How You Can Lose weight with HGH

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America’s battle with obesity has been raging for decades and is now becoming one of the country’s major health concerns. The percentage of the US population classified as obese is larger than ever before. And the number of people who are considered morbidly obese is alarmingly high.

People are willing to try and lose the weight, but for many, the deck is stacked against them. Especially among the growing number of Americans who are considered middle aged and older.

Maintaining a proper diet and engaging in an effective exercise program take time and effort, difficult to manage with the busy pace of American life.

To make the problem more difficult, our bodies are no longer our allies in the fight. As we age, our ability to regulate our weight is impaired. Critical chemicals and hormones, once plentiful in our systems during the teen age years, are still present, but at markedly lower levels.  Among these is compound known as Human Growth Hormone, or HGH.

HGH is produced in the body by the pituitary gland. One of its primary functions is to trigger and regulate the growth process in children. At one time medical science thought that once the appropriate level of growth was achieved, HGH was no longer a factor in the body’s operations.

In the last 20 to 30 years, studies have been done which show that HGH does much more than help children grow. During our late teenage years and into our twenties, it helps to maintain a proper metabolism, control the production of lean muscle tissue, promotes bone density and helps the body to maintain a ‘normal weight’.

As we age, our HGH levels decrease. This lack of HGH is a contributing factor in lower metabolism and energy levels, loss of bone density which can lead to osteoporosis, and the inability to lose weight even when we engage in diet and exercise regimens.

In the 1990’s, some studies were done where overweight subjects were given elevated levels of HGH. No other change in diet or activity levels was introduced. In many cases, weight loss was achieved without diets or exercise.

Subsequent studies have failed to make a concrete connection between HGH and effortless weight loss, but the initial results did indicate one thing.

HGH can help you lose weight.

It may not be a magic bullet that can melt away the pounds while you doze in front of the TV, but it can make a reasonable weight loss plan more effective.

When we were young, weight loss was not a problem. Cut a few calories, walk instead of driving or taking the bus, join a gym, and within a few weeks, our weight loss goals began to be attained.

That is because our bodies were operating with the correct levels of hormones. We had a higher metabolic rate, and the body was more inclined to produce muscle mass than fat, when given the chance.

By introducing HGH into your system, you can restore one of these important chemical regulators to the proper level.

Recent studies have shown that HGH injections and supplements can force your body to use fat cells for energy while ignoring the glucose that may already be in your blood stream. This means that as you exercise, you are more likely to get the energy you need by burning your existing fat cells and less likely to use up the energy from the food that you are eating.

HGH is not FDA approved as a weight loss treatment, and there are no definitive studies that show that HGH can make you lose weight without any commitment on your part.

But the information available does indicate that by returning HGH levels in your body to the way they were when you were young will allow any weight loss program you undertake to be more effective and profitable.

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