What is The Dosage of HGH needed to Speed Up Healing After Injuries?

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As you know, many users on HGH do it for anti-aging purposes as it helps rejuvenate the body, increase muscle mass and lose body fat. However, you can use HGH for other uses.  If you’re an athlete or just someone who is suffering from a non-sport related injury, you can use HGH to speed up healing time. Keep in mind that HGH injections can only be prescribed legally for very specific conditions such as increasing height in children suffering from dwarfism and for this reason it may be easier to raise ones HGH levels through natural means such as fasting and taking HGH supplements such as Growth Factor Plus and Somatropinne

Regardless of how much training you do and how clean you live, accidents happen – anyone can get injured.  Now, whether you’re an athlete or not, this affects your life. You’re not able to function normally and of course, your daily responsibilities are affected. With that being said, if you can speed up the healing process, you’ll be able to continue your normal routine in half the time it would take you to recover. This is why HGH is such an amazing product.

HGH, human growth hormone works to stimulate cell growth. HGH is a natural hormone which is produced in the body, however, as we age it decreases in production. Now, if you’re not injured, you’ll be using a regular dose of 1-4 IU/day, of course, it depends on the results you’re wanting to obtain and whether or not you’re using steroids as well.

However, the dosage and cycle for those that are injured are different as your goal is different. You’re not focused on anti-aging or muscle gain, at the moment; you’re trying to heal your injury quickly.

What is the HGH dosage needed to recovery from injuries?

If you’re recovering from an injury, you’ll want to take an HGH dosage of 8 – 16 IU/day. This will help to decrease your recovery time from a severe injury or even burns. However, you should only continue this cycle for a few weeks. In addition, you want to make sure your doctor is aware of what you’re doing, so that, they could tweak the dosage/cycle time if needed.

Because you’re using a high dosage in a short period of time, there are some HGH side effects. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the side effects that you may experience, however, this is a short-time side effect that does go away after some time. Many users are tolerating this side effect as they see the quick results when using HGH for their injury.

We recommend that you take a day or two off during the week. This will allow your pituitary gland to not go dormant. This means you’ll be using HGH five time a week with a two-day break.

Here’s an example of a correct weekly cycle of HGH:

Monday HGH day
Tuesday HGH day
Wednesday HGH day
Thursday Off
Friday HGH day
Saturday HGH day
Sunday Off

Do not go over the suggested dosage of HGH. You want your body to be balanced, thus, it’s important to follow the guidelines to ensure that you’re healthy and safe.

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