HGH And Its Effect On Sex Drive

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The sex drive is a mysterious process which involves nearly every system in the body. The brain, the senses, and our blood chemistry are major factors in the level and intensity of our sexual urges at any given time.

When we are young, during our peak reproductive years, the sex drive in both men and women is very high. This is due largely to the body teaming with hormones and enzymes which encourage sexual activity, coupled with a strong physique able to carry out the program.

But as we get older, sex can often elude us. Our libido seems to have lapsed and our ability to engage our partners with the same passion as in years gone by has gone away.

What has changed? Why are we no longer the sexual animal we were as young women and men?

As we age, our bodies go through many changes. Hormones like testosterone and estrogen, crucial for maintaining a strong libido, are now being manufactured at ever decreasing levels. While this problem is more pronounced in men than in women, both genders are affected by hormonal deficiencies as they age.

Many individuals and couples are incorporating hormonal therapy into their medical lifestyle, using injections of testosterone and estrogen to stimulate their flagging sex lives. But there is another hormone, equally if not as obviously important, that should be considered.

Human Growth Hormone, or HGH.

It’s not just for growing up any more. Yes, HGH is the primary hormone used to regulate growth in children, but studies have shown that its uses extend far beyond the childhood years.

HGH, a byproduct of the pituitary gland in the brain, is manufactured at peak levels during childhood and our teen years. As we reach twenty or so, the gland begins to back off, and the levels of this critical compound in our body begin to drop. This lowering of HGH levels is considered by many to be a key factor in the aging process and responsible for a number of physical complaints associated with getting older.

HGH is in large part responsible for the body’s ability to regulate weight and build and maintain lean muscle tissue. While your hormones may be initiating the sexual activity, it’s the rest of your body that will get the job done. Being overweight, with poor muscle tone and reduced endurance is not a good recipe for romantic success. What good is the drive if your body is out of gas.

HGH benefits also the regulation of the body’s metabolism. As we get older, our energy levels seem to drop, allowing us to be easily fatigued and run out of steam. Many people using HGH injections and supplements have reported marked increase in activity levels and stamina.

Losing weight can be another key factor in maintaining and increasing your sex life. As we age, it becomes harder to drop those extra pounds that seem to be slowing us down.

Studies have shown that higher HGH levels encourage the body to turn food energy into muscle rather than fat, and help the body to burn excess fat during normal activity. By helping you to lose those stubborn pounds, you will be more physically fit and able to engage in strenuous activity, such as sex.

There are no clinical studies which support a direct connection between HGH therapy and an increased libido. However, user testimonials have indicated that after beginning HGH therapy, sex drive and the ability to perform in intimate activities is enhanced.

The bottom line is that proper physical health and a well balanced system is crucial to extending our sex life into the later years. Controlling your weight, keeping your muscles fit and strong, maintaining proper metabolism and energy levels, all contribute to a healthy and active sex life. And HGH therapy can help encourage the body in all of these areas.


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