to worry about the health risks, high costs, and inconvenience.

You don’t need a doctor … You don’t need a prescription… There are no needles… There is no worry about health risks.

Once you decide on an HGH Releaser you need to find one that is both effective and safe. Somatropinne is an HGH Releaser that is made in a cGMP certified facility using only the best ingredients. Somatropinne offers you REAL results – their track record tells the story – it provides exactly what you are looking for.

Somatropinne has a consistent track record dating back many years – it always uses only the highest quality ingredients and it is always manufactured in the best facilities. Somatropinne customer testimonials speak for themselves!

Homeopathic HGH

 The Homeopathic HGH comes with many different claims, and you need to recognize that what you are reading may not always be true. This is definitely the case when it comes to this controversial homeopathic HGH supplement, which currently doesn’t have a lot of science to back it.

Only one study has been conducted on homeopathic HGH. It was done by the National Institute of Health. This simply isn’t adequate information to provide the necessary evidence that homeopathic HGH is safe and effective.

To use Homeopathic HGH, you will take a small dose of synthetic HGH 2-3 times a day. The goal is to stimulate your immune system as well as your endocrine system to increase production of HGH.

Homeopathic HGH is not proven safe and it is not convenient to use.

 Synthetic HGH Injections

 We hear a lot about synthetic HGH injections, and while this is a legal product, it does require a qualified doctor and a prescription.  Synthetic HGH injections are not for everyone, largely because it is so expensive. In fact, you can expect the cost for the year to be between $10,000 and $30,000 for HGH injections.

Synthetic HGH injections have had lots of studies conducted. The majority have shown HGH injections do an excellent job of reversing the signs of aging, and to increase the HGH produced by the body. However, most people don’t have access to using synthetic HGH injections because it is far too expensive for most people.

If you are thinking about using synthetic HGH injections because your budget can afford them, keep in mind that most find these injections very painful. You will need to see a doctor each time you require an injection, which is really inconvenient. In fact, it can be hard to find a qualified physician that is willing to give an HGH injection, and the hunt for one can become frustrating. Be prepared to travel some distance to an anti aging clinic where the doctors are prepared to give these injections.

 There are a number of risks associated with HGH injections. Should an HGH overdose you can have insulin resistance, fluid retention, headaches, and gynecomastia (male breasts). There are many long-term concerns relating to HGH injection, and there is a potential for a hormone imbalance to happen.

It is is very important for you to have all the relevant information ….

The only legal and safe way to purchase these synthetic HGH injections is to visit a qualified doctor who will write a prescription.

Be cautious of sites claiming to sell synthetic HGH injections that is ‘real’ – there is a high risk that you will not receive what you believe you are getting, because these HGH injections are likely fake.

 Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Injections

The Growth Hormone Releasing Hormone Injections appear to show promise as a treatment. However, the newness of this treatment means there is little research on how effective or safe it is, and you will need a doctor to administer the injection.

 The focus is to stimulate your brain to increase HGH production in the brain. A Baltimore study injected participants who were all older men, with GHRH twice a day. The results showed HGH and IGF-1 levels were restored to levels found in men three decades younger than the participants. However, because right now there is just one study, more research is required.

 GHRH has a great deal of promise! But right now there is little research and no track record. It is also inconvenient and very expensive.


 It’s obvious why Somatropinne is your best choice for a product that works well, is affordable, and has minimal risk. The HGH Releaser means you don’t have to spend a ton of money, and you do not need a prescription and doctor.

Somatropinne is significantly cheaper than synthetic HGH injections – Somatropinne does not have the risks that are associated with synthetic HGH injections.

 Somatropinne provides you with an affordable, natural, safe, and convenient way to effectively increase the amount of HGH your body produces.


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