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Australian Study Shows That Taller People Make More Money

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More and more studies are showing that taller people earn more money. In fact another study from Australia has also shown that people with a height of 6 feet make $1,000 more compared to men who are 2 inches to grow tall

“People who are taller are seen as smarter and more powerful,” according to a recent study published in the Economic Record.

“Our calculations suggest that an average man who is about 5 feet 10 inches tall if he would gain an additional 2 inches, then he could earn an additional $950 per year – roughly equal to the salary he would earn if he had an additional year of work experience.” – said co-author Andrew Leigh, an economist at the Australian National University.

More studies that were previously conducted by American and British researchers also estimated the additional earnings at about the same amount per inch.

“The truth is that people who are taller earn more money. They earn $789 more per inch per year,” says Arianne Cohen, author of “The Tall Book”.

There is nothing physically more measurable about tall people that explains the pay rise, but Cohen recently explained this on the radio show American Public Media Marketplace. “They are not more attractive. They are not smarter. There is nothing special about them. But for some reason society values them more on average!”

Serious money with time

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As they get taller the more they are paid. Cohen’s numbers are based in part on a 2003 review of four major American and British studies conducted by Timothy Judge, Professor of Management at the University of Florida. Timothy Judge and his colleague concluded that someone who is 7 inches taller – for example, would earn $5,525 more a year than someone who is shorter by that much.

It was found that in determining income, height is more important than gender (although this assertion is questionable depending on the analysis of the gender pay gap), and its importance does not diminish with age.

“If you take this on for 30 years of your career, and it gets worse, we’re literally talking about an income advantage of hundreds of thousands of dollars that a taller person enjoys,” Timothy Judge said at the time.

Growing taller is a serious Business

Because of the perceived benefits of being taller than average such as earning more money and a having a better chance at finding a desirable mate many men are spending a lot of money to just gain couple of inches.  Some man are going as far as having height increasing surgery a very intrusive and expensive surgery where the bones are broken and stimulated to grow taller 1 mm per day.  Other men are going for less intrusive options such as wearing elevator shoes and taking height increasing supplements such as Growth factor plus and for that matter anything that stimulates HGH levels. Other options for increasing height include stretching exercises wearing slimming cloths and taking HGH injections.

Being tall can boost self-confidence, help a person become more successful and encourage them to give them more status and respect, Judge added.

Of course, all these studies give average scores. A smaller person can certainly beat the trend, and not all tall people do so well.

Cohen, who is six feet tall, says the wage advantage is partly due to the fact that taller people tend to radiate leadership.

“Tall people behave like leaders from a young age because other children think of them as slightly older peers,” She suggested on the radio. “If you automatically behave like a leader in the workplace then you are more likely to get promoted. So to a certain extent, you can see the benefit of prematurely growing taller.

A 2003 survey of 2,000 American men showed that their growth at age 16 had a large impact on their adult income, regardless of their height. “We found that two adults of the same age and size, who were different in height brackets at 16, were treated differently in the labor market. The taller teenager earned more,” said research team member Nicola Persico of the University of Pennsylvania.

But not everything is great for taller people

Cohen also points out that it can cost more to be tall, from additional food needs to more expensive clothes and the desire to have big things like houses with high ceilings (interestingly, there is a growing debate about whether obese people should pay for their environmental and social footprint, but no one is calling for that for taller people).

The average height of American men is about 5 feet 9 inches, for American women almost 5 feet 4 inches. In over one hundred years now no president of the United States has been below the average height. He believes that the advantages that height bring in are rooted in our evolutionary decision about who was more powerful.

“When humans evolved as a species and still lived in the jungle or the plains, they attributed leadership qualities to taller men because they thought they could be better protectors,” said the judge. ”


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